Sunset at Gowanus Bay

Sunset at Gowanus Bay
Sunset at Gowanus Bay, Henry Gritten, 1851

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Jacob Croxson to Joel Lippincott, Deed

File no. 45 from Abstracts of Early Monmouth County Court Papers, Part II, is an indenture, or deed, in which Jacob Croxson (Croxon) transfers land to Joel Lippencott. There is an important piece of genealogical information in this deed.

No. 45, Indenture Jacob Croxon to Joel Lippincott

I have seen the Croxson surname recorded both as CROXSON (with an S) and as CROXON (without the S). Despite the label I've given the file, it appears that the surname is spelled with the S, as CROXSON, more frequently in this document.

The photocopied and scanned copy presented here is difficult to read. I would suggest to anyone who is seriously interested in pursuing research on this family that they seek out the original. According to the source who located this document for William B. Bogardus, it is found in Monmouth County Deed Book R, pages 137-138.

The indenture is dated 2 January 1808, and it records that Jacob Croxson and his wife, Elizabeth, of Shrewsbury, conveyed for the sum of $4000, to Joel Lippincott, land lying in Shrewsbury. There is a lengthy description of the property which I will not attempt to transcribe here. The statement of genealogical significance that is found in the indenture mentions that Jacob Croxson has right to the land being conveyed by the last will and testament of his grandfather Jacob Brewer. This statement is the only evidence found to date that can place Jacob Croxson as a descendant of Adam Brouwer of Gowanus, Long Island. The indenture also states that he owns part of the property by quit claim from his brother William Croxson, and Garret Wikoff and Rachel Wikoff, his (Garret's) wife.

Jacob Croxson is found on the 1830 U. S. census at Shrewsbury, Monmouth County, New Jersey with a household of 1 male 10-15, 1 male 30-40, 1 male 50-60, 1 female 5-10, 1 female 10-15, 1 female 50-60, and 1 free colored female age 10-23. Jacob would have to be the male aged 50-60 (the male aged 30-40 would have been too young to execute a deed in 1808), and therefore he was likely born sometime between 1770 and 1780. His birth was more likely closer to 1770, and may have been prior to 1770, as his daughter, Hannah Croxson, was married in 1811 (implying that she was probably born around 1790). Jacob Croxson died before April 1842. In that month, William W. Croxson, applied for the assignment of the dower for Elizabeth Croxson, widow of Jacob Croxson, dec'd. He had purchased the real estate of Jacob Croxson, dec'd., subject to the dower being set aside (Monmouth County Orphans Court Book K, page 368).

The identity of Jacob Croxson's parents has not been determined. His mother would have been a daughter of Jacob Brewer. I have seen one undocumented tree on that called her Hannah Brewer, but I have been unable to confirm this identification. Jacob Croxson's grandfather, Jacob Brewer, is most likely a son of William Brewer/Brower (a.k.a. Willem Brouwer) who was baptized on 8 May 1687 at Brooklyn, Long Island. He was a son of Jacob Brouwer and Annatje Bogardus, and a grandson of Adam Brouwer. This would make Jacob Croxson a great-great-great grandson of Adam Brouwer. Although no record of baptism has been found for Jacob Brewer, his mother would have been Maritje Van Oort (Van Nordt). It is likely that Jacob Brewer was born between 1715 and 1720. On 19 June 1746, William Brower conveyed to Jacob Brower of Mansquan in Shrewsbury Twp., property in Monmouth County. In 1748 and 1755, Jacob Brewer is listed as a Freeholder in Shrewsbury. On 25 April 1755, Joseph and Ruth Kinnan of Somerset County, conveyed to Jacob Brewer of Swan in Monmouth County, land in Shrewsbury (see the following post). On 30 March 1772, Jacob Brewer was a bondsman on the administration of the estate of William Vannorte of Shrewsbury. William's widow was named Magdalen, and it is suspected, but not proved, that she was Magdalena Brouwer, baptized 8 March 1704 at New York, a daughter of Jacob Brouwer and Annatje Bogardus. If correct, Magdalen would be Jacob Brewer's aunt.

According to John E. Stillwell,  Historical and Genealogical Miscellany, Early Settlers of New Jersey and their Descendants, Vol. 5. (New York:, 1932), page 452, Jacob Croxson married Elizabeth Woolley, born 20 Jan 1776, daughter of Nathan Woolley and Zilpah White. Stillwell identifies two children, the daughter Hannah, mentioned above, who married Peter T. Wolcott, and a son Nathan W. who married Mary Haggerty. In addition, Jacob and Elizabeth had a son William (likely the William mentioned in the April 1842 Orphans Court record) and a daughter Deborah. From this deed we also know that Jacob had a brother named William Croxson, and a sister Rachel who was married to Garret Wikoff (Wyckoff). The brother, William Croxson, had married Catharine Wyckoff who was a brother of Garret Wyckoff. Garret and Catherine were children of Samuel Wyckoff (1732-1826) and Gertrude Shipman (1735-1820). For additional information and sources regarding the ancestors and some descendants of Jacob Croxson please consult the Brouwer Genealogy Database website.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Deed of George Brewer to David Mandeville

This post will prompt changes and additions to the family of George Brewer and Lydia Clark.

File no. 44 from Abstracts of Early Monmouth County Court Papers, Part II, and is a deed dated 12 August 1799 by which George Brewer and Lydia, his wife, of Shrewsbury, convey property to David Mandeville, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, clerk, and Sarah, his wife. In the deed Sarah is stated to be a daughter of the said George and Lydia.

No. 44, Deed George Brewer to David Mandeville

The core of this deed, or indenture, can be summarized as follows: George Brewer and Lydia, his wife, of Shrewsbury, New Jersey, convey to David Mandeville, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, clerk, and Sarah, his wife (the said Sarah being the daughter of the said George and Lydia), for and inconsideration of natural love and affection, and in consideration of the said George and Lydia having granted certain estates to their son George Brewer, the younger, the said George and Lydia his wife have given, granted...transfer and set over to the said David Mandeville and Sarah his wife...all and singular the messuages or tenements and plantations, tracts, pieces or parcels of land, lots of ground, Rents, Hereditaments, appurtenances, and all goods and chattels, moveables, household furniture, plate, effects and estate, real, personal or mixed whatsoever and wheresoever of him the said George Brewer, situate, lying and being in the state of New Jersey or elsewhere in any part of the world...

In effect, this "deed" might be considered a substitute for a will, by which George and Lydia Brewer are transferring to their daughter Sarah, and her husband, David Mandeville, all property not already given to their son, George Brewer, "the younger."

George Brewer was a son of Adam Brewer and Deborah Allen, is believed to be a grandson of Jacob Brouwer and Annatje Bogardus, and is a great-grandson of Adam Brouwer of Gowanus, Long Island. George Brewer is said to have been born either 26 May 1728, or 20 May 1730, depending on which transcription of the same Bible record you wish to accept. Previously, I had suggested that he could have died prior to 7 January 1788, when his wife Lydia obtained a certificate from the Shrewsbury Monthly Meeting for her son, George Brewer, "a youth,"to go to Philadelphia to live with Samuel Clark. Based upon this deed, George Brewer (the elder) was clearly alive in August 1799.

This deed also adds a previously unknown daughter, Sarah, to the family of George Brewer and Lydia Clark. It appears then, that George and Lydia had two children, a son George, and a daughter, Sarah. The deed also tells us that Sarah was married to David Mandeville, and that in 1799 they were living in Philadelphia. David Mandeville and Sarah Brewer were married on 28 July 1791 at St. Paul's Church in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania Marriages Prior to 1810, Volume II, Pennsylvania Archives, 2nd Series, Volume IX, page 468). According to "The Elfreth Necrology," found in Pennsylvania Vital Records, Volume 2, page 690, David Mandeville, of Philadelphia, died "8, 20, 1843, aged 78." This date, recorded in Quaker style, would be 20 October 1843. His age of 78 would place his birth at about 1765. I have not yet located a date or place of death for Sarah (Brewer) Mandeville, nor have I placed David within the Mandeville family.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Documents from the Manuscript Collection at the NYHS Relating to Elazerus Brewer

File no. 43 from Abstracts of Early Monmouth County Court Papers, Part II, is a collection of four documents obtained from the New York Historical Society that relate to Elazerus Brewer of Monmouth County.

No. 43, Docs Mss NYHS (Elazerus Brewer)

Elazerus Brewer (1730-1820) was a son of Adam Brewer and Deborah Allen, is believed to be a grandson of Jacob Brouwer and Annatje Bogardus, and is a great-grandson of Adam Brouwer and Magdalena Verdon. He has been profiled here in numerous posts and there is no need to delve into him any further in this post. Use the search feature to locate other posts regarding Elazerus Brewer.

The documents were viewed and transcribed by a correspondent of William B. Bogardus back in 1985 or 1986. I am not certain about this, but the documents may have first been located by Lawrence Lippert, who authored, "The Paper Trail of Elazerus Brewer," published in The Monmouth Connection, vol. 23, no. 5 (May 2012), and featured in the post of May 19, 2013.

The four documents do not provide any genealogical information, but do offer a little insight into the 18th century life of Elazerus Brewer. The Peter Brewer to whom Elazerus (Lazerus) Brewer addresses a letter in 1762, cannot be identified with certainty, but the idea that he is the son of Sybrant Brouwer, and a cousin of Elazerus is as likely a possibility as any. Sybrant Brewer's son, Peter, was baptized on 30 March 1720 in the New York Reformed Dutch Church. He has been stated to have probably married Cornelia Thong on 14 April 1740 (Bogardus, William Brower. Dear "Cousin": A Charted Genealogy of the Descendants of Anneke Jans Bogardus (1605-1663) to the 5th Generation - and of her sister, Marritje Jans. Wilmington, OH, U.S.A.: Anneke Jans and Everardus Bogardus Descendants Association, 1996, chart 7B) and may have married Margaret Bogert around 1750 ("Brewer-Bogart (inquiry 96)," Somerset County Historical Quarterly vol.4 [1915], p. 80). In June 1800, Margaret Bogert, wife of Peter Brouwer, was a member of the New York Reformed Dutch Church (NYGB RECORD 62 [1931]: 44). Please take note that the two sources given for Peter Brewer's possible marriages did not provide source citations for their statements, and more thorough research on Peter Brewer (Brouwer) is required.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Will of John Erickson of Monmouth County

File no. 42 in Abstracts of Early Monmouth County Court Papers, Part II, is the will of John Erickson of Monmouth County.

No. 42, Will of John Erickson of Monmouth County

This will, dated in 1806, is found in Monmouth County Will Book A, page 164. The image is also available online at FamilySearch in their "New Jersey Probate Records, 1678-1980" database. Here is a direct link to the image at that site.

In the will, John's surname is spelled with two r's - Errickson. He states that he is sick and weak in body, but of perfect memory. He signs his will with a mark. The will, which is abstracted in Hutchinson, Elmer T., Documents Relating to the Colonial, Revolutionary and Post Revolutionary History of the State of New Jersey First Series Vol. 40; Calender of New Jersey Wills, Administrations, Etc. Vol. 11 1806-1809. (Trenton, New Jersey: MacCrellish & Quigley Co., Printers, 1947), mentions his wife, Lois, sons John and Daniel, and daughters, Deborah Brewer, Jerusha Giberson, Suzanor Vennot (Vannote) and Jedida Barklow. John Errickson's will was dated 4 Dec 1806, and proved 15 Jan 1807. John Errickson did not specifically name which of his sons he was appointing executor (along with his wife, Lois), and at the Jan 1807 term of the Orphan's Court in Monmouth County, it was mutually determined that Daniel was intended, and he was sworn as executor on 7 Feb 1807.

I have not researched the ancestry of John Errickson, and I do not have any further work on the families of his sons or daughters with the exception of "daughter Deborah Brewer," who was identified by Carole Leishman in a comment to the post of August 18, 2013, as the wife of John Brower/Brewer, born 7 May 1762, died 6 March 1845, son of Aris/Aaron Brower and Neeltje Cooper. John Brower, a.k.a. John A. Brewer, was a descendant of Jan Brouwer of Flatlands, Long Island. John Brower/Brewer and Deborah Errickson had two sons. Aaron Brower (1794-1872) was married three times and lived at Howell, Monmouth County. Benjamin B. Brower was born about 1800, and died 29 July 1850 at Esteville, Ocean County, New Jersey. In 1840 he is found on the U. S. census at Howell, New Jersey. Benjamin B. Brower's wife was Miranda Downs. Some research on descendants of the two sons can be found on the Brouwer Genealogy Database website. It would be premature to state that research on the family of John and Deborah Brower/Brewer is complete. The couple may well have had other children that have not yet been recognized.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Abraham Brewer and Eunice Griswold of Chemung, New York

According to his gravestone which is found in Riverside Cemetery near Lowman, Chemung County, New York, Abraham Brewer died on 17 May 1814, aged 70 years, 1 month, and 2 days. From this, is date of birth is calculated as 15 April 1744. Abraham's wife was Eunice Griswold who was born on 2 February 1755 in Tyringham, Berkshire County, Massachusetts. She was a daughter of Elijah Griswold (b. 1719) and Abigail Thomas. Eunice Griswold's paternal ancestry is easily traced and documented back to Michael Griswold who died in Wethersfield, Connecticut on 26 September 1684, having left a will that was dated 10 September 1678. The ancestry of Eunice's mother, Abigail Thomas, has not been determined. Eunice died on 21 October 1815, and is buried in the same cemetery.

In the past, some descendants of Abraham Brewer and Eunice Griswold have suspected that Abraham was a descendant of Adam Brouwer of Gowanus, Long Island. A few years back a descendant of Abraham Brewer participated in the Brewer DNA Project, and results from his Y-DNA test indicate that the participant is NOT a descendant of Adam Brouwer. The participant was a direct descendant of Abraham Brewer's great-grandson Milton G. Brewer (1854-1936) who lived most of his life in Farmington, Fulton County, Illinois. The descendant is represented by kit #109921. Test results, for comparison with results from descendants of Adam Brouwer (and other groups) can be found on the Brewer DNA Project Y-DNA Results Page. The results are found in the group labeled "Ungrouped." Thus far, the participant's results do no match any other male with the surname Brewer, Brower, Bruer, or some variation thereof. At this point, we have to conclude that the participant's earliest known direct male ancestor, Abraham Brewer, is NOT a descendant of Adam Brouwer. However, we should have a second descendant of Abraham Brewer tested, preferably one who is a descendant through a different son and line than the one descendant already tested, to be confident with this conclusion. The testing of a second descendant, if he matches the results of the first descendant, will confirm for us that there was no non-parental event (NPE) somewhere in the lineage of the first tested descendant.

My own research on the family and descendants of Abraham Brewer and Eunice Griswold is most certainly incomplete. With that in mind, here is a family group sheet summarizing what is known of their family.

Abraham Brewer & Eunice Griswold Family Group Sheet 

Some descendants, and source citations can be found on the Brouwer Genealogy Database website. A convenient link for Abraham Brewer can be found on the Unplaced page.

It appears that Abraham Brewer and Eunice Griswold had three sons. Elijah, who appears to be the eldest, is the ancestor of the descendant who participated in the Brewer DNA Project by taking a Y-DNA test. Elijah was married to Margaret Kinyon, and they lived at Chemung, Tioga County, New York. Although an unconfirmed source states that he died, in 1821, in Ohio, Elijah is buried at Riverside Cemetery in Chemung County, New York. Abraham and Eunice's other two sons are Abraham Brewer, born in 1790, died in 1859 in Genesee County, Michigan. His wife was Hannah Stull. The other son, David Brewer, is considered a possible son at this time. He was born in 1797 and died in 1849. He was married to Betsey Baldwin and they lived in 1840 they were at Southport, Chemung County, New York. The effort to discover Abraham Brewer's ancestry could be helped greatly if direct male descendants of both sons, Abraham and David, would join the Brewer DNA Project by taking a Y-DNA test.

In attempting to determine Abraham Brewer's ancestry through traditional genealogical research techniques, it might be helpful to consider his wife's origins. Eunice Griswold was born in Tyringham, Berkshire County, Massachusetts. Berkshire County is the western most county in Massachusetts and it borders the present day New York State counties of (north to south) Rensselaer, Columbia and Dutchess. During the colonial period, Rensselaer and Columbia Counties did not exist, and at that time were within the boundary of Albany County, New York. During the years just prior to the Revolutionary War there were numerous Brouwer/Brower/Brewer families found in this area of New York State and they represented descendants of all three original New Netherland families (Adam Brouwer, Jan Brouwer, and Willem Brouwer). In addition, living in Berkshire County, Massachusetts, were descendants of John Brewer who had lived at Cambridge and Sudbury, Massachusetts in the mid 1600s. We do have Y-DNA tests from two descendants of John Brewer of Massachusetts, both of who match each other very closely, but neither one matches the descendant of Abraham Brewer. It does not appear that Abraham is a descendant of John Brewer.

Getting back to the Griswold family, according to Glen E. Griswold, The Griswold Family, England - America (Rutland, Vermont: The Griswold Family Association of America Inc. The Tuttle Publishing Co. Inc., 1935), Eunice Griswold's father, Elijah Griswold, was born in Farmington, Connecticut and was an early settler of Tyringham, Massachusetts. It is stated that Elijah moved his family to Nobletown, Albany County, New York where he is first mentioned in 1766. If correct, Elijah Griswold was living in Albany County at the time that his daughter's future husband would have been about twenty-two years of age. Noblestown no longer exists and is today the hamlet of North Hillsdale in the Town of Hillsdale in Columbia County, New York. Hillsdale was created in 1788 from the Town of Claverack, and this would have been the name of the location in 1766 when Elijah Griswold first came to the area. It is possible that Abraham Brewer lived at, or near Claverack, New York at the time he met Eunice Griswold. We do know that families descended from Adam Brouwer lived in the Claverack area at the time of the American Revolutionary War, however, as mentioned above, the genetic evidence thus far indicates that Abraham Brewer can not be a descendant of Adam Brouwer. This contradiction is the reason for the emphasis on the need to locate another male descendant of Abraham Brewer who is interested in taking a Y-DNA test.

The Griswold Family genealogy mentioned above states that Elijah Griswold "is doubtless the Elijah who served in the Revolution as a private in the Levies and New York Line, Capt. Pearcy, Col. Willet, New York Troops." The genealogy also suggests that he is the "Elijah Grisel" who served with Capt. Hogeboom's Co., out of Claverack, New York in 1767. By 1790, Elijah Griswold had moved to Chemung, then in Montgomery County, New York, where is is found on the first U. S. census. In 1800, Elijah Griswold is found at Chemung, then Tioga County, New York. Listed here in succession with Elijah are his sons Gideon Griswold, Elisha Griswold, and then Abraham Brewer. It appears that Abraham Brewer likely married Eunice Griswold in the area of Claverack, New York, and then relocated with his father-in-law to Chemung, New York.

It has been claimed that Abraham Brewer served during the Revolutionary War with the 7th Regiment of Albany County Militia, under Capt. Abraham J. Van Alstine. It has also been stated that he served with Col. Hay's Regiment of Orange County Militia. The source here is "Revolutionary Soldiers B-G, Chemung Co., N.Y.," Gemini Vol. 8 (Apr. 1979). The second claim is most certainly incorrect. This service more likely belongs to Abraham Brouwer (1759-1806) who lived at Clarkstown which was then in Orange County, New York. The first service claimed, that in the 7th Regt., Albany Co. Militia, could well be correct. However, there is no record of Abraham Brewer filing for a Revolutionary War service pension, and so this cannot be confirmed with certainty.

In 1790, Abraham Brewer is found on the U. S. census at Chemung, Montgomery Co., New York, with a household of one male over 16, one male under 16, and four females. In 1800, he is at Chemung, Tioga County, New York with a household of one male under 10, one male age 10-15, one male over age 45, one female age 16-25 and one female over 45. As mentioned above, he is listed in succession with his Griswold in-laws. In 1810 he is at Chemung, Tioga County, New York with one male over age 45 and one female over age 45. Enumerated on the same census sheet are Elijah Brewer and Abraham Brewer, Jr.

The Atlas of Historical County Boundaries is a helpful tool for understanding the formation of the counties in which the town of Chemung is found. Today, the Town of Chemung (pronounced shuh-MUNG) is found in Chemung County, which was created out of Tioga County in 1836. Tioga County had been created out of Montgomery County in 1798. The town is located in New York's "Southern Tier" and to the south is Bradford County, Pennsylvania. Historically, economically and culturally, Chemung County has more in common, and is more closely associated with the counties of northern Pennsylvania to its south, then with the New York State counties to the north. The town of Chemung was first settled in 1786, and was established in Montgomery County in 1788. Joyce M. Tice's "Tri-County Genealogy" website should be of help to researchers of Chemung area families.

The current assumption is that Abraham Brewer's origins were in the area of Claverack, New York where his wife's family is found, and that he moved to Chemung, New York with his in-laws. This assumption could be wrong, and it is possible (but less likely) that Abraham Brewer came to Chemung, New York independently of the Griswolds, met and married Eunice Griswold there and settled in next to his in-laws. The problem with this second scenario is that it is clear that Abraham and Eunice's older children were born prior to the first known settlement at Chemung.

It is hoped that other direct male descendants of Abraham Brewer, especially through his son Abraham, Jr., and through the possible son, David, will be encouraged to join the Brewer DNA Project with a Y-DNA test.

NOTE: Corrections to this post were made and can be found in the post of April 4, 2016.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Petition of Ann Brewer

File No. 41 from Abstracts of Early Monmouth County Court Paper, Part II, the petition of Ann Brewer is now online.

No. 41, Petition of Ann Brewer

This document is from the April 1810 term of the Monmouth County Orphans Court, and is found in Book D. Here, Ann Brewer, the widow of David Brewer, is petitioning to be made the guardian of her children, John Brewer, Ann Brewer and Lydia Brewer, all under the age of 14 years.

Ann Brewer, is Ann Morris, who married David Brewer on 5 March 1782. She can be found on the 1840 U. S. census at Howell, Monmouth Co., New Jersey, enumerated as the head of a household as Ann Brewer. She was deceased by April 1845, as stated by her daughter, Elizabeth, the wife of Annamiah Gifford. Her husband, David Brewer, had died in August or September of 1804. David Brewer is a great-great-grandson of Adam Brouwer of Gowanus, Long Island. There are a number of documents in this set that related to the family of David Brewer. In that light, here is a family group sheet for David Brewer's family.

David Brewer & Ann Morris Family Group Sheet

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Brewer, Brower, Vital Records, Everything Else

This is the fifth and final post dedicated to the files of Vital Records found in the William B. Bogardus Collection. For background please see the first post from this set. The files found below are from varied locations in the U. S. and Canada. With this post, my work with the Collection of Brewer and Brower related material gathered by William B. Bogardus and lent to me during the winter of 2008-2009, is done. Please take note that I am no longer in possession of the physical copies of the files. I also cannot guarantee just how long these files will remain online. My suggestion is, that if you find something that is helpful to your own specific research interests, that you download and save the file to your home computer.

Death Notices from the Christian Guardian 1851-1850, Rev. Donald A. McKenzie, 1984. (Entries here are from Toronto, Canada)

Death Notices of Ontario (Canada), William D. Reid, 1980

Marriages, Elgin County, Ontario (Canada), The Ontario Register, vol. 1

South Carolina Jewish Marriage Settlements, 1785-1839, Malcolm H. Stern

Central Pennsylvania Marriages, 1700-1896, Charles A. Fisher, 1946

More Notices from Methodist Papers, 1830-1857, Rev. Donald A. McKenzie, 1986 (Canada)

Vital Records of New Haven (Connecticut)

Marriage Bonds of Ontario (Canada) 1803-1834, Thomas B. Wilson, 1985

Pennsylvania Archives Second Series, Pennsylvania Vital Records

Prince Edward District (Ontario, Canada), Marriage Register

Prince Edward (Ontario, Canada), Militia, 1822

Marriage and Death Notices from Raleigh Register and North Carolina State Gazette, 1799-1825, Carrie L. Broughton, 1944

Marriage and Death Notices Extracted from the Genius of Liberty and Fayette Advertiser of Uniontown, Pennsylvania 1805-1854, Mrs. Jean R. Rentmeister, 1981

Vital Statistics from the National Intelligencer (Washington, D. C.), George Martin, NGSQ, vol. 47

"Certified Vital Data - Bennet, Brower, Pudney, Montross, Purdy and Turberg" (The source of the pages in this file is not clear, but they appear to have been collected by a correspondent of William B. Bogardus. They do not appear to have come from any one published source).

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Brewer, Brower, Vital Records, New York State

This is the third post in this set covering the Vital Record files from the William B. Bogardus Collection. The files in this post are from locations in the State of New York, outside of New York City and Long Island. For more info please see the post of March 2, 2014.

Vital Statistics - Big Flats, Chemung County, School District Clerk Report Ending Dec 1847

Vital Records of Chenango County Before 1880, Mrs. Edwin P. Smith and Mrs. Ryland H. Hewitt

Dutchess County (Poughkeepsie) Newspaper Deaths 1826-1871, The Dutchess vols. 7-24

Delhi Gazette, Delaware County, Deaths, Minnie Cowen, 1940

Marriages - Town of Kent (Putnam Co.), 1882-1889, Betty Behr

Obituary Notices Appearing in Lansingburgh, Newspapers, 1787-1897, Tree Talks, vol. 9, no. 3 (note card)

Obituary Notices Appearing in Lansingburgh, Newspapers, 1787-1897, Tree Talks, vol. 9, no. 3 (photo copy of the published page. See previous entry)

Marriages 1819-1844 Taken from the Delhi Gazette, Delaware County, Minnie Cowen, 1940

Newburgh, Orange County, Marriages and Deaths taken from The Newburgh Telegraph (1836-1837)

Newspaper Notes - Extractions from Middletown Times-Press, Apr. 9. 1909 (Orange County)

The Whig Press (Orange County), Marriage Notices 1851-1865, Virginia H. Gardner, 1986

Deaths, Births and Marriages from Newspapers Published in Hamilton, Madison County, 1818-1886, Mrs. E. P. Smith, Joyce C. Scott, Mary K. Meyer, 1991

Marriage Notices, Dutchess & Columbia Counties, Margaret E. Herrick

Marriages in 1840 Abstracted from the Roman Citizen, Rome, New York, Tree Talks, vol. 3, no. 4

Early Marriages from Newspapers Published in Central New York, William M. Beauchamp

Card Index of Deaths, Marriages and some Births Collected from Local Newspapers 1778-1871, Dutchess County Historical Society

Notes from Newspapers, Primarily from the Albany Evening Journal

Births in the Town of Palatine (Montgomery County), 1847, Tree Talks vol. 9, no. 2

Genealogical Gleanings Abstracted from the Early Newspapers of Penn Yan, Yates County, 1823-1833 and 1841-1855, Dianne Stenzel, 1991

Genealogical Gleanings Abstracted from the Yates County Chronicle, Penn Yan, 1856 to 1867, Diane Stenzel, 1992

Deaths, Marriages and Much Miscellaneous from Rhinebeck, New York Newspapers 1846-1899, Vol. 2, Marriages, Arthur C. M. Kelly, 1978

Deaths, Marriages and Much Miscellaneous from Rhinebeck, New York Newspapers 1846-1899, Vol. 1, Deaths, Arthur C. M. Kelly, 1978

Marriage Notices from the Saugerties Telegraph, Greene Genes, vols. 3, 4, 5

Vital Records Printed in the Troy Post, 1848-1851; Vital Records Printed in the Troy Daily Times, 1875-1881

The Whig Press (Orange County), Death Notices, 1851-1865, George and Virginia Gardner, 1978

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Brewer, Brower, Vital Records, New York City, and Long Island

This is the second post covering the files from the William B. Bogardus Collection labeled as Vital Records (VIT). For background, please see the post of March 2, 2014. This post consolidates the files which pertain to records found in New York City and on Long Island.

Deaths Taken from the New York Evening Post (1801-1890), Gertrude Barber, 1933-1947; Marriages Taken from the New York Evening Post (1801-1890), Gertrude Barber, 1933-1948

Deaths Published in the Christian Intelligencer of the Reformed Dutch Church from 1830-1871, Ray C. Sawyer, 1933

An Index to the Long Islander, 1839-1864, Marriages, Deaths, Marian F. Stevens, 1974

Marriages Published in the Christian Intelligencer of the Reformed Dutch Church from 1830-1871, Ray C. Sawyer, 1931-1933

Marriages and Deaths from the New Yorker (Double Quarto Edition) 1836-1841, Kenneth Scott, 1980

The New York Magazine - Marriages and Deaths, 1790-1797, Kenneth Scott, Kristin L. Gibbons, 1975

Marriages Performed by the Various Mayors and Alderman of the City of New York, as well as Justices of the Peace, etc., 1830-1854, Ray C. Sawyer, 1935

"Miscellaneous" from the Suffolk County Historical Society Register, Vol. 14, no. 3, 1988

Genealogical Data from the New York Post Boy, 1743-1773, Kenneth Scott, 1980

New York City Marriages 1810-1814 as Reported in the Commercial Advertiser

Genealogical Data from Colonial New York Newspapers, Kenneth Scott, 1982

(Please see the post of March 2, 2014, for background info on this series).

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Brewer, Brower, Vital Records, New Jersey

This is the final stretch for working with the William B. Bogardus Collection. These last few posts will deal with files that cover vital records (birth, marriage, death) of persons named Brewer or Brower. Most of these records (or more accurately, transcripts or extractions of records) are from the 19th-century. Some of the death records take us back to persons born in the later part of the 18th-century. There are 74 files and I will divide them and present them over the course of several posts. This first one being those files that cover records in the State of New Jersey.

I will simply present each file with as concise and descriptive as a title as possible. This will also serve as the link to the file's location online. I have not investigated or researched any of these files any further. That's largely because my self imposed time limit with working at making this large collection available to all, is over. It's been a five year effort and I am eager to move on.

The files vary in size, in some cases there are a lot of individual entries, in many there are just a few, and in some, only one. I will not mention any specific records or persons by named found in each file, and simply leave it to you, the reader, to decide which ones you wish to open the file and explore further. As always, I recommend that you also consult the original source for the info found in each file. The sources are found on the first note card in each file, and although most are not in compliance with modern source citing standards, there is enough information there that you should have no trouble locating the source elsewhere. I will not hunt down each one individually (as I often did in the past), but I suspect that most, or all, can be found somewhere, either with the Family History Library, Heritage Quest, Internet Archives, Google Books, or even a general webwide Google search

And so, here are those associated with New Jersey:

Atlantic County, Marriage Records, H. Stanley Craig, 1935

Burlington County, Marriage Records, H. Stanley Craig

Cape May County, Marriage Records, H. Stanley Craig, Julius Way, 1931

Cumberland County, Marriages, H. Stanley Craig, 1933

Gloucester County Marriage Records, H. Stanley Craig, 1930

Marriage Records of Hunterdon County, 1795-1875, Vol. 1, Hiram E. Deats, 1918 (1986)

Marriage Records of Hunterdon County, 1795-1875, Hiram E. Deats, 1918 (1986) [a second copy of the above but with additional pages]

New Jersey Marriages and Deaths as Published in the Christian Intelligencer, 1830-1871, Ray C. Sawyer

Morris County Marriage Records, Book B, Edward Harris Lum

New Jersey Bureau of Archives and History Index to New Jersey Deaths, 1848-1867 (A-F)

South Jersey Marriages: Supplementing the Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester and Salem County Marriage Records, H. Stanley Craig, 1936

Salem County Marriage Records, H. Stanley Craig, 1928