Sunset at Gowanus Bay

Sunset at Gowanus Bay
Sunset at Gowanus Bay, Henry Gritten, 1851

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Brewer-Lanier Database

The Brewer-Lanier Database website has been launched. This new website is to be used as a resource and in conjunction with the Brewer DNA Project. Please be certain to read the introduction found on the "Main Page" under the date January 20, 2015.

Although the Database's primary focus is on descendants of George Brewer, of Brunswick Co., Virginia, many other "un-linked" persons with the name BREWER, found in the same locations in which descendants of George Brewer lived, are also included. Some of the "un-linked" are believed to be descendants, and probably some of them are. Perhaps future research, both traditional and through genetic genealogy, will link some of these individuals. Direct male descendants of the "un-linked" individuals are encouraged to join the Brewer DNA Project and take a Y-Chromosome DNA test, which may help to prove, or disprove, their place as a possible descendant of George Brewer.

What this Database is NOT:

The Brewer-Lanier Database is not an account of all the descendants of George Brewer and his two wives, Sarah Lanier and Alice (___). It is not intended to be a complete and final genealogy of George Brewer's descendants (although a professional quality genealogy of George Brewer's descendants is needed if someone out there is up to the task). Descendants of daughters will not be followed. The Database will be focused upon lines of descent from George Brewer for which we have a descendant providing Y-DNA test results through the Brewer DNA Project.

Some features of the Database:

Individuals found within the Database can be located either through one of the two Index pages - the Surname Index, or the Master Index. In addition, there is a Search link found at the top of every page comprising the Database. The Search feature will search the entire website (not just the page on which it is accessed from).

The Charts page starts with two charts.  One is titled, Descendants of George Brewer, of Brunswick Co., Virginia. Names on this chart that are high-lighted in light blue and underlined are links to the individual's complete profile in the database pages. Not all of those in this chart have yet to be included in the database. The second chart is the George Brewer, Descendant Chart (Box). This chart includes only the first four generations of descendants of George Brewer (George being generation number one). Spouses are not included on this chart. Descendants found on this chart have been confirmed through traditional genealogical research and are believed to be correct, although in some cases there are questions. Clicking on any name that is underlined in this chart will take you to that individual's profile page. It is hoped that this chart will be helpful to those who have not completed their connection back to George Brewer by providing a concise chart of known descendants of George Brewer through the earliest generations. If you can link to someone in the third or fourth generation, found on this page, then you will find your line back to George Brewer.

The DNA Analysis Page includes a table of Y-DNA results for those participants in the Brewer DNA Project who can prove a descent from George Brewer. We start here with three. Results for the full roster of Brewer DNA Project participants can be found on the Y-DNA Results page at the Brewer DNA Project website. The George Brewer Lineage Chart, includes the direct ancestries from George Brewer to those who are found in the table. The tested participants are identified by kit #, and will not be identified by name. Results and lines found on the Brewer DNA Project website page will be added to this page as pedigrees are proved. Only proved pedigrees will be included.

Of course we are looking to increase the number of lineages found on the George Brewer Lineage Chart page. We would ask that if you are currently a member of the Brewer DNA Project, and if you presently have a pedigree posted on the existing pedigree page hosted by the website, that you review and if needed update your pedigree and submit it to us by contacting Terry White through his e-mail address as posted at the Brewer DNA Project main page. If you have tested with the Brewer DNA Project, are a match to others descended from George Brewer, but have not yet submitted a pedigree, please consider doing so, so that we can include you and your lineage in this chart and table. The more lines we can identify, the easier it should be for those who have so far been unable to complete their ancestry, to do so. If you believe, or can prove that you are a descendant of George Brewer, but have not yet taken a Y-DNA test, please consider joining by contacting us through the Brewer DNA Project main page.

Finally, the Brewer-Lanier Database website will be updated periodically as new lineages come in, or as new research dictates that it should be, although no more frequently than once a week. This will continue through the end of this calender year (2015). After that time I will no longer be actively maintaining the website through updates. This deadline will also include the other databases I maintain, including The Brouwer Genealogy Database, and this Brouwer Genealogy blog site. 2015 will be the last year for Brouwer Genealogy. If you have a lineage to add, a correction to what you currently find on the Database, or any research that will help others prove their ancestry back to George Brewer, please don't hesitate to contact us and send it in. You have until the end of this year to do so.

Good luck with your research.


  1. You have a few J-M172 in your database. One specifically shows up in Portage, Summit, Ohio. My great grandfather's surname was Burt. They resided in OH/KY/VA (later became WV). He shares the same Y-DNA result.

  2. Yes, Tina, you're correct. Not everyone found in the Brewer-Lanier database are genetic descendants of George Brewer. However, since reliable genealogical records from colonial NC and VA are few, no one has been able to see this until the advent of Y-DNA testing. Once upon a time many family researchers figured there was just one related Brewer family descended from George Brewer and Sarah Lanier. We now know that to be not correct. There are at least three, and perhaps more, genetically unrelated families named Brewer, all living in close proximity to one another during the 1700s and early 1800s in North Carolina, and surrounding states.


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