Sunset at Gowanus Bay

Sunset at Gowanus Bay
Sunset at Gowanus Bay, Henry Gritten, 1851

Replacement Links and More

As mentioned in the Brouwer Genealogy post of June 9, 2018, many linked documents (mostly PDFs) found within the individual posts, were placed online using RootsWeb's Free Pages. That service has been down since the Fall of 2017, and so many of the links found within this blog's posts no longer work. Below are new links to some of these documents. They have been placed online at locations other than Free Pages. The links found within the individual posts will not be changed, and if Free Pages does come back online, those links will hopefully work once again. Until then, please use the list of links below to find the specific document that may interest you. As you might imagine, replacing all of the links within the nearly 600 posts found on Brouwer Genealogy is a large undertaking that will take quite a bit of time. It will have to be done piecemeal when ever I happen to have the time to work on it. If you do not find the lost linked document that interests you on this page, then send me an e-mail and I will see if I can locate it. But be forewarned, I do not have copies of all of the documents and PDFs found within the blog's posts. Some may be lost unless Free Pages comes back online. My advise is that if a particular document is of value to you, then download it, they will not be online here forever. Some PDFs may have to be downloaded to be viewed. In addition to the replacement links, I have added some links to other helpful documents found elsewhere online.

About the Brouwer Genealogy Database
Abram/Abraham Rose of Fairfield Co., Ohio and Tuscola Co., Michigan - Descendants 
Adam Bouwer & Magdalena Verdon, Family Group Sheet 
Adam Brouwer - New Insight Into The Origins of Adam Brouwer 
Adam Brouwer - Review of Unplaced Genetic Descendants, BGB 553 
Adam Brouwer - Review of Unplaced Genetic Descendants, BGB 554 
Adam Brouwer - Transcription of Will dated 1692
Ambrose Brewer Family by James F. Bowman, 1962 (FHL)
Ambrose Brewer - Revolutionary War Pension File, BGB 464
Ambrose Brewer - Revolutionary War Pension File Transcription by Foy Varner
Arent Brower to Harmen Brower - Deed, 1775

Barrett Brewer, VA - Revolutionary War Pension File
Brewer/Brower/Brouwer in the Index to Dutchess Co., NY Ancient Documents
Brewer/Brower/Brouwer in the Index to New York Co., NY Wills 
Brewer Deeds in Brunswick Co., VA - an Index compiled by Diane Daniel
Brewer DNA Project Under Consideration A (post of December 19, 2016)
Brewer Families of Moore and Southwest Chatham Cos., NC, by David V. Brewer
Brewer Families of Southeast America, by Foy Varner
Brewer Families of Southeast America, Addendum, by Foy Varner
Brewer Wills in Brunswick Co., VA - an index compiled by Diane Daniel
Brewere Deed (Monmouth Co., NJ), BGB 410
Brouwer, Brower, Brewer, Bruere in Monmouth Co., NJ Wills, BGB 473 
Brower Family, Gowanus, L. I. - 1818 Petition to the U.S. Congress for reparations
Brower Family, Gowanus, L. I. - 1818 Petition to the U.S. Congress for reparations, citation
Brower Family Circle - a page with links to individual issues, 1976-1986

Calvin Coolidge - The Brewer Ancestry of President Calvin Coolidge, BGB 9
Calvin Coolidge - The Brewer Ancestry of President Calvin Coolidge in Ahnentafel format
Cornelius Corzine - Will dated 1786, transcrition

Daniel Embody of Minden, Montgomery Co., NY - Descendants 

Edward Brewer, NC - Revolutionary War Pension File  

Francis W. Brower Bible Record (Brower, Burdge, Grier, Tilton), pp. 3-10 

George Brewer, Brunswick Co., VA - 5 Generation Descendants Chart
George Brewer, Brunswick Co., VA - Will, BGB 434 

Henry Brewer, Chatham Co., NC - Transcript of will dated 1778
Henry Brewer, NC - Revolutionary War Pension File
Henry Brewer (Col.), Poughkeepsie, NY - Descendants 
Herman (Harmen) Brower of Palentine, NY - Transcript of will dated 11 Jan 1839
Howell Brewer & Ambrose Brewer Timeline, by Foy Varner (ca. 2010) 
Hubert Brower/Brauer - 1726 "Pass", original
Hubert Brower/Brauer - 1726 "Pass", translation

Images linked through the Brouwer Genealogy Database
Interpreting the Results of Genetic Genealogy Tests by Blaine Bettinger
Isaac Brewer, NC - Revolutionary War Pension File
Isaac Brewer, Talladega Co., GA - Transcript of Rev. War Pension App., by Will Graves 
Isaac M. Deline - Civil War Pension Application 
Isaac M. Deline and Isaac N. Deline - Civil War Adjutant General's Report 

Jacque Bruyere - Five Generation Descendant Report (2014)
James Bruere - Division of Estate, BGB 414 
Jan Brouwer & Jannetje Jans Family Group Sheet
Jan Brouwer of Flatlands, L. I. - Five Generation Descendant Report in Register Format
Jan Brouwer of Flatlands, L. I. - Suggested placements for genetic descendants
Jesse Brewer, NC - Revolutionary War Pension File
John C. Brewer, NC-IN - In Bio. History of Tippecanoe...Counties, Indiana, 1899
John C. Brewer & Elizabeth Wilhite, Indiana - Family Group Sheets 
John S. Brower Bible Record (Brower, Morris, Sproul, Burdge, MacLane), pp. 11-21
John Drake of Goshen, NY - transcript of will
Joseph H. Brower alias Joseph H. Dewitt - White Plains, NY Eastern Journal, 1849 (2nd column)
Joseph Driggs Is Not Josias Drake, Jr. (2008-09)
Josias Jansen Drats - Timeline 

Lanier, by Louise Ingersoll, 1970 (FHL)
Lanier Family in Tyler's Quarterly, vol. 3 (1922), p. 126 (IA)
(The) Long Brewer Line, by Ben R. Brewer, 1993 and Supplement, 2008 (FHL) 
Lower Norfolk Co. and Norfolk Co. (VA) Wills, 1637-1710 - Brief Abstracts, 1914 (IA)  

Mathew Brower/Brewer of Greene Co., PA, Family Group Sheet
Monmouth County, NJ Gravestone Inscriptions - Brewer and Brower, GMNJ v.21 (1946)

New Jersey - Story of New Jersey's Civil Boundaries, 1606-1968. NJGS Bulletin 67
New York County Probate Records, 1629-1971 at (FHL) 
Nicholas Brower (Brouwer) - Transcript of will, 1778 

Peter Brewer of Hardin Co., Kentucky - Suggested Ancestry, BGB 591
Peter Brewer and Polly Herkimer - Update (2009) 
Peter Brower & Catherine Post Family Bible Record (D.A.R. Library) 

Reformed Church - Guide to Local Church Records in the Archives of the Reformed Dutch Church
Roosa-Roos-Rose Notes 

Sarah Kip - her Brouwer ancestry
Sarah Kip and Her Revolutionary War Husbands, by Diane Benelli (original un-cut version)
Somerset County, NJ - List of Officers and Freeholders in 1790 

Terrell Brewer, North Carolina to Morgan Co., IN - Family Group Sheets 
Thomas Brewer - History of Brewer Family of NC, TN, IN & IL, 1936
Thomas Morris - Abstract of will dated 1782, Greensville Co., VA, by Diane Daniel

Willem Brouwer & Lysbeth Drinkvelt Family Group Sheet
William Brewer, Halifax Co., NC - Revolutionary War Pension File 
William Brewer, Henry Co., KY - Rev. War Pension File (born in MD, served in VA)
William Edwards (m. Rebecca Brewer), NC-TN - Rev. War Pension File

FHL - Family History Library website 
IA - Internet Archives 

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