Sunset at Gowanus Bay

Sunset at Gowanus Bay
Sunset at Gowanus Bay, Henry Gritten, 1851

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Brower Family Circle, Volume 11

To my knowledge, Volume 11 of The Brower Family Circle was the final volume. My assumption is that Bill Bogardus had in his possession the entire series and eleven volumes was the entirety of what was in his collection which I had access to back in 2008-09. The Family History Library only shows volumes 1-5 in their collection. And so I assume that Volume 11 was the final volume. There are two issues that bear the dates of April 1986 and July 1986. Links to PDF versions are found on the Brower Family Circle page.

No. 1, April 1986 (53 pages): Page 1 has a request for information on the "male children of Abraham Hildrickse Brouwer and Elizabeth Ackerman. In particular the Jan Brouwer and Rachel Van Brakelen." (The Abraham Brouwer asked for here was the son of Uldrick Brouwer and Hester De Voe, baptized 30 March 1701 at the Reformed Dutch Church in Bergen, New Jersey. He married Elizabeth Ackerman in 1723. Among the couple's twelve children is a son Jan who was baptized 11 March 1733 at Hackensack, New Jersey. Jan Brouwer married Rachel Braakelen, or Van Brackel on 15 April 1754 at Schraalenburgh. Jan and Rachel had eight children. Details for all can be found on the BGD website, use the index to locate those of interest). There are three more queries on page 1. Different readers ask for information on Cecilia Brower from New York who married George M. Hollister (no dates or details are given); Michael Lampman who married Maria Brouwer and their daughter Maria Lampman who married John Hogle (Maria Brouwer, 1733-1810, was a great-great granddaughter of Adam Brouwer. Her line: Maria > Jacob > Pieter > Adam); the third query seeks information on Adam Brower, born in Pennsylvania, who on 16 February 1843 married Margaret Ann Daugherty in Guernsey County, Ohio, and moved to Morgan County, Ohio by 1860. Page 2 is a pedigree of Steven Richard Brower whose earliest Brower ancestor is an Abraham Brower, 1829-1900, married Loivy Petick, 1838-1910. The line of ancestors lived at Gloversville, Fulton Co., New York. Also on page 2 is a partial Brouwer-Truax line. On page 3: Seek parents of Hannah Tamar Brower who married William Kent. Hannah died in August 1796 in Highgate, Franklin Co., Vermont (I have researched the Highgate, Vermont Browers/Brewers pretty thoroughly and am not familiar with this couple); seeking the parents of Abram G. Brower, b. ca. 1800, probably at Patterson, New Jersey, married Abigail Huntington, and lived in Onondaga and Cortland Counties, New York.

The remainder Vol. 11, no. 1 is reserved for the work of Alfred H. Brower who gives Jay H. Brower permission to publish. A note from Jay H. Brower at the bottom of page 3 tells us that although the issue is dated April 1986, "the work on it was done in October 1989." THE BROUWER GENEALOGY, prepared by Alfred H. Brower begins at page 4 of the issue which then adopts the pagination of Alfred's manuscript. The introduction gives the date as 1985. Alfred H. Brower claimed to be a descendant of Adam Brouwer and it must be pointed out to readers that the claimed ancestry for Adam Brouwer found on page 8 is unfounded, and most certainly incorrect. Much of the information on Adam Brouwer himself is clearly paraphrased from William J. Hoffman's "Brouwer Beginnings," published in The American Genealogist, volumes 23 and 24 (1947-48). The genealogy continues with Adam Brouwer's son Abraham Brouwer (page 17 of the manuscript) who is given a baptism date of May 18, 1662. In fact no baptism record for Abraham survives. It was Adam Brouwer's son Adam who was baptized on May 18, 1662. Here Alfred incorrectly assigns Abraham's daughter Jannetje to his second wife, Elizabeth Britten (sic). Abraham's daughter Jannetje was married to Johannes Burger and their first child was baptized in 1725. Abraham Brouwer and his second wife, Elizabeth Gerritsen (she was the widow of Nathaniel Britton) were married about 1732 (the couple's pre-nuptual agreement was dated September 1, 1732). I point all of this out to demonstrate the sloppiness of Alfred's research so that readers can be forewarned, use this work with caution. Take nothing at face value. Independently verify all claims. I will not critique the remainder of the manuscript except to note that the lineage Alfred presents for himself is incorrect at a number of points. Alfred H. Brower's earliest confirm-able ancestor is William W. Brower, 1809-1890, found at page 29 of the manuscript. William W. Brower's ancestry is not proved. It may or may not be correct. Alfred Henry Brower was a great-grandson of William W. Brower. Alfred was born in 1902 and passed away in 2001.

No. 2, July 1986 (9 pages): As mentioned above, to my knowledge this is the final issue of The Brower Family Circle. Lineage of Mildred Gertrude Brower (page 1. Northport, NY is on Long Island). Lineage of Erminnie Alice Brower, 1876-1954 (pages 1-2. A Canadian Brower line possibly descendants of the Chester Co., Pennsylvania Brower families). A lineage from Jacob Brewer, 1790-1866 and his wife Cassandre McDonald (pages 2-3. This Jacob is a son of Matthew Brower of Greene Co., Pennsylvania). A lineage back to Hubert Brower (pages 3-5. The line includes Browers from Randolph Co., North Carolina). Lineage of Mrs. Linn V. Harris (page 6. First Brower ancestor is Eliza Brower, 1813-1882, married DeMott Shaw. She is a daughter of James Brower, born 1792 in Queens Co., New York, died 1875 at Cape May, New Jersey). Lineage of Mrs. Diane Eaton (pages 6-7, a great-granddaughter of Lucetta Brower, b. 1851 in Ohio, married Charles C. Stemen. Her father was Enoch Brower of Allen Co., Ohio). A lineage from Daniel Brower, born ca. 1811 in Canada, died 28 November 1865, probably in Iowa. His wife Matilda was born in Ireland. Descendants found in Iowa and Oklahoma (pages 7-8).

And that ends The Brower Family Circle. There is no "sign-off" from Jay H. Brower, so again it is only my assumption that this was his final issue. So for one final time, please use the material found in The Brower Family Circle with care. Independently check and verify all claims and statements.

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Monday, January 16, 2017

The Brower Family Circle, Volume 10

Volume 10 of The Brower Family Circle, four issues bearing the dates April, July and October 1985 and January 1986. Links to PDFs of each issue are found on The Brower Family Circle page.

No. 1, April 1985 (15 pages): The entire issue is photocopied pages of "Anneke Jans Bogardus and Her Farm," which was published in Harper's New Monthly Magazine in May 1885. See the post of September 7, 2012.

No. 2, July 1985 (6 pages): The Solomon Miller Family (pages 1-4). Photocopy of a poem by David Brower (pages 4-5).

No. 3, October 1985 (21 pages):"Holdings on BROWER at Salt Lake. Sent to me by Bill Bogardus" (pages 1-20, the entire issue is photocopies of, what appears to be, cards from the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah found under the surname BROWER. Nowadays we can go to the FHL's online catalog at, select the surname field, type in Brower, and get back these results).

No. 4, January 1986 (16 pages): A lineage with a Brower connection from Mrs. Donald L. Polglasse (page 1. The earliest ancestor shown is a Nancy Brower, born ca. 1804-1806 who married Cornelius Bennet). Pages 2-15 are a pedigree charts submitted by Carol Hopping (Some of the surnames here belong to Mennonite and/or German Baptist families from the Chester Co., Pennsylvania area. The first Brower I find is on page 9, Hannah Brower, b. 1789, married Jacob Flora. Hannah's line continues on page 13).

All and all a pretty skimpy four issues with respect to information on Brower families, but again, use what is found here carefully.

The Bogardus Farm, Harper's New Monthly Magazine, via W.H. Merklee, 2002

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The Brower Family Circle, Volume 9

The Brower Family Circle, Volume 9 was published by Jay H. Brower in four issues bearing the dates April, July and October 1984, and January 1985. Links to PDFs of the individual issues can be found on the Brower Family Circle page of this website.

No. 1, April 1984 (10 pages): Question regarding Mary Brower, born 15 May 1830, Lebanon Co., Pennsylvania, married George B. Mellinger in Elkhart Co., Indiana, died at Syracuse, Indiana, 1 July 1861 (page 1). Seeking info on Catherine Brower Mott, wife of Edward Mott. She was born ca. 1810 in New York and died 24 Jan 1893 in Kearny, Buffalo Co., Nebraska (page 1). Lineage of Mrs. W. S. Ray from William Bogardus, 1638-1711 and his daughter Annatje Bogardus who married Jacob Brouwer (pages 1-9. Do not use any information in this account. Of all of the off-the-wall accounts of the descendants of Jacob Brouwer and Annatje Bogardus this is one of the most bizarre I've seen. Not only does the contributor combine individuals from different families within Adam Brouwer's descendants, she also adds in families descended from Jan Brouwer of Flatlands, L. I., and possibly some other unrelated Brewer families as well). Volume 9, no. 1 is a strong competitor to Volume 7, no. 4, as the one issue that could sow the most confusion among those researching the descendants of Jacob Brouwer and Annatje Bogardus. The only value in this issue is pointing out the degree to which incorrect ancestries can be taken. The two queries at the beginning of the issue, however, provide a couple of puzzles for those who like to take the time to figure such things out.

No. 2, July 1984 (12 pages): Frederick Hanford Brewer, born 9 November 1812, Niagara Co., New York, son of Abraham Brewer of New York and Sarah Ripley of Connecticut, taken from the "1874 Historical Atlas of Lee County, Iowa." Who are the parents of Abraham Brewer and Sarah Ripley? (page 1. I am not familiar with this family and I assume that the work that is referenced is this one found on the Iowa Digital Library website). The children of Frederick Hanford Brewer and his wife Rebecca, followed by a biography of his son William Brewer (pages 2-4). Research notes from Verne D. Littlefield on his search for the identity of Abraham Brewer, the father of Frederick H. Brewer (pages 4-11. This includes five pages of a early published account of some descendants of Adam Brouwer which contains errors [the source is not named, but it could be T. G. Bergen] and a letter from the Holland Society to Mrs. J. H. McCulloch, dated 1934, answering a question regarding the Brouwers. The letter refers to articles written by John R. Totten, which in themselves have errors that were later corrected by William J. Hoffman).

No. 3, October 1984 (14 pages): The "recollection from an elderly gentlemen about 1928," regarding "three sons, Christian, Henry and Daniel," who landed in America in 1721 (pages 1-2, Montgomery Co., Pennsylvania Browers). "The Brower Family" (pages 2-4. More on the Chester  and Montgomery Cos., Pennsylvania Browers). Henry Brower, 1780-1874 by Ivan Groh (pages 4-7. This Henry Brower left Montgomery Co., Pennsylvania and settled in Waterloo Co., Ontario, Canada). Melchior Hoch (page 8). Jacob Hoch/High (pages 9-10). Langenecker (Longacre) Family (page 11). Will of Jacob Hoch (page 12). Bechtel Family (page 13). The Hoch/High, Langenecker/Longacre and Bechtel families were all early Mennonite families of the Chester Co., Pennsylvania area who were in one way or another associated with the Brower families of Chester County.

No. 4, January 1985 (8 pages): A request for information regarding Enoch Brower and his wife Faronica Eickenberry, also Rinehart (page 1). Looking for parents of Jacob and Hannah (Stall) Brewer who were in Amsterdam, Montgomery Co., New York in 1810 (pages 1-2). A lineage from Adam Brouwer (his given place of birth being incorrect) through his son Abraham Brouwer (pages 2-5). Some pages on Anneke Jans from Trinity, Break Ye My Commandments, by Willis Timothy Gridley, 1930 (pages 5-6. Use for it's entertainment value only). A query into Hetty Brower who married a John Bray on 18 October 1822 in Randolph Co., North Carolina (page 7).

Please use all info, data and claims found in these issues of The Brower Family Circle with care. This is especially applicable to Volume 9, no. 1.

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Brower Family Circle, Volume 8

Volume 8 of The Brower Family Circle consists of four issues bearing the dates April, July and October 1983 and January 1984. Links to the individual issues can be found on The Brower Family Circle page of this website.

No. 1, April 1983 (53 pages): Lineage of Lorena (Collier) Brower (pages 1-2. I have a different account of the ancestors of Jacob Mott Brower which can be viewed online at the Brouwer Genealogy Database webiste by locating Jacob M. BROUWER, b. ca. 1847 in the index. He is a son of Jacob Brouwer, born 13 September 1821 and Mary Fowler, born ca. 1820). Lineage of Gail (Cope) Fogelbach whose grandmother was Flossie Jane Brower, 1891-1975 (pages 2-3). A query from L. L. Hill who states that his ancestors were Henry Brauer (Brewer) who first married Barbara Zinn and then Christiana Flick (page 2. The Henry Brauer being referred to here would be Henry Brewer of Bedford Co., Pennsylvania). Query into John Brower, 1824-1904 of Hempstead, Long Island (page 3. This John Brower is most likely a descendant of Jan Brouwer of Flatlands, L. I., and more info on him can be located on the BGD website. Use the index). Notes and information received from James S. Ruoff regarding Harme (sic) Brower and Magdalena Dockstader (pages 4-52. Harmen Brouwer, born 20 August 1768, died 28 November 1841 was a great-grandson of Willem Brouwer of Beverwijck. There is a lot of information here and I have not had the time nor the inclination to work through it. Use it to seek out the original documents yourself. What I do know of Harmen Brouwer is found on the BGD website. Use the index to locate him).

No. 2, July 1983 (12 pages): Christian Brower of Coventry Twp., Chester County, Pa., by Jay H. Brower (pages 1-3). Henry Brower, 1720-1784, of Chester Co., Pennsylvania (page 4). John Brower, "another son of Hubert and Ann" (pages 5-6. My own opinion is that this account of John Brower is partially incorrect). John Brower, son of Christian Brower (page 6). Jacob Brower, son of John Brower (page 7). Joseph Brower, son of Jacob Brower (pages 8-9). Elijah Brower, son of Joseph Brower (page 10). A query into Alfred D. Brewer, born 16 January 1830, died 1881 in Columbus, Wisconsin, married Marrietta Rogers in Eaton Rapids, Michigan in 1862 (page 11. What I have on Alfred D. Brewer's ancestry can be found on the BGD website, use the index to look up Alfred D. Brewer, b. bt 1824-1830, d. 2 Jun 1881). Some notes on Hubert Brower (page 11. For more on the "Pass" please see the post of November 1, 2016).

No. 3, October 1983 (7 pages): A lineage from a Jacob Brower, born ca. 1809, died ca. 1855, married Magdalena (___), lived in Elkhart Co., Indiana (pages 1-5. The line is from one of Jacob Brower's daughters and so few Browers are found on these pages). Lineage of Alvaretta F. Brower, born 30 December 1866, Oceanport (sic), New Jersey, died 23 March 1958, Wappingers Falls, New York (pages 5-6. The birth date and ancestry given for Cornelius Brower on page 6 is incorrect. The Cornelis Brouwer who married Mary Archer was born 9 November 1730 and is a son of Nazareth Brouwer and Anne Rozell).

No. 4, January 1984 (5 pages): A lineage from Abraham Brower and Philotha Webster (page 1). Martha Brewer, born ca. 1796, married Adam Stone (page 1. Martha Brewer was a daughter of Jeremiah Brower/Brewer and Hannah Thomas). A lineage from Willis Brewer "born ca. 1774 in New York" (pages 1-2. We now know through Y-DNA testing of a direct male descendant of this Willis Brewer that he was a descendant of George Brewer of Brunswick Co., Virginia and was probably born in Virginia or North Carolina, and certainly not in New York). A query from a great-granddaughter of Berend B. Brauwer, born in 1850 in Germany, immigrated to the U. S. (page 2). Some contributed info and a question on Eve Brenneman who married as her second husband, Christian Brower (pages 2-4. To my knowledge the parents and ancestry of Eve Brenneman has not been satisfactorily resolved). A query regarding Edmond Turner who married Hannah Brower. Their daughter Mary Turner married Joseph Gee (page 4. Hannah is a descendant of Adam Brouwer). Seek info on Joseph Brower, born 20 Jan 1842 in Saratoga Co., New York, married Rebecca James, died in Phelps Co., Missouri (page 4). Seek info on Jeremiah and Kazia Brower, parents of Henry H. Brower, born March 1842 in Saratoga or Troy, New York, died 26 Aug 1916 at the home of his brother Albert Brower in Chandler, Minnesota (page 4).

As always a reminder to use the information and data found in the issues of The Brower Family Circle with care.

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Friday, January 13, 2017

Brower Family Circle, Volume 7

The Brower Family Circle, Volume 7 is four issues bearing the dates April, July, and October 1982 and January 1983. Links to the four individual issues can be found on The Brower Family Circle page.

No. 1, April 1982 (10 pages): Lineage of Clifford M. Hardin, through his WOOD ancestors to Zebedee Wood, 1791-1871 and Hannah Brower, 1793-1845 of Randolph Co., North Carolina and Lawrence Co., Indiana (pages 1-2). Dillman Family information from the "Dillman Family Wheel," by John Hawkins, 1888 (pages 2-4. There are numerous Dillman-Brower intermarriages in Preble Co., Ohio). Queries on page 5: One regarding Magdalena Brower and John Drake (a reminder that this marriage did not happen); Another regarding Lydia Brower, b. 10 Nov 1841, Brooklyn, Jackson Co., Michigan, married Ayres Merrill Grosuenor. Lydia's mother was Margaret Hooker. Query for information on the family of James Brewer and Elizabeth Arnold, Pennsylvania to Ohio to Indiana (page 6). Seeking info on Daniel Brower who married Sarah McManus between 1835 and 1841 probably in Preble Co., Ohio (page 6). Seeking information on Lanier Brewer who lived in Moore Co., North Carolina, 1790-1820 (page 6). A lineage, with additional info, from Vincent Brewer who married Elizabeth "Betsy" Smith on 14 June 1794 in Mercer Co., Kentucky (page 7). Searching for the family of Celinda McFarland Brewer, "born out of wedlock" 7 May 1806, Madison Co., Kentucky, her mother being a McFarland who afterward married a "Mr. Brewer." Celinda married James Anderson Browder, 1829, Greene Co., Ohio (page 8). Questions around a Sarah Brower, born 16 September 1821, Jackson Co., Indiana, married in 1836 to Joseph Johnson in Marion Co., Missouri. Her ancestry is stated to be with a John Brower and his father Jacob Brower in New York (page 8). A list of books that Jay H. Brower is looking for (page 8).
And on page 9 is a query from Avis Watkins of Exeter, New Hampshire regarding Jeremiah Brower/Brewer of Highgate, Vermont. Avis was certainly the pioneer researcher into Jeremiah Brower, who through Y-DNA testing of a number of his male descendants is known to be a descendant of Adam Brouwer. Avis passed away in 2006. It was my own search for Jeremiah Brower that precipitated this entire mess which has become "Brouwer Genealogy." For more on Jeremiah Brower, start here.

No. 2, July 1982 (16 pages): On pages 2-4 is an account of Daniel Brower, born 24 November 1815, Augusta Co., Virginia, submitted by Beverly Cayford (this appears to be one of the more thorough submissions received by Jay H. Brower, however it does contain errors). Page 5 has additional Brower notes from Beverly Cayford (there is an error on this page regarding Enoch Brower in which the author combines two men into one. There are two contemporaneous Enoch Browers. Enoch Brower, b. 19 April 1814, m. Lovina Honeywell in 1841, will dated 4 May 1854, and died 7 Jun 1854. Enoch Brower, b. ca. 1823, married Elzina Shupe in 1847, the date of his death is not known, but it was prior to 23 Aug 1857 when his wife remarried. Both Enoch Browers lived in Allen Co., Ohio, and both are found separately on the 1850 U. S. census, and both wives can be found in later records). "The Brower Family," a submission by Mrs. Ruth Kiesling regarding Henry Brower, 1720-1784 (pages 6-8, there are digressions into the Adam Brouwer family of which this Henry Brower is not related). Query regarding William Brower, born 26 Aug 1784 in New York State, married Mary Ann Lowry, born 27 October 1784, New York State, had a daughter Mary Ann Brower, born 26 Nov 1823 or 1824 in New York State (page 8. Williams date of birth is corrected to 1781 from 1784 in no. 3, p. 8). Corrections to Volume 4, no. 3 (pages 8-9, regarding Pieter Brouwer, Demarest and Stagg). Query into a Brower family of Gloversville and Mayfield, New York, Elizabeth Brower married Jacob Haines, daughter Cora Haines married Seth Brower (page 9). Lineage of Leah Brower, b. 1744, married James Stagg (page 10). Lineage of Mary Conover, b. 1769, married Daniel Stagg (pages 11-12).  Family Bible record of Jacob P. Brower and Martha Mackie who were married 16 September 1820 (pages 12-13. This family moved to Beaver Dam, Wisconsin). Query regarding Ingelmaria Brower, died in 1895, a 19th century immigrant from Hanover, Germany (page 13). A query regarding Abraham Brower who married Philotha Webster (pages 13-14, this mystery has been solved). More queries on page 14: Oliver Brower, b. 13 August 1813, d. 16 May 1881 at Dobbs Ferry, New York, buried at Rockville Center, Long Island (he is a descendant of Jan Brouwer of Flatlands, L. I.); Effa Viola Brower, b. 26 Feb 1875, Hillsboro, Ohio, married Kenneth McClelland Kirkhart; Tracy and Audrey (Tinker) Brower of Topeka, Kansas and Riverside, California.

No. 3, October 1982 (11 pages): A lineage/query regarding Enoch Brower of Augusta Co., Virginia (page 1) followed by "General Comments" from the submitter, Mrs. Ruth Kiesling (pages 2-4). Family of David Brower, Alliance, Ohio and Hazel Brower Johnson (pages 4-5). Miller-Brower query (page 5). Query regarding Billy B. Brewer, 1926-1958 of Beaumont, Texas, m. Album Richard. Billy B. Brewer was the daughter of Jack V. Brewer and Lula Belle Taylor of Milo, Arkanasas. Notes submitted by Mrs. Richard Moss (pages 5-7 surnames are Moss, Fisher, Lybrook, and others). Question regarding Sarah Brower, 1846-1932, daughter of Aaron and Polly Brower, granddaughter of Henry and Anna (Heckman) Brower of Henry Co., Indiana (page 8). Notes on Peter Brower, Jr., b. 1787 in New Jersey who married Ann Hickney in Clermont Co., Ohio in 1817, followed by some questions. Images of the homestead of Joseph Brower of Jefferson Twp., Miami Co., Indiana (page 10).

No. 4, January 1983 (32 pages): Pages 1-2 includes a lineage for Mrs. Norma Davis claiming a descent from Anneke Jans through an incorrect Brouwer line along with a reply from William B. Bogardus correcting this line. Pages 3-4 is a submission from Glenn H. Brower regarding Hurlburt Brower, born 1818 and his descendants. The remaining pages are taken up by charts and family group sheets submitted by Robert N. Brewer. These include lines from Elias Brewer and Mary Cadwallader who were married in 1790 in Fayette Co., Pennsylvania; some incorrect ancestor charts claiming that John Brewer, d. 1809, Scioto Co., Ohio was a descendant of Adam Brouwer (he was not), and family group sheets of the Brouwers in this (incorrect) lineage which contain errors. All and all this entire issue, all 32 pages of it, has one big RED flag over it. Do not repeat or reuse any information found in this issue. 

Volume 7, issue no. 4 is the poster child for my repeating the warning/caveat that all claims, statements and data found within the pages of The Brower Family Circle must be substantiated with additional research of a higher level. I don't doubt that most present day family genealogists can do better than what is found in this issue.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Brower Family Circle, Volume 6

Volume 6 of The Brower Family Circle, written and published by Jay H. Brower, has four issues bearing the dates April, July and October 1981 and January 1982. Below is a summary of what is found in the four issues. Links to the originals as PDFs can be accessed on the Brower Family Circle page.

No. 1, April 1981 (10 pages): Information on the Jacob Brower family of Beaver Dam, Wisconsin (page 1. Jacob Brower, 1799-1846 is a descendant of Adam Brouwer. His wife was Martha Mackie. More on the family and descendants can be found on the Brouwer Genealogy Database website). The family and lineage of Peter Brower of Parke County, Indiana (page 2. He is a descendant of Christian Brower, d. 1771, Chester Co., Pennsylvania). Notes contributed by Mrs. Lawrence G. King including Abraham Brower of Union Twp., Pennsylvania, "Diderick Brouwer of Early Palatine 1709," a Van Horn-Banta marriage, seeking more info on the Demarest family (page 3). Lineage of Hollis H. Brower, a descendant of Christian Brower, b. 1754, d. 1819 Randolph Co., North Carolina (page 4). Lineage of Merritt Ralph Ermey back to Hubert Brower (page 5). Research by Mrs. Edna E. R. Brewer on Isaac I. Brower, 1781-1857, married Schicha (sic) Van Brunt (pages 6-9. She incorrectly states that Isaac is a descendant of Adam Brouwer. He is not, as Y-DNA testing of a descendant demonstrates that Isaac is a descendant of Jan Brouwer of Flatlands, L. I. She sites a "Brewer Bible" in her possession, descendants are listed and this should be of interest to those researching this family, but use this source with caution and seek to independently verify all claims).

No. 2, July 1981 (15 pages): Lineage of Kenneth P. Brower back to Hubert Brower (page 1). Lineage of David W. Brower back to Hubert Brower (page 2). "An Historical Sketch of the Ancestors and Descendants of David Brower, Born 1779" by Narcissa Brower Herron (pages 3-14. Unfortunately it starts off with that too familiar tale of "three brothers coming from Holland," however, the descendants presented here would be of interest to those researching this line of Hubert Brower descendants. Narcissa Brower Herron, born in 1847, lived to over 100 years and died in 1948).

No. 3, October 1981 (13 pages): Abram Brower of Hamilton Co., Ohio, born 3 April 1838 (pages 1-2. He is a descendant of Adam Brouwer. This account is from some unspecified "County History"). From History of Dearborn and Ohio Counties, Indiana, 1885, Dr. Jeremiah H. Brower, born in New York City in 1798 (page 3. A descendant of Adam Brouwer and uncle of the just mentioned Abram Brower). A "Genealogical abstract of the Anneke Jans Bogardus family," by Thomas B. Wikoff (pages 4-5, with an error in the lineage on page 5. Once again a reminder to use information regarding Anneke Jans with caution. It's value mostly lies in it's use as an example of how false and incorrect information is passed on). A biography of Jacob Brower from "A History of the Church of the Brethren in Southern Iowa," 1924, with a lineage (pages 6-9). Mentions of other persons named Brower in "A History of the Church of the Brethren in Southern Iowa" (pages 9-10). A lineage from a John Brower, b. 28 May 1834, d. 17 June 1920, wife not known, who had four children, two of whom were born in Amsterdam, Holland (page 10). Queries: John Henry Brower, son of Jacob Mott Brower of Mt. Kisco, New York; Mary Brower, b. 1 Oct 1728, married Jan Willemse, 10 Jan 1745; Annie G. Hastings, b. 21 March 1855, Ohio, married Jacob J. Brower, 2 April 1874; a request for the "Eichenberg Genealogy"; Christian Brower, b. 5 September 1792, d. 28 February 1851, married 1st Susan/Susannah Wine, 2nd Sallie Miller (all on page 11). Queries on page 12: Parents of Abraham V. Brewer, b. 19 April 1791, Mercer Co., Kentucky, married 1st Anna Cozine, 2nd Delilah Rice; Parents of Susannah Brewer/Brower, b. 22 March 1808, Ohio, d. 9 January 1880, Henry Co., Indiana, married George Moyer/Myers.

No. 4, January 1982 (29 pages): Lineage of John Martin Brower (page 1, a descendant of Adam Brouwer. The lineage published here is incomplete, it has since been completed in part by the aid of Y-DNA testing, see the line for #252546 here). A lineage for a Brower family from Friesland who immigrated in the late 1800s (pages 1-2). Lineage of Benjamin Brower, 1881-1942, a descendant of Adam Brower and Charity Foust of Randolph Co., North Carolina (page 2). Lineage of Merle Seth Brower (page 3). Lineage of Orval Sheridan Brower, b. 14 March 1895 (page 3). Anneke Jans in Fact and Fiction (pages 4-22, with note that some page numbers are duplicated. This appears to be a verbatim copy of George Olin Zabriskie's article of this title which was published in the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, vol. 104 [1973]: 65-72, 157-164, including footnotes. See the post of September 19, 2012). Query on page 23: Albert Brower, son Carl Brower married Elsie Bierly, had Stanley Blaine Brower, all of West Alexander, Ohio. A note that 41 Browers can be found in "History and Genealogy of the Peter Eikenbery Family" (page 23). Lineage of Rick Watson, a descendant of Hubert Brower (pages 23-24). A note from William B. Bogardus regarding his research on the descendants of Anneke Jans (pages 24-28).

As with previous volumes of The Brower Family Circle, please use caution with the information found in these issues. Follow up on leads with additional research and make an effort to verify all claims with actual documentation.

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