Sunset at Gowanus Bay

Sunset at Gowanus Bay
Sunset at Gowanus Bay, Henry Gritten, 1851

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Adam Brouwer Sub-Group on YFull's YTree v6.02

The latest version of YFull's YTree has been placed online. The current version is v6.02. There are changes to the branch of sub-clades that represent descendants of Adam Brouwer of Gowanus, Long Island. Here is a screen shot of the current branches. We now have eight descendants of Adam Brouwer on YFull's YTree.

From YFull YTree v6.02, taken 4/7/2018

All eight participants share the SNP designated E-Y19643. The other two identified SNPs (E-BY6245 and E-BY6312) represent sub-clades of E-Y19643. In other words, the two participants who have tested positive for E-BY6245 and the two who have tested positive for E-BY6312, are also positive for E-Y19643. However, those four who are grouped under E-Y19643* did not test positive for either of the other two SNPs (E-BY6245 or E-BY6312). You might say that E-Y19643 is the parent sub-clade of E-BY6245 and E-BY6312, which are each unique branches descended from E-Y19643.

New in this tree from the last version, highlighted back on December 29, 2017 (version v5.08) is the addition of the above mentioned sub-clade identified by E-BY6312. The two participants who tested positive for this SNP are descendants of Adam Brouwer's son Abraham Brouwer

The two participants who comprise the sub-clade E-BY6245, are descendants of Peter Brewer who died in Hardin County, Kentucky early in 1841. Peter Brewer's paternal ancestry back to Adam Brouwer is still unknown.

The four who are grouped up the tree in the parent sub-clade E-Y19643 are all descendants of paternal ancestors whose ancestry back to Adam Brouwer is, also, still unknown. Two of the four are descendants of Benjamin Brewer (1755-1834) who died in Washington County, Indiana. A third participant is a descendant of John G. Brewer (b.1795 possibly at Trenton, New Jersey, d.1886 in Greene Co., Ohio). The fourth is a descendant of John Brewer of Broadalbin, New York, who died there 13 August 1849, age 53 years and 10 days. For more on all of our Adam Brouwer descendants whose ancestry back to Adam is still unknown, see the posts of May 4, 2017 and May 5, 2017.

In addition to the above eight, the Adam Brouwer sub-group has Big-Y test results from one descendant of Adam Brouwer's son Jacob Brouwer. It has Big-Y results from one descendant of Adam's son Nicholas Brouwer, with another descendant still awaiting results. One descendant of Adam Brouwer's son Pieter Brouwer has tested. There is a third descendant of Peter Brewer of Hardin Co., Kentucky (above). And there are results in for a descendant of Mathew Brower of Greene County, Pennsylvania. Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) places the three completed tests in the sub-clade E-BY6201 which is equivalent to E-Y19643 (both SNPs, and a few others, identify the same sub-clade).

There are now a total of 14 descendants of Adam Brouwer who have taken FTDNA's Big-Y Test. Results of 13 are in, of which eight have signed up with YFull. We await the Big-Y results on one other.

We hope that the other Big-Y tests will join YFull and have their place on the YTree identified. It is possible that their addition to the YTree will yield additional sub-clades. We still hope for more participation from current members of the Adam Brouwer sub-group and new members are always welcome. Those interested should contact the administrators of the Brewer DNA Project through the Project's website.

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