Sunset at Gowanus Bay

Sunset at Gowanus Bay
Sunset at Gowanus Bay, Henry Gritten, 1851

Friday, December 29, 2017

The Adam Brouwer Sub-Group of the Brewer DNA Project at the End of 2017

As the year 2017 comes to a close, here is the status of the Adam Brouwer Sub-Group of the Brewer DNA Project, hosted by Family Tree DNA (FTDNA).

Haplogroup Assignments (by FTDNA) of the current members of the Adam Brouwer Sub-Group
 The Adam Brouwer sub-group now has 43 tested members. The above screenshot shows the Haplogroups assigned (by the testing company FTDNA) to each of the members of the sub-group. Haplogroups printed in Red are predicted, while those in Green are confirmed by testing. The names you see are Earliest Known Ancestors (EKAs) as entered by each of the individual members.

The predicted (red) haplogroups E-M35 and E-L117 are "equivalent," which is to say they are the same branch on the larger Y-DNA Tree. You can see this on YFull's public YTree. By YFull's calculations the haplogroup E-M35/E-L117, was formed 34,800 years before present (ybp). The estimate of the Time to Most Recent Common Ancestor (TMRCA) for those who are positive for the Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) M35 and L117, is 24,100 ybp. The SNPs that define the branch that would eventually include descendants of Adam Brouwer was formed during the Last Glacial Maximum during the Upper Paleolithic. Humans had yet to cross into North America. The ancient ancestor in which these SNPs first appeared likely lived in east Africa. Having occurred long ago, this is just the first step in the sequence that identifies the SNPs shared by descendants of Adam Brouwer.

The confirmed haplogroups, seen in green, are E-M78, E-V13, E-BY6201 and E-BY6245. All four were formed more recently in time. They are subclades of E-M35. E-M78, here on the YFull YTree, was formed 19,800 ybp, with the most recent common ancestor appearing about 13,400 ybp. This SNP is believed to have originated in either north Africa or in the Horn of Africa. See the E-V68 (of which E-M78 is a subclade) page at Wikipedia. 13,400 years ago, the direct paternal ancestor of Adam Brouwer was still in Africa.

E-V13 was formed still closer to the present, as calculated by YFull, about 7,600 ybp. E-V13 is the largest subclade of E-V68 (and of E-M78) and today is most frequently found in the Balkans. It may have first appeared in western Asia, perhaps in Anatolia or the Near East. E-V13 can be found on the same E-V68 page at Wikipedia. YFull's TMRCA for E-V13 is 5,100 ybp. It is conceivable that Adam Brouwer's direct paternal ancestor was living in Anatolia (now the location of the present day nation of Turkey) or the Near East (perhaps Egypt or the Levant). 5,100 years is still long ago. Perhaps 204 generations if we use 25 years as an average generation.

The remaining two confirmed haplogroups, E-BY6201 and E-BY6245, bring us to recent times. FTDNA's Big-Y test is the test that was taken that identified these SNPs. FTDNA does not provide an estimate as to when these SNPs were formed. To date we have 10 descendants of Adam Brouwer who taken the Big-Y test, and it is their test results that have identified BY6201 as a SNP common to all direct male descendants of Adam Brouwer. The SNP BY6245 was identified it two of the ten men tested, and we know that the two are first cousins. E-BY6245 is a subclade of E-BY6201. Of our ten tested descendants, seven have submitted their test data to YFull for further analysis. YFull uses E-Y19643 as the identifying SNP for our seven (E-Y19643 on YTree v5.08). E-BY6201 (FTDNA) and E-Y19643 (YFull) are in effect, "equivalent." YFull's estimate for the formation of E-Y19643 is 3,700 ypb, or about 1700 BCE (think the classical age, Homer and Ancient Greece). Their calculation for TMRCA (of the seven analyzed) is 400 ybp (think Henry Hudson's exploration in 1609 and the Mayflower crossing in 1620). We know that Adam Brouwer was born in Cologne, Germany, most probably during the decade of 1610 to 1620, also about 400 years ago. Descendants of Adam Brouwer can be identified through Y-chromosome tests that show a positive for the SNP BY6201 (or Y19643). [For more on how Adam Brouwer's direct paternal ancestors may have come to the area of Cologne from the area of the Balkans, I refer you to this piece by Richard Brewer from a few years back].

As mentioned, E-BY6245 is a subclade, a more recent SNP, of E-BY6201. YFull estimates that it was formed 400 ybp and estimated a TMRCA for our two positives as 375 ybp. However, YFull does not factor in what we know of the ancestries of the two positive test takers. As mentioned, we now that the two are first cousins. They have, using traditional genealogy research, identified their earliest known ancestor as Peter Brewer who was likely born during the decade of 1750-1760, or about 257 to 267 years ago. It is likely that this SNP (BY6245) was formed more recently than YFull's current estimate, and perhaps within only the most recent two or three generations. E-BY6245 likely was formed in the United States.

Descendants of Adam Brouwer on YFull's YTree v5.08 (December 2017)
Currently the Adam Brouwer sub-group of the Brewer DNA Project has ten members who have results from FTDNA's Big-Y test. We are awaiting the test results of four more. At the end of 2017, the Adam Brouwer sub-group has 43 members, with a 44th whose test results are pending. Of the 44, 25 can demonstrate through traditional genealogical research, a lineage back to Adam Brouwer. 17 others can identify some direct paternal ancestor with the surname BREWER or BROWER, but have yet to discover or confirm that ancestor's lineage back to Adam Brouwer. [There are an additional two members who, for different reasons, are not counted here].

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Monday, October 30, 2017

Untangling Two Pulaski Browers

The current Brouwer Genealogy Database (BGD) includes an entry for Pulaski W. Brower, a son of Lot A. Brower and Cynthia Sage. The profile of Pulaski W. Brower's family includes a wife, Mary (___) and two children, Willie and Hattie. Although Pulaski W. Brower did have a wife named Mary, the two children shown belong to a different man also named Pulaski Brower who also had a wife named Mary. This post sorts out the two Pulaski Browers and serves as a correction to the entry on the BGD.

As seen here, our original Pulaski W. Brower can be found on the 1850 U. S. census at Cherry Valley, Ashtabula Co., Ohio in the household of Lot A. Brower.
1850 U.S. census, Cherry Valley, OH (image NARA download from
Although he is also recorded as Pulaski W. Brower on the 1860 U. S. census (L. A. Brower household, Lenox, Ashtabula Co., Ohio), on later records he is recorded as Weller P. Brower. The record of Weller P. Brower's death was made in Ingham Co., Michigan. It names his parents as Abraham Brower (Lot A. Brower's "middle" name) and Cynthia Sage. It dates of birth and death as April 17, 1848 and Jan 15, 1920 (incorrectly transcribed as Jun 15, 1920 on*. Weller's death certificate also gives his wife's complete name, Mary McCann Brower.
Weller P. Brower Death Cert. (Ingham Co., Michigan, download from
 The Michigan County marriage record of Myrtie Brower and Michael J. Cavender (dated 24 Nov 1903, Jackson County) gives her parents as Weller Brower and Mary McCann. Myrtie was born at Bunker Hill, Michigan and was age 18, living at Stockbridge, Michigan at the time.
Marriage of Myrtie Brower & Michael J. Cavender (Jackson Co., MI, download from
With the name of a daughter, places where she was born and lived, and knowledge of Pulaski W. Brower's alternate name (Weller P. Brower) we can find his family on U. S. census records in 1880 at Bunker Hill, Ingham Co., Michigan (his name incorrectly transcribed as Willis Brower on, and in 1900 and 1910 at Stockbridge, Ingham Co., Michigan (transcribed as Welles P. Brower and Wellas P. Brower respectively). In addition to Myrtie (Myrtle D. Brower), Weller and Mary (McCann) Brower had a son Burney E. Brower (also recorded as Berney Brower) who married Esther G. Miller at Stockbridge in 1905.

The above Pulaski W. Brower, a.k.a. Weller P. Brower, is therefore NOT the Pulaski Brower found on the 1880 U. S. census at Medina, Lenawee Co., Michigan, as is shown on his current BGD profile. The two children listed here (Willie and Hattie) are not children of Pulaski Weller Brower and Mary McCann.

The 1880 U. S. census record of a Pulaski Brower at Medina, Michigan, instead belongs to Pulaski Thorpin Brower and his wife, Mary Gavett. Willie (William Claud Brower) and Hattie (Hattie Mae Brower) are this couple's children. This second Pulaski Brower is found on the 1850 U. S. census at Medina, Lenawee Co., Michigan, age 2, in the household of William W. Brower.
1850 U.S. census Medina, Michigan (image NARA, download from
Pulaski Thorpin Brower is recorded as Palaski Brower in 1860 at Medina, Michigan in the household of Wm. Brower (the poor quality image is mis-transcribed by as "Alaski Brown"). The 1880 U. S. census record mentioned above shows him as Pulaski Brower at Medina, Michigan, with wife Mary, son Willie, age 2, and Hattie, age 8 mos., relationship not recorded, but her record of death gives her parents as Thorpin P. Brower and Mary Gavett (Michigan Death records, 1867-1950, at, image not available). The Michigan marrige record of William C. Brower (to Nettie May Kerney) records his parents as "Torphy" Brower and Mary Gavett.
William C. Brower Marriage (no.3745). Michigan Marriage Records (
The death records (Michigan) of Hattie Mae Wheeler (1950) and William C. Brower (1942), record their father as Thorpin P. Brower. William C. Brower's Social Security application gives his parents as Thorpinn P. Brower and Mary Gavett. I have not found direct records for Pulaski Thorpin Brower past 1880. A member contributed tree at give his date of death as 1 June 1883 at Woodbridge, Hillsdale Co., Michigan, but it does not supply documentation. Mary Gavett's death is stated as 13 Apr 1900 at Camden, Hillsdale Co., Michigan, but again no supporting documentation.

While Pulaski Weller Brower's ancestry is known, Pulaski Thorpin Brower's is not, but there are some leads. Pulaski Weller Brower is a 4th great grandson of Adam Brouwer of Gowanus, L. I. He is the son of Lot Abraham Brower (Cynthia Sage), grandson of Abraham Brower (Phylothia Webster), great grandson of Matheus Brower (Annetje Ouderkerk), 2nd great grandson of Jacob Brouwer (Maria Bovy), 3rd great grandson of Pieter Brouwer (Pieternella Kleyn) and 4th great grandson of Adam Brouwer and Magdalena Verdon. Descendants of Pulaski's grandfather, Abraham Brower, have taken Y-DNA tests, the results of which confirm their place among the descendants of Adam Brouwer.

Pulaski Thorpin Brower's parents (from the U.S. census records) were William W. Brower and Ruth A., who can be identified by further research as Ruth A. Mosher. William W. Brower was born ca. 1812 in New York. Ruth A. Mosher was also born in New York. They were in Michigan by 1843 where their eldest known child, son Rianza B. Brower was born. William W. is found only at Medina in Lenawee County and he is last found there on the 1880 U. S. census. Also at Medina through this period is a George W. Brower whose age is given as 46 on the 1850 U. S. census, but as 50 in 1860, 57 in 1870 and 71 in 1880. All four census records agree on George's place of birth as New York. I suspect (and this is just that at this time, a suspicion) that William W. Brower and George W. Brower are brothers, and sons of William Brower and Rebecca Sprague who lived at Fishkill, Dutchess Co., New York, and had eight children including sons William (b. 28 May 1812, d. 18 Aug 1884), and George W. (b. 18 Feb 1803). The source for these dates is an unconfirmed family account provided to William B. Bogardus some years ago (see source 6 on William Brower's BGD profile here). It is claimed by this source that William Brower (husband of Rebecca Sprague) is a son of Jacob Brouwer and Elsie Hitchcock. Although I have yet to find a record linking William to his claimed parents (Jacob and Elsie) I have a hunch this placement may be correct. It is a connection that could benefit from the attention and research of some interested reader out there. The aforementioned Jacob Brouwer is a descendant of Adam Brouwer, a great grandson. Jacob is a son of Adolphus Brouwer (Jannetje Verdon), and grandson of Nicholas Brouwer (Jannetje Caljer).

*Pulaski Weller Brower's widow, Mary, filed a claim for a Civil War pension on March 31, 1920, so her husband had to have been deceased by that date and could not have died in June of 1920. Weller P. Brower had enlisted on 22 Feb 1865, as a musician in Company D, Ohio 196th Infantry Regiment.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Additions to Aaron W. Brewer

Just a note to point out a Comment left on October 9, 2017 to the post of February 24, 2015, "Unplaced: Aaron W. Brewer." The comment suggestions additional children for the couple, Aaron Brewer and Polly McFarland. These children are not found on the latest (and last) edition of the Brouwer Genealogy Database.

Although we know, through Y-DNA testing of a descendant, that Aaron W. Brewer is a direct descendant of Jan Brouwer of Flatlands, L. I., we continued to be stymied in discovering his complete ancestry back to Jan Brouwer. Any additional insight is welcome.

BGB 573

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Adam Brouwer Descendants on the New YFull YTree v5.06

YFull has released their latest version of the YTree, this version being v5.06. Although no new branches have been identified, there are now seven members of the Adam Brouwer sub-group of the Brewer DNA Project who appear on the tree. This branch (subclade) of the YTree has been identified by YFull using the terminal SNP E-Y19643. The subclade is online here. YFull lists 17 additional SNPs that are unique to the subclade (18 total SNPs). The 18 are E-Y19643, E-Y19644, E-Y19645, E-BY6342/E-Y12019, E-Y12120, E-Y20121, E-Y20122, E-Y20123, E-Y20124, E-Y20125, E-Y20126, E-Y20127, E-A9482, E-A9483, E-A9484, E-A9486, E-A9487, E-A9488.

In addition, two of our members are identified as a sub-branch (subclade) of E-Y19643. They are identified by the terminal SNP E-BY6245. While the two share the above SNPs with those who are identified by E-Y19643 (etc.), the SNP E-BY6245 is unique to them and so sets the two off as a subclade. The two members are known to be first cousins, and therefore this common identifying SNP would have to have first appeared somewhere in their paternal ancestry between their grandfather who lived during the first half of the twentieth century and Adam Brouwer. But just where in that line, cannot be learned from the present data.

All members of this subclade are descendants of Adam Brouwer who was born at Cologne (a city in modern day Germany) sometime during the decade of 1610 to 1620. He served in Brazil as a soldier employed by the Dutch West India Company (WIC) in the early 1640s, and went from there to New Amsterdam probably in 1644. Adam Brouwer settled at Gowanus on the western edge of Long Island (now a neighborhood in the borough of Brooklyn in New York City) where he died in early 1692. His seven sons all left descendants. Adam Brouwer's ancestry, and the names of his parents, is not known.

Most of our members represented in the current YTree cannot (as of this writing) cannot identify their complete paternal lineage back to Adam Brouwer. However, we do know that they are descendants of Adam Brouwer based upon the results of Y-DNA STR marker tests comparing them to members who do know their complete paternal line back to Adam Brouwer. The seven who are found in the current YTree v5.06 represent the following Earliest Known paternal Ancestors (EKA):

YF10565 = Benjamin Brewer (1796-1885, PA, IN, m. Elizabeth Rony)
YF10057 = John Brewer (1796-1849, Broadalbin, NY, m. Elsie Mosher)
YF08704 = Benjamin Brewer (1755-1834, PA, KY, IN, m. Catherine Mellinger)
YF04988 = John G. Brewer (1795-1886, Greene Co. OH, m. Sarah Miller)
YF03732 = Adam Brouwer through his son Abraham Brouwer
YF08703 = Peter Brewer (1750s-1840/41, Hardin Co., KY from PA, m. Margaret Hobach)
YF05152 = Peter Brewer (1750s-1840/41, Hardin Co., KY from PA, m. Margaret Hobach)
(Nos. 6 and 7 represent the subclade E-BY6245 mentioned above and are first cousins)

Currently in the works are four additional members who are awaiting results and/or analysis. Of the four, two are descendants of Adam Brouwer's son Nicholas Brouwer, one is a descendant of Adam Brouwer's son Jacob Brouwer, and the fourth is a descendant of Mathew Brower/Brewer of Greene Co., Pennsylvania whose ancestry back to Adam remains unknown. With any luck the results and analysis of these four tests will be up online by the end of the year. The Project seeks additional descendants for testing.

The Y-DNA test used here is the Big-Y which is offered by Family Tree DNA (FTDNA). Analysis of the test results and placement on the YFull YTree is done by the company YFull which is independent of FTDNA. Current members and those interested in becoming new members are welcome to contact the administrators of the Brewer DNA Project for information on testing.

BGB 572

Friday, September 22, 2017

Dutchess County, New York, Probate Court Minutes, 1830-1866

The pursuit of BROWERs and BREWERs in the Dutchess County, New York probate records continues here with a look at the Minutes of the Surrogate's Court. Digital images of the Minutes Books are online at There are seven films covering the years 1830 to 1866, and eleven volumes. Links to the online images for each film are available on the Dutchess County Probate Records page.

Each volume has an alphabetical index at the beginning of the volume. No BROWERs or BREWERs are found in volumes 2, 3, 8, 10, or 11.

William C. Brower, page 253, June 6, 1832. Cornelius W. Brower, father of the deceased William C. Brower, presented a petition for Letters of Administration. Also petitions that Henry L. Jones be appointed guardian for Charlotte, William and George Brower, minors.

Cornelius W. Brower, page 1, 25 February 1846. Petition of Garret W. Brower and Jeremiah C. Brower for administration of he estate of Cornelius W. Brower. Widow Ann Brower renounced her right. Ares J. Vanderbilt and Cornelius Tanner appointed appraisers of the estate. Page 15, 2 June 1846. G. W. Brower and Jeremiah C. Brower, administrators, return an inventory. Page 40, 17 September 1846. Jeremiah C. Brower and Garret W. Brower, administrators petition for an order to notice creditors to present claims. Notice to be published in the Poughkeepsie Telegraph.

William W. Brower, page 20, 23 June 1846. Abraham Brower, guardian of Cornelia Brower and Susan Louise Brower, returned an inventory of the estate. Page 189, 3 August 1847. Abraham Brower, guardian of Cornelia and Susan Louisa Brower, returns inventories and accounts. Pages 286-87, 9 September 1848. Abraham Brower, guardian of Susan L. Brower and Cornelia Brower, minors, returns account of receipts and disbursements. Page 378, 5 June 1849. Abraham Brower, guardian of Cornelia and Susan L. Brower, infants, returns an inventory and account.

Robert Brower, page 21, 13 June 1846. Margaret Brower, widow, petitions for administration, that her brother John Simpson might be joined with her on the Letter of Administration. Granted. Sylvester Hughson and Nathaniel Hill appointed appraisers. Page 63, 19 Nov 1846. John Simpson, administrator, returns inventory.

William Brower, pages 75-76, 21 November 1844. Proving the Last Will & Testament of William Brower, deceased, late of Fishkill. Executors, Abraham Brower, Joseph Brower and William Baxter. John L. Tanner and Letty, his wife, and William Brewster and Susan E., his wife, also appear. Mentions that the will was not recorded and attested in the manner that is required by law.

Mary Brower and Clinton Brower, page 254, 19 May 1848. Margaret Brower, mother of said minors, petitions to be appointed their guardian until they arrive at the age of fourteen years.

Susan Brower, page 70, 9 July 1850. John L. Tanner and Letty his wife, being legatees mentioned in the last will and testament of Susan Brower, petition for probate of the estate. Page 93, 14 October 1850. Joseph Brower, son and legatee named in the will of Susan Brower, petitions to be appointed Collector for the estate. Page 190, 7 July 1851. Acknowledgment by the court that the will of Susan Brower was proved satisfactorily. Page 222, 17 October 1851. Matter of the petition of William Brewster and John L. Tanner regarding administration of the estate.

William W. Brower, page 50, 17 May 1850. Abraham Brower, guardian of Cornelia and Susan L. Brower, infants, returns inventory, accounts, etc. Page 247, 20 December 1851. "In the matter of William W. Brower, an infant," Abraham Brower, guardian returns an inventory and account of said estate.

Susan L. Brower, page 157, 23 April 1851. Susan L. Brower, a minor over age 14, petitions that John L. Tanner be appointed her guardian, until she arrives at the age of 21. Page 226, 24 October 1851. Petition of John L. Tanner for the administration of the estate of Susan L. Brower, deceased. Page 232, 11 November 1851. Reading and filing of the petition of William Brower general guardian of William Brower a brother of the deceased (Susan L. Brower). Page 350, 23 June 1852. A reading and filing of the petition of Abraham Brower, administrator of the estate of Susan L. Brower.

Cornelia Brower, page 232, 11 November 1851. Petition of Cornelia Brower, a minor over the age of 14, asking for John L. Tanner to be appointed her guardian.

Elisha Brewer, page 109, 14 June 1853. Petition of Henry H. Hustis, creditor of the deceased (Elisha Brewer) for administration on the estate. Order for citations for persons who have prior rights to appear on the 27th of July.

William W. Brower, page 151, 11 September 1853. Abraham Brower, general guardian, returns an inventory.

Adolphus D. Brower, page 338, 25 August 1854. Petition of Abraham Brower, son of deceased, for administration of the estate.

Adolphus D. Brower, page 188, 26 February 1856. Petition of Gilbert Dean, a creditor of the estate, requesting that the administrator of the estate, Abraham Brower, render an account of his proceedings. 

Abraham Brower, pages 264, 288, 359, 379. Unfortunately the filming is too dark. Page numbers and top portions of many pages are unreadable.

BGB 571

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Dutchess County, New York "Missing Probates 1793-1868"

Among the Dutchess County, New York Probate Records found in the New York Proabte Records collection at is a film titled "Missing Probates 1793-1868." There are 820 images in this film. Lets go through them and see what we might find.

Beginning with image 12 is a List of the Estates found in the Probate Packets (numbers 1 to 34877). The list provides the Probate File Number and the name of the individual whose estate is being probated. Number 1 is Abraham Westfall. At image 18, the list starts over from the first page. Images 18-21 are duplicates of images 12-16 (image 17 is a title page and a dupe of image 11). The list is in numerical order, and the order pretty much is a chronological ordering of the estate files. Number 1, Abraham Westfall's is dated from 27 August 1793. A document in the file gives his date of death as 29 July 1793. So many of the earlier files will be for persons who were born during the colonial period. They can be a valuable source of otherwise missing genealogical data, and simply browsing through the pages of this list may be an efficient way of locating a specific probate file of interest.

Dutchess Co., NY "Missing Probates 1793-1868" p. 1. Lists the names of some of the earliest probate files on record. Image from

At image 33 I find a Noah Brower, no. 678, who was not noticed when the general index to the probate records was examined. To date I have not heard of, nor am I aware of a man named Noah Brower. Turning to the probate file itself, which begins with image 17 of Probate Packets 677-806 1/2, we find that the file is titled "Noah Brower," however the papers in the file all refer to him as Noah Brown. There is no man named Noah Brower.

Another who was not picked up in the general index search is Clinton R. Brower, file no. 2802, found on image 83. His file begins at image 681 of Probate Packets 2778-2834. In this case the name is correct. John Simpson was granted administration on the estate of Clinton R. Brower on 1 August 1861. Included in the file is the petition of Margaret Lee, mother of Clinton R. Brower (also dated 1 August 1861) which gives Clinton's date of death as 21 July. Mary S. Brower is mentioned as a sister of Clinton. The petitioners are of the City of Poughkeepsie.

Further searching finds that Clinton Brower, his mother Margaret Lee and sister Mary Brower, can be found on the 1860 U.S. census records in Poughkeepsie. They are in the household of Simeon W. Lee, who is apparently Margaret's second husband. As of this writing Margaret's maiden name, and the identity of her first husband, the father of Clinton R. and Mary S., a BROWER, had not been discovered. However, the post of September 17th tells us of the probate file of Robert Brower (no. 1900). His file names his widow Margaret, and children Mary Brower, Hamilton Brower and Clinton Brower, minors, "and an infant..." John Sampson and Margaret Brower are granted administration on 19 June 1846. Perhaps Margaret, otherwise unidentified, is a sister of John Simpson who also administered the estate of her son Clinton. Margaret's grave marker (Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery) calls her Margaret Simpson. Margaret's previously unknown first husband can now be identified at Robert Brouwer/Brower/Brewer, son of Nazareth Brouwer/Brewer and his third wife, Deborah Wiltsie. Robert was born 30 June 1814, baptized at the New Hackensack Reformed Church on 21 July 1814, and mentioned in his father's will on 5 August 1817. He died 10 August 1846. Margaret and Simon Lee had children Townsend Lee (b. ca. 1851) and Emma S. Lee (b. ca. 1854). Hamilton Brower, mentioned in estate file of his father, is not listed with the family on the 1850 U.S. census. The last edition of the Brouwer Genealogy Database does show a spouse or children for Robert Brouwer, and it does not identify Margaret's maiden name or her husband. The two can now be linked, and a son Hamilton Brower added to the family.

Susan Brower, file no. 4296 is found on image 118. Although not found in the index, she is the same Susan Brower who is file no. 2141 (post of September 16th). She is Susannah Green, who was the wife of William Brower (1753-1841). Susan died 2 June 1850, age 74y 9m 26d, which calculates to a date of birth of 7 August 1775, making her 22 years younger than her husband. Perhaps William had a previous wife? Susan and William had six known children. Three of her grandchildren, children of her son William W. Brower (1800-1835), named Susan Louisa Brower, Cornelia (Caroline) Brower, and William Brower, are named in her will (Dutchess Co. Wills Q:383). Her probate file, as well as the file of her son Abraham Brower (post of September 16th), adds the son William W. Brower to her family. William W. Brower's parents are not identified on the current Brouwer Genealogy Database. His date of birth given on the BGD of 9 March 1804 was calculated from his age at death (died 25 June 1835, age 31y 3m 16d). However, a newly found baptism record for William, gives his birth date as 9 October 1800. He was baptized on 31 May 1801 at the Fishkill Dutch Reformed Church. Susan Brower's probate file no. 4296 adds a granddaughter, Althea Brewster, daughter of Susan Eliza Brower (deceased) and William Brewster.

Fishkill RDC Baptisms, Book 14A, p. 135. William Brower is the twelfth entry from the top. Image from, "U.S., Dutch Reformed Church Records in Selected States, 1639-1989." only provides images of probate files up and including file number 5889. The list page with this number is at image 156, so images 117-156 of this film contains the names of all those for whom images of probate files are presently available online. The list continues up to file number 34876, found at image 809. There are a total of 820 image pages, and some of the remaining pages are titled "Numbers Missing in Estates Filed."

BGB 570

Monday, September 18, 2017

BREWER in Dutchess County, New York Probate Packets

For background on this resource please refer to the post of September 16, 2017. This post picks up from the previous post by covering those recorded with the surname BREWER. The index for those whose surnames begin with Bre begins at page 85 of the General Index for probate records. The abbreviations used below are the same as those used in the September 16th post. For abstracts of the earlier wills see the post of September 10, 2017.

Cornelius Brewer (Index p. 85) File Box no. 3079; Will Book B:575

Nazareth Brewer (Index p. 85) No File Box; Will Book E:347. (See the post of November 3, 2011).

Joseph L. Brewer (Index p. 85) File Box no. 347; LOA B:215.

Elisha Brewer (Index p. 85) No File Box; Orders 6:109 (see image 231, line 8).

Mahala Brewer (Index p. 85) File Box no. 5853; Will Book Y:135; Proof Y:136; LT 10:140; PD 12:276; Inv. Mar 14, 1870; OAC 12:414.

As of this post images of packets (file boxes) are only available for those up to no. 5889. Nos. 5890 and above are not presently available online. Images of Will Books are available only up through Volume 15.

Thomas Brewer (Index p. 85) File Box 8833; LOA 15:396; AO 19:475.

Daniel W. Brewer (Index p. 86) File Box 21960; Will Book 18:532.

Charles Brewer (Index p. 86) File Box 25068; Will Book 21:198; Proofs 8:238; LT 36:467; PD 45:895.

William H. Brewer (Index p. 86) File Box 28243; LOA 39:142; AO 48:890; BR 12:539; OAC 48:890; Transfer Tax 2:480.

Clarence W. Brewer (Index p. 86) File Box 33124; LOA 44:65; AO 52:960; BR 14:662; Transfer Tax 3:451.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

BROWER in Dutchess County, New York Probate Packets

A large collection of Estate records for Dutchess County, New York can be found online at These records go beyond what is found in the Will Books and include the estate settlements for many individuals who did not leave a written will. And a few may contain wills that may not have been recorded in the County Will Books (see William Brower below). The Probate Files (or packets) are found on the Dutchess County page of the "New York Probate Records, 1629-1971" collection listed as "Probates 1793-1868 packets (no.)-(no.)." They are indexed in the General Index series which is found on the same webpage.

The General Index for surnames A-D to the Probate Packets is online and the page for surnames beginning with Bro begins here (image 246). The link associated with the index page will take you to the image of that page. The link associated with the Filing Box number will take you to the first page, usually the cover, of the Filing Box. These Filing Boxes or Packets can be large, containing dozens of pages. The time needed to go through each to extract relevant genealogical information is not available as of this writing, and so I leave it to interested researchers to explore them on their own. The tedious work of locating them within the FamilySearch collection has been done for you if you use these links. Some entries include the locations of other documents.

Abbreviations: LT = Letters Testamentary; LOA = Letters of Administration; OP = Orders for Publication; PD = Probate Decree; AO = Administration Orders; BR = Bonds Recorded; Inv. = Inventory; OAC = Orders to Advertise for Claims.

Note that two images are used for each entry. Image 246 covers all of the left side of page 89 and part of the right side, while image 247 covers part of the left side 89 and all of the right side. Page 90 is covered by images 248 and 249. Page 91 is covered by images 250, 251 (a dupe of 250) and 252. Page 92 is images 253 and 254 (255 is a dupe of 254). Not all of what is indexed is included below, so please consult both images for the locations of additional documents.

Garrit Brower (Index p. 89). Will Book D:100. No File Box. See the Sept. 10, 2017 post.

William C. Brower (Index p. 89). Filing Box no. 1398. (The Appointment of Guardians for his children is found in Minutes 1:253).

William W. Brower (Index p. 89). Filing Box no. 1503. LOA 1:362.

William Brower (Index p. 89). Filing Box no. 3876. PD 4:75. Will (not recorded in Will Books)

Cornelius W. Brower (Index p. 89). Filing Box no. 1897. LOA 3:468. Inv. June 2, 1845. OAC 4:40.

Robert Brower (Index p. 89). Filing Box no. 1900. LOA 3:474. Inv. Nov. 9 1846.

Susan Brower (Index p. 89). Filing Box no. 2141. Will Book Q:383. LOA 5:455. PD 5:190.

Susan L. Brower (Index p. 89). Filing Box no. 2130A. LOA 5:265. AO 5:232.

Adolphus D. Brower (Index p. 90). Filing Box no. 2292. LOA 5:416.

Abraham Brower (Index p. 90). Filing Box no. 5131. Will Book U:487. LT 8:63. OP 1:576. PD 9:288. Inv. Mar 7, 1861. OAC 9:379.

As of this posting only packets (filing boxes) through the year 1868 (no. 5889) are available for viewing online. I have included below information for those whose estates were settled post 1868. The Will Books through Volume 15 (1903) are available online.

Henry Brower (Index p. 90). Filing Box no. 7151. LOA 12:379. Inv. April 30, 1874. OAC 15:490.

James C. D. Brower (Index p. 90). Filing Box no. 6836. Will Book 2:33. LT 12:226. PD 15:219.

Peter Brower (Index p. 90). Filing Box no. 6941. Will Book 2:170. LT 13:12. PD 16:313.

Nellie Brower (Index p. 90). Filing Box no. 8044. LOA 13:527. AO 17:141. Inv. Jan 17, 1875. OAC 17:141.

Jane A. Brower (Index p. 91). Filing Box no. 10654. LOA 17:509. OP 1:516. AO 22:681. OAC 22:681.

Joseph Brower (Index p. 91). Filing Box no. 10802. LOA 18:472. AO 24:515. OAC 24:515.

Sylvester W. Brower (Index p. 91). Filing Box no. 14872. LOA 22:378. AO 29:689. Inv. Mar. 29, 1892. OAC 29:689.

Sarah Brower (Index p. 91). Filing Box no. 15239. Will Book 12:64. LT 23:27. PD 30:93. Inv. Oct. 17, 1893.

Cordelia Brower (Index p. 91). Filing Box no. 16566. LOA 25:357. AO 33:551. BR 2:295.

Ella A. Brower (Index p. 91). Filing Box no. 16777. LOA 25:447. AO 33:755. BR 2:355.

Martin V. B. Brower (Index p. 92). Filing Box no. 17188. Will Book 14:143. LT 25:255. PD 34:51.

James Brower (Index p. 92). Filing Box no. 17186. Will Book 14:232. LT 25:304. PD 34:161. OAC 34:162.

Jeremiah C. Brower (Index p. 92). Filing Box no. 17573. Will Book 14:415. LT 26:81. PD 34:347. Inv. Jan 31, 1899. OAC 34:348.

Margaret Brower (Index p. 92). Filing Box no. 18181. LOA 27:449. AO 36:705. BR 3:232.

Caroline S. Brower (Index p. 92). Filing Box no. 18790. Will Book 16:474. LT 28:239. PD 37:342. OAC 37:343.

Benjamin W. Brower (Index p. 92). Filing Box no. 21468. Will Book 18:282. LT 31:208. PD 41:145.

A few additional 20th century BROWERs can be found in images 256 through 260. Images of Will Books vol. 16 and later are not currently available online. Those indexed with the BREWER surname will be covered in a separate post.

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Dutchess County, New York Wills

Dutchess County, New York, one of the twelve original counties of New York was formed in 1683. For a time Dutchess County was annexed to Ulster County and some records up to 1713 may be found in Ulster County. In 1812, the southern part of Dutchess County was set off as Putnam County. Prior to 1812 Dutchess County bordered the north boundary of Westchester County. Genealogical research in Dutchess County during the colonial period can be difficult. This is due to a number of reasons including gaps in the records of the then existent churches, a low rate of land ownership among those who lived in the county (most were tenant farmers) and a lack of burial records and surviving grave markers. Wills and other probate records help to fill in some gaps. During the colonial period, most wills written by residents of Dutchess County, were probated and/or filed in either New York County or at Albany, and some may be found in Ulster County. Once the State of New York was formed (after the Independence of the United States) the recording and filing of wills and other probate records were handled by the Surrogate's Court within each county.

An index for Dutchess County Wills can be found at in their "New York Probate Records, 1629-1971" collection. This link will take you to the first page of entries that begin with the letter B. The entries are arranged by year and then in the order of how they appear in the will books. Essentially, they are in a chronological order. They are not alphabetized, so one has to scan through each page looking for a name of interest. Here are the BROWERs and BREWERs. The will books for Dutchess County begin in the year 1787. The format used below is Name-Year-Book:Page followed by a brief abstract. Please don't simply rely on the abstract, consult the original. The link takes you to the will. Please note that the first ten pages of this index, beginning with image 6, and ending with image 16, lists the wills of Dutchess County residents that were filed in Albany. These wills pre-date 1787. The pages for this list are not collated alphabetically. Included in this list is the 1780 will of William Brower, which is not included below.

Cornelius Brewer - 1805 - B:575. Dated 8 February 1805. Cornelius Brewer of Poughkeepsie being in good health and perfect memory. Eldest son Nazareth. My sons Nazareth Brewer, John Brewer, Cornelius Brewer, Charles Brewer and Jacob Brewer. The heirs of the body of my daughter Elizabeth, deceased. My daughters Mary, Ann and Sarah. Debts owed by Ferdinand Van Sicklen to be taken out of the share of the heirs of daughter Elizabeth. Mentions his daughter's husbands, Bernardus Swartwout, Andrew Lawson and Samuel Pinkney, Junr. Appoints sons Nazareth and John Brewer as executors. No mention of a wife. Proved 23 October 1805.

Garret Brower - 1812 - D:100. Dated 3 March 1812. Garret Brower of Fishkill, weak in body but of sound mind and memory. Son Henry, three acres of land on the east end of my farm...when he is of lawful age. Property for the use of my wife Mary so that she may educate my children (not named). Mentions "all my children," but not by name and implies that they are under age. Catherine Chatterton "the woman who is living in my family," to be provided for, for life, out of my estate. Appoints as executors his wife Mary Brower, brother William Brower and Theodorus W. Van Wyck. Proved 2 June 1812.

Nazareth Brewer - 1815 - E:347. Also see the post of November 3, 2011. Dated 5 August 1817. Nazareth Brewer of Poughkeepsie. Mentions "my wife Deborah and my children under age." One hundred dollars for Nazareth Taylor son of John Taylor when he comes of age. Remainder of estate to be equally divided among wife Deborah and children viz: John, Charles, Henry, William, Philip Van Cortlandt, Robert, James, Jane, Mary, Elizabeth, Harriet and Sally. Executors: James Dearin, Samuel Luckey, Junr., and Samuel Bogardus. Proved 19 November 1817. [Note: Nazareth Brewer was married three times and had fifteen children].

Susan Brower - 1850 - Q:383. Dated 11 November 1846. Susan Brower of Fishkill, being of sound mind and memory. Household furniture to my two daughters, Letty wife of John L. Tanner, and Susan Eliza wife of William Brewster. Three sons, Abraham, Joseph and Sylvester, the sum of fifty dollars. Three grandchildren, Susan Louisa Brower, Cornelia Brower and William Brower, the children of my son William Brower, deceased, the sum of twenty dollars. Residue to above named daughters Letty and Susan Eliza. Executor: friend William Baxter. Signs with her mark. Witnesses: Anthony Armstrong and William Baxter, both of Fishkill. Proved 23 July 1850 by Anthony Armstrong. Doctor Baxter was in California at the time. [She is Susannah Green, the wife of William Brouwer/Brower (1753-1841). The deceased son William is the William W. Brower named in the will of his brother Abraham Brower, below].

Abraham Brower - 1858 - U:487. Dated 18 April 1851. Abraham Brower of Fishkill, being of sound mind and memory. Leaves to beloved wife Jane Ann and her heirs, all debts due to her in her name. Most of his estate is left to his wife Jane Ann, but legacies are left to the "children of my brother William W. Brower deceased," named as Susan Louisa Brower, Caroline Brower and William Brower. Executor: friend Samuel H. Jones of New Hamburgh. Witnesses: Elias Brower, Charles Griffin, Junr., Joseph L. Jones, all of New Hamburgh. Probate 4 October 1860. The probate records mention Sylvester Brower and Joseph Brower, and identify Jane Ann as Jane Ann Farrington. [see Susan Brower's will above].

Mahala Brewer - 1867 - Y:135. Dated 28 December 1859. Mahala Brewer of East Fishkill, being of sound health to the body and mind. "All of my property having been made by my own earnings and savings..." Leaves legacies to Theodorus Polhemus Van Wyck of Davenport, Iowa; Rev. Polhemus Van Wyck of West Farms, Westchester Co., New York, "in consideration of my attachment to him since childhood..." then to his oldest son should he die. Mentions the children of Theodorus J. Van Wyck of Davenport, Iowa as Jacob B. Van Wyck and Maria B. Van Wyck. Brother William Brewer of Stanford, Dutchess County. Sister Betsey Tuttle, wife of Jessey Tuttle of New Paltz in Ulster County. Property otherwise not disposed of after debts are paid to be given to Hannah Maria Rapalie, wife of Lawrence Rapalie of East Fishkill (no specific relationship stated). Appoints friend T. Van Wyck Brinkinhoff of East Fishkill as sole executor. Witnesses: Abraham Adriance and Isaac C. Adriance, both of East Fishkill. Proved 23 April 1867.

James C. D. Brower - 1872 - 2:33. Dated 1 July 1871. James C. D. Brower of the Town of Fishkill, being of sound mind and memory. Names his wife Rachel Ann Brower. What is left to her is to be given to son Edgar Brower, after her decease. Mentions daughter Emmeline and "my other children" (not by name). Appoints as executors, my said wife Rachel Ann Brower of Wappingers Falls, Dutchess County, and Edmund S. Phillips of Matteawan. Witnesses Edmund S. Phillips and Rebecca Phillips of Matteawan, Dutchess Co., New York. Proved 10 October 1872.

Peter Brower - 1872 - 2:170. Dated 23 Nov 1872. Peter Brower of Poughkeepsie, aware of the uncertainty of life and being of sound mind and memory. Daughter Catharine E. Brower, six hundred dollars. Son George W. Brower, two hundred dollars. Daughter Eliza, widow of Jacob Van Horn, my family Bible to be retained by her and kept in the Brower family "thinking as I do that the older it is the more it will be prized." Son John Brower, one hundred dollars. Executor empowered to sell my house and lot on the main road heading to New Hamburgh from Wappingers Falls, with proceeds to be divided among children Catherine ($600), George ($200) and John ($100). Lawful debts and funeral expenses and the erection of a monument in the memory of my beloved wife to be paid out of estate. Remainder to be divided among my children viz: John Brower, William H. Brower, Richard M. Brower, Martin V. B. Brower, Eliza widow of Jacob Van Horn, Lottie M. wife of Roswell R. McCulla, and Susan wife of Samuel Spudling. Appoints George Delavergne of Fishkill as executor. Signs with his mark. Witnesses: John Rusk and Alonzo DeLaVergne, both of Wappingers Falls. Proved 28 February 1873.

Sarah Brower - 1893 - 12:64. Dated 6 February 1889. Sarah Brower of Wappingers Falls, being of sound mind and memory. All estate real and personal to be divided among my five children viz: Abraham S. Brower, Catharine A. Houseworth, Andrew S. Brower, Charles H. Brower and Susan E. Halstead. Appoints daughter Catharine A. Houseworth as executrix. Witnesses: James A. Redfield, James C. Turner, both of Wappingers Falls. Codicil dated 4 May 1891 regarding a debt due Sarah by her daughter Susie E. Halstead. Witnesses: George Wood, James C. Turner. Recorded 29 May 1893. Proofs recorded in Lib. 3 of "Proofs of Wills." [Note: Sarah is Sarah Lott, wife of Sylvester Brower who is a brother of the above Abraham Brower and son of the above Susan Brower].

Martin V. B. Brower - 1898 - 14:143. Dated 18 January 1898. Martin V. B. Brower of Poughkeepsie, being of sound mind and memory. One hundred dollars to be paid to Frank Gilmore the son of my deceased wife, in case of his death to be equally divided among my children. Three hundred dollars to be deposited in the Wappingers Savings Bank for Ethel Doxy, daughter of my deceased daughter Lillie M. Doxy, to be paid to her with interest when she is 21 years of age. My two sons Albert W. Brower and Henry F. Brower to receive rest and residue of estate. Aforementioned sons are appointed executors. Witnesses: Walter Farrington and John T. Vevine, both of Poughkeepsie. Recorded 21 March 1898. Proofs in Lib. 4 of Proofs of Wills.

James Brower - 1898 - 14:232. Dated May 1875. James Brower of Poughkeepsie. Personal property to wife Cordelia Brower. Empowers executors to mortgage or sell real estate. Wife Cordelia Brower to receive all rents from real estate, etc. After my wife's death all real estate to be devised to my children equally, share and share alike (children's names not recorded). Appoints wife Cordelia Brower and friend James Dearing as executors. Witnesses: Edward Crummy, Joseph P. English, David S. Alverson, all of Poughkeepsie. Recorded 5 July 1898. Proofs in Lib. 4 of Proofs of Wills.

Jeremiah C. Brower - 1899 - 14:415. Dated 23 April 1898. Jeremiah C. Brower of LaGange, being of sound mind and memory. Wife Mary E. Brower to be paid $1000 out of my estate within six months of my decease. She also to have my Singer Sewing Machine and my parlor bed furniture, in lieu of her dower. Remainder to my two sons, William H. Brower and Charles C. Brower. Executors to sell real estate at their discretion. Appoints his two sons executors. Witnesses: Edgar A. Briggs and Charles H. Hopkins, both of Poughkeepsie. Recorded 23 January 1899. Proofs in Lib. 4 of Proofs of Wills.

Caroline S. Brower - 1903 - 16:474. Will Book 16 has not been made available online.

Benjamin W. Brower - 18:282. Will Book 18 has not been made available online.

Some information in the above abstracts is not found on the current edition of the Brouwer Genealogy Database (BGD). Information in these abstracts adds to the profiles of a few of the individuals found on the BGD and in some cases adds new individuals or places previously unplaced individuals in existing families. For example, William W. Brower, named in the wills of Susan Brower and Abraham Brower, is not placed on the current BGD. He can now be added to the family of William Brower (1753-1841) and Susannah Green (1775-1850). Unfortunately, because of changes at RootsWeb Free Pages (which hosts the BGD pages) future updates to the BGD website will no longer be possible.

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BROWER in Saratoga County, New York Wills

Brief abstracts and links to the Wills of persons surnamed BROWER as found in the Probate Records of Saratoga County, New York. Saratoga County, along with Rensselaer County, was created from Albany County, New York in 1791. Digital images of the wills are found at under the collection titled "New York Probate Records, 1629-1971," sub-collection, Saratoga County.

Saratoga County Index to Wills, 1799-1893, Vols. 1-31. Letter B begins at image 18.

- Hendrick Brower, will dated 20 April 1813. Proved 7 January 1817. Vol. 5, pp. 16-18 . Hendrick Brower of Stillwater, Saratoga County, "being sick and weak of body but of perfect sound disposing mind and memory." All estate to be placed in the hands of loving wife (name not stated) for her use during her life. After her decease to be divided between my four daughters equally (daughter's names are not stated). Ordered that Jonathan Carr after my decease shall have and improve my farm as long as the lease lasts. My stock to be divided between my three sons or their children (names not stated). Appoints Jonathan Carr and Timothy Munger executors. Signs with his mark. Witnesses: Lucretia Chandler, Abigail Elms, Thomas Chandler.

The will of Hendrick Brower of Stillwater, NY (Image from

- Elizabeth V. Brower, will dated 8 June 1882. Recorded 11 September 1882. Vol. 27, pp. 254-257 (the will is on page 256). Elizabeth V. Brower of Milton, Saratoga County. All real estate to my son Francis D. Brower. He is to make payments to my other sons, Sandy Clark Brower and William Russell Brower, and to his son (meaning Francis' son) William Clarence Brower, when he reaches the age of 21. Also to Alfred Brower, son of said William Russell Brower, when he attains 21 years of age. Should Alfred die before that time then payment is to be made to said William Russell Brower. Francis is also ordered to use the income from the real estate "for the support, clothing and maintenance of my husband Henry Brower..." Grandson Alfred Brower to have my gold watch. Adopted daughter Hattie the remainder of jewelry, one bed and bedding. The rest of personal property to Alice C. Brower wife of said Francis D. Brower. Son Francis D. Brower appointed sole executor. Signed Elizabeth V. Brower. Witnesses: James W. Verbeck of Ballston Spa, and Arnold Karley of Wocester County, Massachusetts.

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BREWER in Saratoga County, New York Deeds

A List of BREWERs in the Saratoga County, New York Deed Books
Saratoga County and Rensselaer County were created out of Albany County in 1791

Grantors Index Vol. 1, 1791-1869

George and Nancy Brewer to Mary E. Brewer, all of Schuylerville Vol. 114, p. 376-377 (Index page 248)

Grantees Index Vol. 1, 1791-1869

George Brewer from Jacob Brewer, et al, all of Schuylerville, Vol. 114, p. 380 (Index page 248) 

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BROWER in Saratoga County, New York Deeds

A List of BROWERs Found in the Saratoga County, New York Books of Deeds
Saratoga County and Rensselaer County were created out of Albany County in 1791

Grantors Index Vol. 1, 1791-1869

Catharine and John Brower of Galway, Saratoga Co., to William H. Jansen, Vol. 101, p. 117 (Index page 278)

Grantees Index Vol. 1, 1791-1869

Elizabeth A. Brower of Cornith, from Mary A. Bradley, Vol. 109, p. 196 (Index page 278) 

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