Sunset at Gowanus Bay

Sunset at Gowanus Bay
Sunset at Gowanus Bay, Henry Gritten, 1851

Monday, January 30, 2017

Hubert Brower, New Sub-Group of the Brewer DNA Project

Work done over the past six months or so has enabled the Brewer DNA Project to identify descendants of Hubert Brower, the end result being the creation of the project's newest sub-group, "Hubert Brower, Immigrant to Philadelphia, 1726." Contributions from descendants taking Y-Chromosome DNA tests and by conducting traditional genealogical research as resulted in identifying Hubert Brower as an ancestor for some members who were previously unaware of this. It has also identified new lines of descendants of Hubert Brower. In short, Y-DNA testing has shown that the descendants of Henry Brewer (a.k.a. Henrich Brauer) of Bedford County, Pennsylvania, and the descendants of the Brower families of Randolph County, North Carolina, are in fact related to the Brower families of Chester County, Pennsylvania, descendants of the sons of Hubert Brower.

The new sub-group, formerly labeled "Under Consideration A," and now titled "Hubert Brower Immigrant to Philadelphia, 1726," can be found on the Y-DNA Results page of the Brewer DNA Project. It is color coded green. There are currently seven members in the new sub-group.

Key to the identification of this new sub-group was the identification of a direct male descendant of one of Hubert Brower's three sons (John, Christian and Henry) and his interest and willingness to participate by taking a Y-DNA test. A descendant of Henry Brower (b. 14 February 1720, d. 14 October 1784, Chester Co., Pennsylvania) through Henry's son Daniel Brower (1757-1809, of Chester and Montgomery Counties, Pennsylvania) was located thanks to the work of other members of the sub-group. His Y-DNA test results matched those of two descendants of Henry Brewer of Bedford County, of three descendants of the Randolph County Browers, and of one descendant of Abraham Brower (1758-1828) of Berks County, Pennsylvania. The clear matches required us to reconsider the previously accepted (but unproved) arrangement of the families of the sons of Hubert Brower. The Y-DNA test results, coupled with new traditional research which included the previously unknown or unconsidered baptism records of the sons of Johannes Brauer (John Brower) and his wife Hannah Echelbauer, provides us with the material for justifying the rearrangement of the first few generations of Hubert Brower's descendants. A summary of this rearrangement is available online.

Very little is known about Hubert Brower himself. His name is known from a document commonly referred to as "the Pass," which granted Hubert permission to immigrate to America in 1726 with his wife Anna and some children. The number and gender or genders of his children is somewhat unclear from translations of the original "Pass," but it is commonly believed and accepted by descendants that Hubert Brower had three sons, John, Christian and Henry, who settled in Coventry Twp., Chester County, Pennsylvania during the mid 1700s. No record of, or pertaining to Hubert, has been found in Pennsylvania, and it is believed that he died soon after his arrival. The date of his death and place of his burial is not known. It is believed that Hubert's widow Anna remarried a man named Johannes Roth and both are buried in Oak Grove Cemetery in Parker Ford, Chester Co., Pennsylvania.

As a tool to help locate provable descendants of Hubert Brower who would be interested in taking a Y-DNA test, I created a database (or "tree") on titled "Hubert Brower, Immigrant to Pennsylvania, 1726." A subscription to is required to view this database. This database supersedes what is found on the current edition of the Brouwer Genealogy Database regarding Hubert Brower and his descendants. The database is more complete, and corrects errors found on the BGD site. Other participants in this project also maintained databases on and it was through connections discovered while using that a fellow descendant of Hubert Brower was located.

Of the seven descendants who now form this new sub-group, one has done advanced SNP testing by taking FamilyTreeDNA's Big-Y test. Analysis of the lab results by the company YFull has identified the terminal SNP, and therefore haplogroup, of the descendant as R-Z29713. He can be found on YFull's YTree at this location (id:YF07996). Other member's of the sub-group are identified by FamilyTreeDNA with the predicted haplogroup R-M269. This haplogroup is much further back in time (formed more than 13000 years ago) and R-Z29713 is a more recent sub-haplogroup of R-M269. The current estimate (as of this writing) for the formation of R-Z29713 is 2000 years ago. Should more descendants of Hubert Brower decide to participate in more advanced Y-Chromosome SNP testing, then the current haplogroup identification may be refined further to a more recent time.

Thank you to all of the members of the new sub-group "Hubert Brower, Immigrant to Philadelphia, 1726," for your work and participation. This has been a perfect example of how collaboration and dedication, and the use of both traditional and genetic genealogy methods, can break through a "brick wall" problem that had long been absent a solution.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Brower Papers, 1734-1872, Part II

This continues the post of January 21, 2017. Below are links to documents numbered 10 to 17 of The Brower Papers, 1734-1872. The set, compiled by Muriel D. Schuman and Cleo Stuhlman were borrowed from William B. Bogardus in 2008.

No. 10. Indenture dated 5 March 1803 between Harme Brower of Palatine in Montgomery County and Margaret his wife, and Harme Brower, Jr., of the same place. The deed is for 47 acres of land in Palatine, New York.

No. 11. Indenture dated 5 March 1803 between Cornelius Brower of Palatine, Montgomery County and Elizabeth his wife, and Harme Brower, Jr., of the same place. This is a deed for lot number 22 in the Patent of Stone Arabia, Montgomery County.

No. 12. The will of Harme Brower of Stone Arabia, dated 14 March 1803. The testator names his son Wilhelmus, son Harme Brower, Jr., "farming utensils to be divided among my five sons," daughter Deborah Brower, three daughters Rebecca Van Deusen, Sarah Docksteder and Deborah Brower. Following the will is a receipt from John B. Jno. Van Eps, dated 1 October 1808 for the legacy left his wife Deborah by her father Harmen Brower.

No. 13. At the top of this page is a Bill of Money received from Benjamin Smith by Mr. Harmen Brower, dated 5 March 1794. The remainder of the page includes receipts from Jacob N. Doxstedder and Arindh Smith.

No. 14. Eight pages. Page 1 is an order for Arent Brower to appear before the Superior Court of Common Pleas in a matter of Hermanus Brower, plaintiff, v. Philip P. Empey. The remainder of the documents consists of varied minutes recorded in the courts (presumably Montgomery County) involving Harmen Brower. Dates are from the 1790s.

No. 15. The will of Herman Brower of the Town of Palatine, Montgomery County. Dated 11 January 1839. Names his wife, Magdalene, and sons and daughters. Signs with his mark. This is a fourteen page document and includes the probate record.

No. 16. Indenture dated 3 March 1848 between Herman H. Brower and Margaret his wife of the Town of Palatine, Montgomery County, and Frederick Brower of the same town and county. This is a deed for a woodlot in Palatine.

No. 17. Five pages of receipts and other varied court records involving Browers in Montgomery County. In at least one instance the surname is recorded as Brewer.

This concludes the links for PDFs of The Brower Papers, 1734-1872.

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Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Brower Papers, 1734-1872

"The Brower Papers, 1734-1872," are a set of transcriptions of indentures and wills and a few miscellaneous items pertaining to some descendants of William Brouwer and Rebecca Vedder of Schenectady and later of Stone Arabia, New York. For some background and thoughts on William Brouwer see the post of April 21, 2012.

"The Brower Papers, 1734-1872," were obtained from William B. Bogardus in late 2008 as a part of his large collection of Brouwer research. The papers themselves were compiled by Muriel D. Schuman and Cleo Stuhlman and were obtained by Bill from the Montgomery County Department of History and Archives in Fonda, New York. The transcripts are not dated (I do not know when the compilers did this work) but they are typed and in very good condition. I have split them into 17 separate documents, scanned them to PDFs and have placed them online. Fifteen of the documents are housed on RootsWeb's Free Pages, while two the documents (nos. 6 and 15) because of their size are available through a Google Drive account. The following list is a brief description of each and a link to the corresponding file.

No. 1. Indenture dated 1 September 1734 between Barhanardus Van diere of Bergen Co., New Jersey and numerous others all of Albany Co., New York and William Brower of "Schonaghton" for lots of woodland lying north of the Mohawk in Stone Arabia, Albany County.

No. 2. Deed for a wood lot in Stone Arabia from Hendreck Walrath to Hendreck Schremling dated 9 October 1739.

No. 3.  Deed from Hendreck Schremling to William Brower for six lots on the north side of the Mohawk, dated 10 December 1739.

No. 4. Bond of Cornelis Feele, Clas Feele and John Feele unto Margaret Acker, daughter of John Acker, dated 2 July 1743. "Margaret Acker" also known as Margariet Ekker or Ecker, was a daughter of Jan Ekker/Ecker/Ekkerson and Margrietje Vile, daughter of "Cornelis Feele" as his name is rendered in the bond. I have not worked out the genealogy but I would suspect that the three bondsman named "Feele" are Margaret's brothers. Margariet Ekker, baptized 21 July 1734 at Schenectady, married Harmanous Brouwer, 8 February 1755. Harmanous is a son of William Brouwer and Rebecca Vedder.

No. 5. The will of William Brower of "Stone Raby In the County of Albany on the Mohawks River yeoman," dated 10 February 1757. He is described as "Being Verry well in Good helth and Sound Perfect Mind and Memory." If born by 1669, which he would have had to have been if he is a son of William Brouwer who died in August 1668 and Lysbeth Drinkvelt, then William Brower of Stone Arabia would have been 86 or 87 years old in early 1757. The will was proved 15 February 1765, which again if born by 1669, would mean that William Brower may have lived to the age of 95 or 96.

No. 6. Indenture dated 2 June 1775 between Arent Brower and Harmen Brower, both of Stone Arabia.

No. 7. Indenture dated 22 May 1793 between Jacob Ekker, Abraham Coopman and Jacob G. Klock, Commissioners for Montgomery County, of the first part and Harmen Brower of the Town of Palatine, Montgomery County, of the second part. The parcels being sold to Harmen Brower appear to be lots that were confiscated from prior owners.

No. 8. Indenture dated 27 February 1798 between Cornelius Brower and Harme Brower, both of the Town of Palatine. The deed is for land that had been bequeathed in the will of William Brower to his sons Arent Brower and Harme Brower.

No. 9. The will of "John B. Jno. Van Eps" of the City of Schenectady, dated 25 March 1799. This would be Jan Baptist Van Eps, baptized 17 June 1752 at Schenectady, the son of Jan Baptist Van Eps and Maria Truax. In his will he names his wife Debora. Jan B. Van Eps married, as his second wife, Debora Brower on 26 January 1799. Debora is a daughter of Harmanus Brower and Margariet Ekker. The rather lengthy will of the elder Jan Baptist Van Eps can be found in Albany County Wills, vol. 3, pp. 241-246. It was dated 13 March 1800, followed by a codicil dated 24 May 1802 and an additional codicil dated 21 June 1805, proved 16 September 1805. The younger Jan Baptist Van Eps is said to have died 28 October 1821. His sister, Sarah Van Eps, married Wilhelmus Brower, a brother of Debora Brouwer.

The remaining eight documents and links will be presented in a following post.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Brower Family Circle, Volume 11

To my knowledge, Volume 11 of The Brower Family Circle was the final volume. My assumption is that Bill Bogardus had in his possession the entire series and eleven volumes was the entirety of what was in his collection which I had access to back in 2008-09. The Family History Library only shows volumes 1-5 in their collection. And so I assume that Volume 11 was the final volume. There are two issues that bear the dates of April 1986 and July 1986. Links to PDF versions are found on the Brower Family Circle page.

No. 1, April 1986 (53 pages): Page 1 has a request for information on the "male children of Abraham Hildrickse Brouwer and Elizabeth Ackerman. In particular the Jan Brouwer and Rachel Van Brakelen." (The Abraham Brouwer asked for here was the son of Uldrick Brouwer and Hester De Voe, baptized 30 March 1701 at the Reformed Dutch Church in Bergen, New Jersey. He married Elizabeth Ackerman in 1723. Among the couple's twelve children is a son Jan who was baptized 11 March 1733 at Hackensack, New Jersey. Jan Brouwer married Rachel Braakelen, or Van Brackel on 15 April 1754 at Schraalenburgh. Jan and Rachel had eight children. Details for all can be found on the BGD website, use the index to locate those of interest). There are three more queries on page 1. Different readers ask for information on Cecilia Brower from New York who married George M. Hollister (no dates or details are given); Michael Lampman who married Maria Brouwer and their daughter Maria Lampman who married John Hogle (Maria Brouwer, 1733-1810, was a great-great granddaughter of Adam Brouwer. Her line: Maria > Jacob > Pieter > Adam); the third query seeks information on Adam Brower, born in Pennsylvania, who on 16 February 1843 married Margaret Ann Daugherty in Guernsey County, Ohio, and moved to Morgan County, Ohio by 1860. Page 2 is a pedigree of Steven Richard Brower whose earliest Brower ancestor is an Abraham Brower, 1829-1900, married Loivy Petick, 1838-1910. The line of ancestors lived at Gloversville, Fulton Co., New York. Also on page 2 is a partial Brouwer-Truax line. On page 3: Seek parents of Hannah Tamar Brower who married William Kent. Hannah died in August 1796 in Highgate, Franklin Co., Vermont (I have researched the Highgate, Vermont Browers/Brewers pretty thoroughly and am not familiar with this couple); seeking the parents of Abram G. Brower, b. ca. 1800, probably at Patterson, New Jersey, married Abigail Huntington, and lived in Onondaga and Cortland Counties, New York.

The remainder Vol. 11, no. 1 is reserved for the work of Alfred H. Brower who gives Jay H. Brower permission to publish. A note from Jay H. Brower at the bottom of page 3 tells us that although the issue is dated April 1986, "the work on it was done in October 1989." THE BROUWER GENEALOGY, prepared by Alfred H. Brower begins at page 4 of the issue which then adopts the pagination of Alfred's manuscript. The introduction gives the date as 1985. Alfred H. Brower claimed to be a descendant of Adam Brouwer and it must be pointed out to readers that the claimed ancestry for Adam Brouwer found on page 8 is unfounded, and most certainly incorrect. Much of the information on Adam Brouwer himself is clearly paraphrased from William J. Hoffman's "Brouwer Beginnings," published in The American Genealogist, volumes 23 and 24 (1947-48). The genealogy continues with Adam Brouwer's son Abraham Brouwer (page 17 of the manuscript) who is given a baptism date of May 18, 1662. In fact no baptism record for Abraham survives. It was Adam Brouwer's son Adam who was baptized on May 18, 1662. Here Alfred incorrectly assigns Abraham's daughter Jannetje to his second wife, Elizabeth Britten (sic). Abraham's daughter Jannetje was married to Johannes Burger and their first child was baptized in 1725. Abraham Brouwer and his second wife, Elizabeth Gerritsen (she was the widow of Nathaniel Britton) were married about 1732 (the couple's pre-nuptual agreement was dated September 1, 1732). I point all of this out to demonstrate the sloppiness of Alfred's research so that readers can be forewarned, use this work with caution. Take nothing at face value. Independently verify all claims. I will not critique the remainder of the manuscript except to note that the lineage Alfred presents for himself is incorrect at a number of points. Alfred H. Brower's earliest confirm-able ancestor is William W. Brower, 1809-1890, found at page 29 of the manuscript. William W. Brower's ancestry is not proved. It may or may not be correct. Alfred Henry Brower was a great-grandson of William W. Brower. Alfred was born in 1902 and passed away in 2001.

No. 2, July 1986 (9 pages): As mentioned above, to my knowledge this is the final issue of The Brower Family Circle. Lineage of Mildred Gertrude Brower (page 1. Northport, NY is on Long Island). Lineage of Erminnie Alice Brower, 1876-1954 (pages 1-2. A Canadian Brower line possibly descendants of the Chester Co., Pennsylvania Brower families). A lineage from Jacob Brewer, 1790-1866 and his wife Cassandre McDonald (pages 2-3. This Jacob is a son of Matthew Brower of Greene Co., Pennsylvania). A lineage back to Hubert Brower (pages 3-5. The line includes Browers from Randolph Co., North Carolina). Lineage of Mrs. Linn V. Harris (page 6. First Brower ancestor is Eliza Brower, 1813-1882, married DeMott Shaw. She is a daughter of James Brower, born 1792 in Queens Co., New York, died 1875 at Cape May, New Jersey). Lineage of Mrs. Diane Eaton (pages 6-7, a great-granddaughter of Lucetta Brower, b. 1851 in Ohio, married Charles C. Stemen. Her father was Enoch Brower of Allen Co., Ohio). A lineage from Daniel Brower, born ca. 1811 in Canada, died 28 November 1865, probably in Iowa. His wife Matilda was born in Ireland. Descendants found in Iowa and Oklahoma (pages 7-8).

And that ends The Brower Family Circle. There is no "sign-off" from Jay H. Brower, so again it is only my assumption that this was his final issue. So for one final time, please use the material found in The Brower Family Circle with care. Independently check and verify all claims and statements.

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Monday, January 16, 2017

The Brower Family Circle, Volume 10

Volume 10 of The Brower Family Circle, four issues bearing the dates April, July and October 1985 and January 1986. Links to PDFs of each issue are found on The Brower Family Circle page.

No. 1, April 1985 (15 pages): The entire issue is photocopied pages of "Anneke Jans Bogardus and Her Farm," which was published in Harper's New Monthly Magazine in May 1885. See the post of September 7, 2012.

No. 2, July 1985 (6 pages): The Solomon Miller Family (pages 1-4). Photocopy of a poem by David Brower (pages 4-5).

No. 3, October 1985 (21 pages):"Holdings on BROWER at Salt Lake. Sent to me by Bill Bogardus" (pages 1-20, the entire issue is photocopies of, what appears to be, cards from the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah found under the surname BROWER. Nowadays we can go to the FHL's online catalog at, select the surname field, type in Brower, and get back these results).

No. 4, January 1986 (16 pages): A lineage with a Brower connection from Mrs. Donald L. Polglasse (page 1. The earliest ancestor shown is a Nancy Brower, born ca. 1804-1806 who married Cornelius Bennet). Pages 2-15 are a pedigree charts submitted by Carol Hopping (Some of the surnames here belong to Mennonite and/or German Baptist families from the Chester Co., Pennsylvania area. The first Brower I find is on page 9, Hannah Brower, b. 1789, married Jacob Flora. Hannah's line continues on page 13).

All and all a pretty skimpy four issues with respect to information on Brower families, but again, use what is found here carefully.

The Bogardus Farm, Harper's New Monthly Magazine, via W.H. Merklee, 2002

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The Brower Family Circle, Volume 9

The Brower Family Circle, Volume 9 was published by Jay H. Brower in four issues bearing the dates April, July and October 1984, and January 1985. Links to PDFs of the individual issues can be found on the Brower Family Circle page of this website.

No. 1, April 1984 (10 pages): Question regarding Mary Brower, born 15 May 1830, Lebanon Co., Pennsylvania, married George B. Mellinger in Elkhart Co., Indiana, died at Syracuse, Indiana, 1 July 1861 (page 1). Seeking info on Catherine Brower Mott, wife of Edward Mott. She was born ca. 1810 in New York and died 24 Jan 1893 in Kearny, Buffalo Co., Nebraska (page 1). Lineage of Mrs. W. S. Ray from William Bogardus, 1638-1711 and his daughter Annatje Bogardus who married Jacob Brouwer (pages 1-9. Do not use any information in this account. Of all of the off-the-wall accounts of the descendants of Jacob Brouwer and Annatje Bogardus this is one of the most bizarre I've seen. Not only does the contributor combine individuals from different families within Adam Brouwer's descendants, she also adds in families descended from Jan Brouwer of Flatlands, L. I., and possibly some other unrelated Brewer families as well). Volume 9, no. 1 is a strong competitor to Volume 7, no. 4, as the one issue that could sow the most confusion among those researching the descendants of Jacob Brouwer and Annatje Bogardus. The only value in this issue is pointing out the degree to which incorrect ancestries can be taken. The two queries at the beginning of the issue, however, provide a couple of puzzles for those who like to take the time to figure such things out.

No. 2, July 1984 (12 pages): Frederick Hanford Brewer, born 9 November 1812, Niagara Co., New York, son of Abraham Brewer of New York and Sarah Ripley of Connecticut, taken from the "1874 Historical Atlas of Lee County, Iowa." Who are the parents of Abraham Brewer and Sarah Ripley? (page 1. I am not familiar with this family and I assume that the work that is referenced is this one found on the Iowa Digital Library website). The children of Frederick Hanford Brewer and his wife Rebecca, followed by a biography of his son William Brewer (pages 2-4). Research notes from Verne D. Littlefield on his search for the identity of Abraham Brewer, the father of Frederick H. Brewer (pages 4-11. This includes five pages of a early published account of some descendants of Adam Brouwer which contains errors [the source is not named, but it could be T. G. Bergen] and a letter from the Holland Society to Mrs. J. H. McCulloch, dated 1934, answering a question regarding the Brouwers. The letter refers to articles written by John R. Totten, which in themselves have errors that were later corrected by William J. Hoffman).

No. 3, October 1984 (14 pages): The "recollection from an elderly gentlemen about 1928," regarding "three sons, Christian, Henry and Daniel," who landed in America in 1721 (pages 1-2, Montgomery Co., Pennsylvania Browers). "The Brower Family" (pages 2-4. More on the Chester  and Montgomery Cos., Pennsylvania Browers). Henry Brower, 1780-1874 by Ivan Groh (pages 4-7. This Henry Brower left Montgomery Co., Pennsylvania and settled in Waterloo Co., Ontario, Canada). Melchior Hoch (page 8). Jacob Hoch/High (pages 9-10). Langenecker (Longacre) Family (page 11). Will of Jacob Hoch (page 12). Bechtel Family (page 13). The Hoch/High, Langenecker/Longacre and Bechtel families were all early Mennonite families of the Chester Co., Pennsylvania area who were in one way or another associated with the Brower families of Chester County.

No. 4, January 1985 (8 pages): A request for information regarding Enoch Brower and his wife Faronica Eickenberry, also Rinehart (page 1). Looking for parents of Jacob and Hannah (Stall) Brewer who were in Amsterdam, Montgomery Co., New York in 1810 (pages 1-2). A lineage from Adam Brouwer (his given place of birth being incorrect) through his son Abraham Brouwer (pages 2-5). Some pages on Anneke Jans from Trinity, Break Ye My Commandments, by Willis Timothy Gridley, 1930 (pages 5-6. Use for it's entertainment value only). A query into Hetty Brower who married a John Bray on 18 October 1822 in Randolph Co., North Carolina (page 7).

Please use all info, data and claims found in these issues of The Brower Family Circle with care. This is especially applicable to Volume 9, no. 1.

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