Sunset at Gowanus Bay

Sunset at Gowanus Bay
Sunset at Gowanus Bay, Henry Gritten, 1851

Monday, January 30, 2017

Hubert Brower, New Sub-Group of the Brewer DNA Project

Work done over the past six months or so has enabled the Brewer DNA Project to identify descendants of Hubert Brower, the end result being the creation of the project's newest sub-group, "Hubert Brower, Immigrant to Philadelphia, 1726." Contributions from descendants taking Y-Chromosome DNA tests and by conducting traditional genealogical research as resulted in identifying Hubert Brower as an ancestor for some members who were previously unaware of this. It has also identified new lines of descendants of Hubert Brower. In short, Y-DNA testing has shown that the descendants of Henry Brewer (a.k.a. Henrich Brauer) of Bedford County, Pennsylvania, and the descendants of the Brower families of Randolph County, North Carolina, are in fact related to the Brower families of Chester County, Pennsylvania, descendants of the sons of Hubert Brower.

The new sub-group, formerly labeled "Under Consideration A," and now titled "Hubert Brower Immigrant to Philadelphia, 1726," can be found on the Y-DNA Results page of the Brewer DNA Project. It is color coded green. There are currently seven members in the new sub-group.

Key to the identification of this new sub-group was the identification of a direct male descendant of one of Hubert Brower's three sons (John, Christian and Henry) and his interest and willingness to participate by taking a Y-DNA test. A descendant of Henry Brower (b. 14 February 1720, d. 14 October 1784, Chester Co., Pennsylvania) through Henry's son Daniel Brower (1757-1809, of Chester and Montgomery Counties, Pennsylvania) was located thanks to the work of other members of the sub-group. His Y-DNA test results matched those of two descendants of Henry Brewer of Bedford County, of three descendants of the Randolph County Browers, and of one descendant of Abraham Brower (1758-1828) of Berks County, Pennsylvania. The clear matches required us to reconsider the previously accepted (but unproved) arrangement of the families of the sons of Hubert Brower. The Y-DNA test results, coupled with new traditional research which included the previously unknown or unconsidered baptism records of the sons of Johannes Brauer (John Brower) and his wife Hannah Echelbauer, provides us with the material for justifying the rearrangement of the first few generations of Hubert Brower's descendants. A summary of this rearrangement is available online.

Very little is known about Hubert Brower himself. His name is known from a document commonly referred to as "the Pass," which granted Hubert permission to immigrate to America in 1726 with his wife Anna and some children. The number and gender or genders of his children is somewhat unclear from translations of the original "Pass," but it is commonly believed and accepted by descendants that Hubert Brower had three sons, John, Christian and Henry, who settled in Coventry Twp., Chester County, Pennsylvania during the mid 1700s. No record of, or pertaining to Hubert, has been found in Pennsylvania, and it is believed that he died soon after his arrival. The date of his death and place of his burial is not known. It is believed that Hubert's widow Anna remarried a man named Johannes Roth and both are buried in Oak Grove Cemetery in Parker Ford, Chester Co., Pennsylvania.

As a tool to help locate provable descendants of Hubert Brower who would be interested in taking a Y-DNA test, I created a database (or "tree") on titled "Hubert Brower, Immigrant to Pennsylvania, 1726." A subscription to is required to view this database. This database supersedes what is found on the current edition of the Brouwer Genealogy Database regarding Hubert Brower and his descendants. The database is more complete, and corrects errors found on the BGD site. Other participants in this project also maintained databases on and it was through connections discovered while using that a fellow descendant of Hubert Brower was located.

Of the seven descendants who now form this new sub-group, one has done advanced SNP testing by taking FamilyTreeDNA's Big-Y test. Analysis of the lab results by the company YFull has identified the terminal SNP, and therefore haplogroup, of the descendant as R-Z29713. He can be found on YFull's YTree at this location (id:YF07996). Other member's of the sub-group are identified by FamilyTreeDNA with the predicted haplogroup R-M269. This haplogroup is much further back in time (formed more than 13000 years ago) and R-Z29713 is a more recent sub-haplogroup of R-M269. The current estimate (as of this writing) for the formation of R-Z29713 is 2000 years ago. Should more descendants of Hubert Brower decide to participate in more advanced Y-Chromosome SNP testing, then the current haplogroup identification may be refined further to a more recent time.

Thank you to all of the members of the new sub-group "Hubert Brower, Immigrant to Philadelphia, 1726," for your work and participation. This has been a perfect example of how collaboration and dedication, and the use of both traditional and genetic genealogy methods, can break through a "brick wall" problem that had long been absent a solution.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Brower Papers, 1734-1872, Part II

This continues the post of January 21, 2017. Below are links to documents numbered 10 to 17 of The Brower Papers, 1734-1872. The set, compiled by Muriel D. Schuman and Cleo Stuhlman were borrowed from William B. Bogardus in 2008.

No. 10. Indenture dated 5 March 1803 between Harme Brower of Palatine in Montgomery County and Margaret his wife, and Harme Brower, Jr., of the same place. The deed is for 47 acres of land in Palatine, New York.

No. 11. Indenture dated 5 March 1803 between Cornelius Brower of Palatine, Montgomery County and Elizabeth his wife, and Harme Brower, Jr., of the same place. This is a deed for lot number 22 in the Patent of Stone Arabia, Montgomery County.

No. 12. The will of Harme Brower of Stone Arabia, dated 14 March 1803. The testator names his son Wilhelmus, son Harme Brower, Jr., "farming utensils to be divided among my five sons," daughter Deborah Brower, three daughters Rebecca Van Deusen, Sarah Docksteder and Deborah Brower. Following the will is a receipt from John B. Jno. Van Eps, dated 1 October 1808 for the legacy left his wife Deborah by her father Harmen Brower.

No. 13. At the top of this page is a Bill of Money received from Benjamin Smith by Mr. Harmen Brower, dated 5 March 1794. The remainder of the page includes receipts from Jacob N. Doxstedder and Arindh Smith.

No. 14. Eight pages. Page 1 is an order for Arent Brower to appear before the Superior Court of Common Pleas in a matter of Hermanus Brower, plaintiff, v. Philip P. Empey. The remainder of the documents consists of varied minutes recorded in the courts (presumably Montgomery County) involving Harmen Brower. Dates are from the 1790s.

No. 15. The will of Herman Brower of the Town of Palatine, Montgomery County. Dated 11 January 1839. Names his wife, Magdalene, and sons and daughters. Signs with his mark. This is a fourteen page document and includes the probate record.

No. 16. Indenture dated 3 March 1848 between Herman H. Brower and Margaret his wife of the Town of Palatine, Montgomery County, and Frederick Brower of the same town and county. This is a deed for a woodlot in Palatine.

No. 17. Five pages of receipts and other varied court records involving Browers in Montgomery County. In at least one instance the surname is recorded as Brewer.

This concludes the links for PDFs of The Brower Papers, 1734-1872.

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Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Brower Papers, 1734-1872

"The Brower Papers, 1734-1872," are a set of transcriptions of indentures and wills and a few miscellaneous items pertaining to some descendants of William Brouwer and Rebecca Vedder of Schenectady and later of Stone Arabia, New York. For some background and thoughts on William Brouwer see the post of April 21, 2012.

"The Brower Papers, 1734-1872," were obtained from William B. Bogardus in late 2008 as a part of his large collection of Brouwer research. The papers themselves were compiled by Muriel D. Schuman and Cleo Stuhlman and were obtained by Bill from the Montgomery County Department of History and Archives in Fonda, New York. The transcripts are not dated (I do not know when the compilers did this work) but they are typed and in very good condition. I have split them into 17 separate documents, scanned them to PDFs and have placed them online. Fifteen of the documents are housed on RootsWeb's Free Pages, while two the documents (nos. 6 and 15) because of their size are available through a Google Drive account. The following list is a brief description of each and a link to the corresponding file.

No. 1. Indenture dated 1 September 1734 between Barhanardus Van diere of Bergen Co., New Jersey and numerous others all of Albany Co., New York and William Brower of "Schonaghton" for lots of woodland lying north of the Mohawk in Stone Arabia, Albany County.

No. 2. Deed for a wood lot in Stone Arabia from Hendreck Walrath to Hendreck Schremling dated 9 October 1739.

No. 3.  Deed from Hendreck Schremling to William Brower for six lots on the north side of the Mohawk, dated 10 December 1739.

No. 4. Bond of Cornelis Feele, Clas Feele and John Feele unto Margaret Acker, daughter of John Acker, dated 2 July 1743. "Margaret Acker" also known as Margariet Ekker or Ecker, was a daughter of Jan Ekker/Ecker/Ekkerson and Margrietje Vile, daughter of "Cornelis Feele" as his name is rendered in the bond. I have not worked out the genealogy but I would suspect that the three bondsman named "Feele" are Margaret's brothers. Margariet Ekker, baptized 21 July 1734 at Schenectady, married Harmanous Brouwer, 8 February 1755. Harmanous is a son of William Brouwer and Rebecca Vedder.

No. 5. The will of William Brower of "Stone Raby In the County of Albany on the Mohawks River yeoman," dated 10 February 1757. He is described as "Being Verry well in Good helth and Sound Perfect Mind and Memory." If born by 1669, which he would have had to have been if he is a son of William Brouwer who died in August 1668 and Lysbeth Drinkvelt, then William Brower of Stone Arabia would have been 86 or 87 years old in early 1757. The will was proved 15 February 1765, which again if born by 1669, would mean that William Brower may have lived to the age of 95 or 96.

No. 6. Indenture dated 2 June 1775 between Arent Brower and Harmen Brower, both of Stone Arabia.

No. 7. Indenture dated 22 May 1793 between Jacob Ekker, Abraham Coopman and Jacob G. Klock, Commissioners for Montgomery County, of the first part and Harmen Brower of the Town of Palatine, Montgomery County, of the second part. The parcels being sold to Harmen Brower appear to be lots that were confiscated from prior owners.

No. 8. Indenture dated 27 February 1798 between Cornelius Brower and Harme Brower, both of the Town of Palatine. The deed is for land that had been bequeathed in the will of William Brower to his sons Arent Brower and Harme Brower.

No. 9. The will of "John B. Jno. Van Eps" of the City of Schenectady, dated 25 March 1799. This would be Jan Baptist Van Eps, baptized 17 June 1752 at Schenectady, the son of Jan Baptist Van Eps and Maria Truax. In his will he names his wife Debora. Jan B. Van Eps married, as his second wife, Debora Brower on 26 January 1799. Debora is a daughter of Harmanus Brower and Margariet Ekker. The rather lengthy will of the elder Jan Baptist Van Eps can be found in Albany County Wills, vol. 3, pp. 241-246. It was dated 13 March 1800, followed by a codicil dated 24 May 1802 and an additional codicil dated 21 June 1805, proved 16 September 1805. The younger Jan Baptist Van Eps is said to have died 28 October 1821. His sister, Sarah Van Eps, married Wilhelmus Brower, a brother of Debora Brouwer.

The remaining eight documents and links will be presented in a following post.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Brower Family Circle, Volume 11

To my knowledge, Volume 11 of The Brower Family Circle was the final volume. My assumption is that Bill Bogardus had in his possession the entire series and eleven volumes was the entirety of what was in his collection which I had access to back in 2008-09. The Family History Library only shows volumes 1-5 in their collection. And so I assume that Volume 11 was the final volume. There are two issues that bear the dates of April 1986 and July 1986. Links to PDF versions are found on the Brower Family Circle page.

No. 1, April 1986 (53 pages): Page 1 has a request for information on the "male children of Abraham Hildrickse Brouwer and Elizabeth Ackerman. In particular the Jan Brouwer and Rachel Van Brakelen." (The Abraham Brouwer asked for here was the son of Uldrick Brouwer and Hester De Voe, baptized 30 March 1701 at the Reformed Dutch Church in Bergen, New Jersey. He married Elizabeth Ackerman in 1723. Among the couple's twelve children is a son Jan who was baptized 11 March 1733 at Hackensack, New Jersey. Jan Brouwer married Rachel Braakelen, or Van Brackel on 15 April 1754 at Schraalenburgh. Jan and Rachel had eight children. Details for all can be found on the BGD website, use the index to locate those of interest). There are three more queries on page 1. Different readers ask for information on Cecilia Brower from New York who married George M. Hollister (no dates or details are given); Michael Lampman who married Maria Brouwer and their daughter Maria Lampman who married John Hogle (Maria Brouwer, 1733-1810, was a great-great granddaughter of Adam Brouwer. Her line: Maria > Jacob > Pieter > Adam); the third query seeks information on Adam Brower, born in Pennsylvania, who on 16 February 1843 married Margaret Ann Daugherty in Guernsey County, Ohio, and moved to Morgan County, Ohio by 1860. Page 2 is a pedigree of Steven Richard Brower whose earliest Brower ancestor is an Abraham Brower, 1829-1900, married Loivy Petick, 1838-1910. The line of ancestors lived at Gloversville, Fulton Co., New York. Also on page 2 is a partial Brouwer-Truax line. On page 3: Seek parents of Hannah Tamar Brower who married William Kent. Hannah died in August 1796 in Highgate, Franklin Co., Vermont (I have researched the Highgate, Vermont Browers/Brewers pretty thoroughly and am not familiar with this couple); seeking the parents of Abram G. Brower, b. ca. 1800, probably at Patterson, New Jersey, married Abigail Huntington, and lived in Onondaga and Cortland Counties, New York.

The remainder Vol. 11, no. 1 is reserved for the work of Alfred H. Brower who gives Jay H. Brower permission to publish. A note from Jay H. Brower at the bottom of page 3 tells us that although the issue is dated April 1986, "the work on it was done in October 1989." THE BROUWER GENEALOGY, prepared by Alfred H. Brower begins at page 4 of the issue which then adopts the pagination of Alfred's manuscript. The introduction gives the date as 1985. Alfred H. Brower claimed to be a descendant of Adam Brouwer and it must be pointed out to readers that the claimed ancestry for Adam Brouwer found on page 8 is unfounded, and most certainly incorrect. Much of the information on Adam Brouwer himself is clearly paraphrased from William J. Hoffman's "Brouwer Beginnings," published in The American Genealogist, volumes 23 and 24 (1947-48). The genealogy continues with Adam Brouwer's son Abraham Brouwer (page 17 of the manuscript) who is given a baptism date of May 18, 1662. In fact no baptism record for Abraham survives. It was Adam Brouwer's son Adam who was baptized on May 18, 1662. Here Alfred incorrectly assigns Abraham's daughter Jannetje to his second wife, Elizabeth Britten (sic). Abraham's daughter Jannetje was married to Johannes Burger and their first child was baptized in 1725. Abraham Brouwer and his second wife, Elizabeth Gerritsen (she was the widow of Nathaniel Britton) were married about 1732 (the couple's pre-nuptual agreement was dated September 1, 1732). I point all of this out to demonstrate the sloppiness of Alfred's research so that readers can be forewarned, use this work with caution. Take nothing at face value. Independently verify all claims. I will not critique the remainder of the manuscript except to note that the lineage Alfred presents for himself is incorrect at a number of points. Alfred H. Brower's earliest confirm-able ancestor is William W. Brower, 1809-1890, found at page 29 of the manuscript. William W. Brower's ancestry is not proved. It may or may not be correct. Alfred Henry Brower was a great-grandson of William W. Brower. Alfred was born in 1902 and passed away in 2001.

No. 2, July 1986 (9 pages): As mentioned above, to my knowledge this is the final issue of The Brower Family Circle. Lineage of Mildred Gertrude Brower (page 1. Northport, NY is on Long Island). Lineage of Erminnie Alice Brower, 1876-1954 (pages 1-2. A Canadian Brower line possibly descendants of the Chester Co., Pennsylvania Brower families). A lineage from Jacob Brewer, 1790-1866 and his wife Cassandre McDonald (pages 2-3. This Jacob is a son of Matthew Brower of Greene Co., Pennsylvania). A lineage back to Hubert Brower (pages 3-5. The line includes Browers from Randolph Co., North Carolina). Lineage of Mrs. Linn V. Harris (page 6. First Brower ancestor is Eliza Brower, 1813-1882, married DeMott Shaw. She is a daughter of James Brower, born 1792 in Queens Co., New York, died 1875 at Cape May, New Jersey). Lineage of Mrs. Diane Eaton (pages 6-7, a great-granddaughter of Lucetta Brower, b. 1851 in Ohio, married Charles C. Stemen. Her father was Enoch Brower of Allen Co., Ohio). A lineage from Daniel Brower, born ca. 1811 in Canada, died 28 November 1865, probably in Iowa. His wife Matilda was born in Ireland. Descendants found in Iowa and Oklahoma (pages 7-8).

And that ends The Brower Family Circle. There is no "sign-off" from Jay H. Brower, so again it is only my assumption that this was his final issue. So for one final time, please use the material found in The Brower Family Circle with care. Independently check and verify all claims and statements.

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Monday, January 16, 2017

The Brower Family Circle, Volume 10

Volume 10 of The Brower Family Circle, four issues bearing the dates April, July and October 1985 and January 1986. Links to PDFs of each issue are found on The Brower Family Circle page.

No. 1, April 1985 (15 pages): The entire issue is photocopied pages of "Anneke Jans Bogardus and Her Farm," which was published in Harper's New Monthly Magazine in May 1885. See the post of September 7, 2012.

No. 2, July 1985 (6 pages): The Solomon Miller Family (pages 1-4). Photocopy of a poem by David Brower (pages 4-5).

No. 3, October 1985 (21 pages):"Holdings on BROWER at Salt Lake. Sent to me by Bill Bogardus" (pages 1-20, the entire issue is photocopies of, what appears to be, cards from the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah found under the surname BROWER. Nowadays we can go to the FHL's online catalog at, select the surname field, type in Brower, and get back these results).

No. 4, January 1986 (16 pages): A lineage with a Brower connection from Mrs. Donald L. Polglasse (page 1. The earliest ancestor shown is a Nancy Brower, born ca. 1804-1806 who married Cornelius Bennet). Pages 2-15 are a pedigree charts submitted by Carol Hopping (Some of the surnames here belong to Mennonite and/or German Baptist families from the Chester Co., Pennsylvania area. The first Brower I find is on page 9, Hannah Brower, b. 1789, married Jacob Flora. Hannah's line continues on page 13).

All and all a pretty skimpy four issues with respect to information on Brower families, but again, use what is found here carefully.

The Bogardus Farm, Harper's New Monthly Magazine, via W.H. Merklee, 2002

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The Brower Family Circle, Volume 9

The Brower Family Circle, Volume 9 was published by Jay H. Brower in four issues bearing the dates April, July and October 1984, and January 1985. Links to PDFs of the individual issues can be found on the Brower Family Circle page of this website.

No. 1, April 1984 (10 pages): Question regarding Mary Brower, born 15 May 1830, Lebanon Co., Pennsylvania, married George B. Mellinger in Elkhart Co., Indiana, died at Syracuse, Indiana, 1 July 1861 (page 1). Seeking info on Catherine Brower Mott, wife of Edward Mott. She was born ca. 1810 in New York and died 24 Jan 1893 in Kearny, Buffalo Co., Nebraska (page 1). Lineage of Mrs. W. S. Ray from William Bogardus, 1638-1711 and his daughter Annatje Bogardus who married Jacob Brouwer (pages 1-9. Do not use any information in this account. Of all of the off-the-wall accounts of the descendants of Jacob Brouwer and Annatje Bogardus this is one of the most bizarre I've seen. Not only does the contributor combine individuals from different families within Adam Brouwer's descendants, she also adds in families descended from Jan Brouwer of Flatlands, L. I., and possibly some other unrelated Brewer families as well). Volume 9, no. 1 is a strong competitor to Volume 7, no. 4, as the one issue that could sow the most confusion among those researching the descendants of Jacob Brouwer and Annatje Bogardus. The only value in this issue is pointing out the degree to which incorrect ancestries can be taken. The two queries at the beginning of the issue, however, provide a couple of puzzles for those who like to take the time to figure such things out.

No. 2, July 1984 (12 pages): Frederick Hanford Brewer, born 9 November 1812, Niagara Co., New York, son of Abraham Brewer of New York and Sarah Ripley of Connecticut, taken from the "1874 Historical Atlas of Lee County, Iowa." Who are the parents of Abraham Brewer and Sarah Ripley? (page 1. I am not familiar with this family and I assume that the work that is referenced is this one found on the Iowa Digital Library website). The children of Frederick Hanford Brewer and his wife Rebecca, followed by a biography of his son William Brewer (pages 2-4). Research notes from Verne D. Littlefield on his search for the identity of Abraham Brewer, the father of Frederick H. Brewer (pages 4-11. This includes five pages of a early published account of some descendants of Adam Brouwer which contains errors [the source is not named, but it could be T. G. Bergen] and a letter from the Holland Society to Mrs. J. H. McCulloch, dated 1934, answering a question regarding the Brouwers. The letter refers to articles written by John R. Totten, which in themselves have errors that were later corrected by William J. Hoffman).

No. 3, October 1984 (14 pages): The "recollection from an elderly gentlemen about 1928," regarding "three sons, Christian, Henry and Daniel," who landed in America in 1721 (pages 1-2, Montgomery Co., Pennsylvania Browers). "The Brower Family" (pages 2-4. More on the Chester  and Montgomery Cos., Pennsylvania Browers). Henry Brower, 1780-1874 by Ivan Groh (pages 4-7. This Henry Brower left Montgomery Co., Pennsylvania and settled in Waterloo Co., Ontario, Canada). Melchior Hoch (page 8). Jacob Hoch/High (pages 9-10). Langenecker (Longacre) Family (page 11). Will of Jacob Hoch (page 12). Bechtel Family (page 13). The Hoch/High, Langenecker/Longacre and Bechtel families were all early Mennonite families of the Chester Co., Pennsylvania area who were in one way or another associated with the Brower families of Chester County.

No. 4, January 1985 (8 pages): A request for information regarding Enoch Brower and his wife Faronica Eickenberry, also Rinehart (page 1). Looking for parents of Jacob and Hannah (Stall) Brewer who were in Amsterdam, Montgomery Co., New York in 1810 (pages 1-2). A lineage from Adam Brouwer (his given place of birth being incorrect) through his son Abraham Brouwer (pages 2-5). Some pages on Anneke Jans from Trinity, Break Ye My Commandments, by Willis Timothy Gridley, 1930 (pages 5-6. Use for it's entertainment value only). A query into Hetty Brower who married a John Bray on 18 October 1822 in Randolph Co., North Carolina (page 7).

Please use all info, data and claims found in these issues of The Brower Family Circle with care. This is especially applicable to Volume 9, no. 1.

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Brower Family Circle, Volume 8

Volume 8 of The Brower Family Circle consists of four issues bearing the dates April, July and October 1983 and January 1984. Links to the individual issues can be found on The Brower Family Circle page of this website.

No. 1, April 1983 (53 pages): Lineage of Lorena (Collier) Brower (pages 1-2. I have a different account of the ancestors of Jacob Mott Brower which can be viewed online at the Brouwer Genealogy Database webiste by locating Jacob M. BROUWER, b. ca. 1847 in the index. He is a son of Jacob Brouwer, born 13 September 1821 and Mary Fowler, born ca. 1820). Lineage of Gail (Cope) Fogelbach whose grandmother was Flossie Jane Brower, 1891-1975 (pages 2-3). A query from L. L. Hill who states that his ancestors were Henry Brauer (Brewer) who first married Barbara Zinn and then Christiana Flick (page 2. The Henry Brauer being referred to here would be Henry Brewer of Bedford Co., Pennsylvania). Query into John Brower, 1824-1904 of Hempstead, Long Island (page 3. This John Brower is most likely a descendant of Jan Brouwer of Flatlands, L. I., and more info on him can be located on the BGD website. Use the index). Notes and information received from James S. Ruoff regarding Harme (sic) Brower and Magdalena Dockstader (pages 4-52. Harmen Brouwer, born 20 August 1768, died 28 November 1841 was a great-grandson of Willem Brouwer of Beverwijck. There is a lot of information here and I have not had the time nor the inclination to work through it. Use it to seek out the original documents yourself. What I do know of Harmen Brouwer is found on the BGD website. Use the index to locate him).

No. 2, July 1983 (12 pages): Christian Brower of Coventry Twp., Chester County, Pa., by Jay H. Brower (pages 1-3). Henry Brower, 1720-1784, of Chester Co., Pennsylvania (page 4). John Brower, "another son of Hubert and Ann" (pages 5-6. My own opinion is that this account of John Brower is partially incorrect). John Brower, son of Christian Brower (page 6). Jacob Brower, son of John Brower (page 7). Joseph Brower, son of Jacob Brower (pages 8-9). Elijah Brower, son of Joseph Brower (page 10). A query into Alfred D. Brewer, born 16 January 1830, died 1881 in Columbus, Wisconsin, married Marrietta Rogers in Eaton Rapids, Michigan in 1862 (page 11. What I have on Alfred D. Brewer's ancestry can be found on the BGD website, use the index to look up Alfred D. Brewer, b. bt 1824-1830, d. 2 Jun 1881). Some notes on Hubert Brower (page 11. For more on the "Pass" please see the post of November 1, 2016).

No. 3, October 1983 (7 pages): A lineage from a Jacob Brower, born ca. 1809, died ca. 1855, married Magdalena (___), lived in Elkhart Co., Indiana (pages 1-5. The line is from one of Jacob Brower's daughters and so few Browers are found on these pages). Lineage of Alvaretta F. Brower, born 30 December 1866, Oceanport (sic), New Jersey, died 23 March 1958, Wappingers Falls, New York (pages 5-6. The birth date and ancestry given for Cornelius Brower on page 6 is incorrect. The Cornelis Brouwer who married Mary Archer was born 9 November 1730 and is a son of Nazareth Brouwer and Anne Rozell).

No. 4, January 1984 (5 pages): A lineage from Abraham Brower and Philotha Webster (page 1). Martha Brewer, born ca. 1796, married Adam Stone (page 1. Martha Brewer was a daughter of Jeremiah Brower/Brewer and Hannah Thomas). A lineage from Willis Brewer "born ca. 1774 in New York" (pages 1-2. We now know through Y-DNA testing of a direct male descendant of this Willis Brewer that he was a descendant of George Brewer of Brunswick Co., Virginia and was probably born in Virginia or North Carolina, and certainly not in New York). A query from a great-granddaughter of Berend B. Brauwer, born in 1850 in Germany, immigrated to the U. S. (page 2). Some contributed info and a question on Eve Brenneman who married as her second husband, Christian Brower (pages 2-4. To my knowledge the parents and ancestry of Eve Brenneman has not been satisfactorily resolved). A query regarding Edmond Turner who married Hannah Brower. Their daughter Mary Turner married Joseph Gee (page 4. Hannah is a descendant of Adam Brouwer). Seek info on Joseph Brower, born 20 Jan 1842 in Saratoga Co., New York, married Rebecca James, died in Phelps Co., Missouri (page 4). Seek info on Jeremiah and Kazia Brower, parents of Henry H. Brower, born March 1842 in Saratoga or Troy, New York, died 26 Aug 1916 at the home of his brother Albert Brower in Chandler, Minnesota (page 4).

As always a reminder to use the information and data found in the issues of The Brower Family Circle with care.

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Friday, January 13, 2017

Brower Family Circle, Volume 7

The Brower Family Circle, Volume 7 is four issues bearing the dates April, July, and October 1982 and January 1983. Links to the four individual issues can be found on The Brower Family Circle page.

No. 1, April 1982 (10 pages): Lineage of Clifford M. Hardin, through his WOOD ancestors to Zebedee Wood, 1791-1871 and Hannah Brower, 1793-1845 of Randolph Co., North Carolina and Lawrence Co., Indiana (pages 1-2). Dillman Family information from the "Dillman Family Wheel," by John Hawkins, 1888 (pages 2-4. There are numerous Dillman-Brower intermarriages in Preble Co., Ohio). Queries on page 5: One regarding Magdalena Brower and John Drake (a reminder that this marriage did not happen); Another regarding Lydia Brower, b. 10 Nov 1841, Brooklyn, Jackson Co., Michigan, married Ayres Merrill Grosuenor. Lydia's mother was Margaret Hooker. Query for information on the family of James Brewer and Elizabeth Arnold, Pennsylvania to Ohio to Indiana (page 6). Seeking info on Daniel Brower who married Sarah McManus between 1835 and 1841 probably in Preble Co., Ohio (page 6). Seeking information on Lanier Brewer who lived in Moore Co., North Carolina, 1790-1820 (page 6). A lineage, with additional info, from Vincent Brewer who married Elizabeth "Betsy" Smith on 14 June 1794 in Mercer Co., Kentucky (page 7). Searching for the family of Celinda McFarland Brewer, "born out of wedlock" 7 May 1806, Madison Co., Kentucky, her mother being a McFarland who afterward married a "Mr. Brewer." Celinda married James Anderson Browder, 1829, Greene Co., Ohio (page 8). Questions around a Sarah Brower, born 16 September 1821, Jackson Co., Indiana, married in 1836 to Joseph Johnson in Marion Co., Missouri. Her ancestry is stated to be with a John Brower and his father Jacob Brower in New York (page 8). A list of books that Jay H. Brower is looking for (page 8).
And on page 9 is a query from Avis Watkins of Exeter, New Hampshire regarding Jeremiah Brower/Brewer of Highgate, Vermont. Avis was certainly the pioneer researcher into Jeremiah Brower, who through Y-DNA testing of a number of his male descendants is known to be a descendant of Adam Brouwer. Avis passed away in 2006. It was my own search for Jeremiah Brower that precipitated this entire mess which has become "Brouwer Genealogy." For more on Jeremiah Brower, start here.

No. 2, July 1982 (16 pages): On pages 2-4 is an account of Daniel Brower, born 24 November 1815, Augusta Co., Virginia, submitted by Beverly Cayford (this appears to be one of the more thorough submissions received by Jay H. Brower, however it does contain errors). Page 5 has additional Brower notes from Beverly Cayford (there is an error on this page regarding Enoch Brower in which the author combines two men into one. There are two contemporaneous Enoch Browers. Enoch Brower, b. 19 April 1814, m. Lovina Honeywell in 1841, will dated 4 May 1854, and died 7 Jun 1854. Enoch Brower, b. ca. 1823, married Elzina Shupe in 1847, the date of his death is not known, but it was prior to 23 Aug 1857 when his wife remarried. Both Enoch Browers lived in Allen Co., Ohio, and both are found separately on the 1850 U. S. census, and both wives can be found in later records). "The Brower Family," a submission by Mrs. Ruth Kiesling regarding Henry Brower, 1720-1784 (pages 6-8, there are digressions into the Adam Brouwer family of which this Henry Brower is not related). Query regarding William Brower, born 26 Aug 1784 in New York State, married Mary Ann Lowry, born 27 October 1784, New York State, had a daughter Mary Ann Brower, born 26 Nov 1823 or 1824 in New York State (page 8. Williams date of birth is corrected to 1781 from 1784 in no. 3, p. 8). Corrections to Volume 4, no. 3 (pages 8-9, regarding Pieter Brouwer, Demarest and Stagg). Query into a Brower family of Gloversville and Mayfield, New York, Elizabeth Brower married Jacob Haines, daughter Cora Haines married Seth Brower (page 9). Lineage of Leah Brower, b. 1744, married James Stagg (page 10). Lineage of Mary Conover, b. 1769, married Daniel Stagg (pages 11-12).  Family Bible record of Jacob P. Brower and Martha Mackie who were married 16 September 1820 (pages 12-13. This family moved to Beaver Dam, Wisconsin). Query regarding Ingelmaria Brower, died in 1895, a 19th century immigrant from Hanover, Germany (page 13). A query regarding Abraham Brower who married Philotha Webster (pages 13-14, this mystery has been solved). More queries on page 14: Oliver Brower, b. 13 August 1813, d. 16 May 1881 at Dobbs Ferry, New York, buried at Rockville Center, Long Island (he is a descendant of Jan Brouwer of Flatlands, L. I.); Effa Viola Brower, b. 26 Feb 1875, Hillsboro, Ohio, married Kenneth McClelland Kirkhart; Tracy and Audrey (Tinker) Brower of Topeka, Kansas and Riverside, California.

No. 3, October 1982 (11 pages): A lineage/query regarding Enoch Brower of Augusta Co., Virginia (page 1) followed by "General Comments" from the submitter, Mrs. Ruth Kiesling (pages 2-4). Family of David Brower, Alliance, Ohio and Hazel Brower Johnson (pages 4-5). Miller-Brower query (page 5). Query regarding Billy B. Brewer, 1926-1958 of Beaumont, Texas, m. Album Richard. Billy B. Brewer was the daughter of Jack V. Brewer and Lula Belle Taylor of Milo, Arkanasas. Notes submitted by Mrs. Richard Moss (pages 5-7 surnames are Moss, Fisher, Lybrook, and others). Question regarding Sarah Brower, 1846-1932, daughter of Aaron and Polly Brower, granddaughter of Henry and Anna (Heckman) Brower of Henry Co., Indiana (page 8). Notes on Peter Brower, Jr., b. 1787 in New Jersey who married Ann Hickney in Clermont Co., Ohio in 1817, followed by some questions. Images of the homestead of Joseph Brower of Jefferson Twp., Miami Co., Indiana (page 10).

No. 4, January 1983 (32 pages): Pages 1-2 includes a lineage for Mrs. Norma Davis claiming a descent from Anneke Jans through an incorrect Brouwer line along with a reply from William B. Bogardus correcting this line. Pages 3-4 is a submission from Glenn H. Brower regarding Hurlburt Brower, born 1818 and his descendants. The remaining pages are taken up by charts and family group sheets submitted by Robert N. Brewer. These include lines from Elias Brewer and Mary Cadwallader who were married in 1790 in Fayette Co., Pennsylvania; some incorrect ancestor charts claiming that John Brewer, d. 1809, Scioto Co., Ohio was a descendant of Adam Brouwer (he was not), and family group sheets of the Brouwers in this (incorrect) lineage which contain errors. All and all this entire issue, all 32 pages of it, has one big RED flag over it. Do not repeat or reuse any information found in this issue. 

Volume 7, issue no. 4 is the poster child for my repeating the warning/caveat that all claims, statements and data found within the pages of The Brower Family Circle must be substantiated with additional research of a higher level. I don't doubt that most present day family genealogists can do better than what is found in this issue.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Brower Family Circle, Volume 6

Volume 6 of The Brower Family Circle, written and published by Jay H. Brower, has four issues bearing the dates April, July and October 1981 and January 1982. Below is a summary of what is found in the four issues. Links to the originals as PDFs can be accessed on the Brower Family Circle page.

No. 1, April 1981 (10 pages): Information on the Jacob Brower family of Beaver Dam, Wisconsin (page 1. Jacob Brower, 1799-1846 is a descendant of Adam Brouwer. His wife was Martha Mackie. More on the family and descendants can be found on the Brouwer Genealogy Database website). The family and lineage of Peter Brower of Parke County, Indiana (page 2. He is a descendant of Christian Brower, d. 1771, Chester Co., Pennsylvania). Notes contributed by Mrs. Lawrence G. King including Abraham Brower of Union Twp., Pennsylvania, "Diderick Brouwer of Early Palatine 1709," a Van Horn-Banta marriage, seeking more info on the Demarest family (page 3). Lineage of Hollis H. Brower, a descendant of Christian Brower, b. 1754, d. 1819 Randolph Co., North Carolina (page 4). Lineage of Merritt Ralph Ermey back to Hubert Brower (page 5). Research by Mrs. Edna E. R. Brewer on Isaac I. Brower, 1781-1857, married Schicha (sic) Van Brunt (pages 6-9. She incorrectly states that Isaac is a descendant of Adam Brouwer. He is not, as Y-DNA testing of a descendant demonstrates that Isaac is a descendant of Jan Brouwer of Flatlands, L. I. She sites a "Brewer Bible" in her possession, descendants are listed and this should be of interest to those researching this family, but use this source with caution and seek to independently verify all claims).

No. 2, July 1981 (15 pages): Lineage of Kenneth P. Brower back to Hubert Brower (page 1). Lineage of David W. Brower back to Hubert Brower (page 2). "An Historical Sketch of the Ancestors and Descendants of David Brower, Born 1779" by Narcissa Brower Herron (pages 3-14. Unfortunately it starts off with that too familiar tale of "three brothers coming from Holland," however, the descendants presented here would be of interest to those researching this line of Hubert Brower descendants. Narcissa Brower Herron, born in 1847, lived to over 100 years and died in 1948).

No. 3, October 1981 (13 pages): Abram Brower of Hamilton Co., Ohio, born 3 April 1838 (pages 1-2. He is a descendant of Adam Brouwer. This account is from some unspecified "County History"). From History of Dearborn and Ohio Counties, Indiana, 1885, Dr. Jeremiah H. Brower, born in New York City in 1798 (page 3. A descendant of Adam Brouwer and uncle of the just mentioned Abram Brower). A "Genealogical abstract of the Anneke Jans Bogardus family," by Thomas B. Wikoff (pages 4-5, with an error in the lineage on page 5. Once again a reminder to use information regarding Anneke Jans with caution. It's value mostly lies in it's use as an example of how false and incorrect information is passed on). A biography of Jacob Brower from "A History of the Church of the Brethren in Southern Iowa," 1924, with a lineage (pages 6-9). Mentions of other persons named Brower in "A History of the Church of the Brethren in Southern Iowa" (pages 9-10). A lineage from a John Brower, b. 28 May 1834, d. 17 June 1920, wife not known, who had four children, two of whom were born in Amsterdam, Holland (page 10). Queries: John Henry Brower, son of Jacob Mott Brower of Mt. Kisco, New York; Mary Brower, b. 1 Oct 1728, married Jan Willemse, 10 Jan 1745; Annie G. Hastings, b. 21 March 1855, Ohio, married Jacob J. Brower, 2 April 1874; a request for the "Eichenberg Genealogy"; Christian Brower, b. 5 September 1792, d. 28 February 1851, married 1st Susan/Susannah Wine, 2nd Sallie Miller (all on page 11). Queries on page 12: Parents of Abraham V. Brewer, b. 19 April 1791, Mercer Co., Kentucky, married 1st Anna Cozine, 2nd Delilah Rice; Parents of Susannah Brewer/Brower, b. 22 March 1808, Ohio, d. 9 January 1880, Henry Co., Indiana, married George Moyer/Myers.

No. 4, January 1982 (29 pages): Lineage of John Martin Brower (page 1, a descendant of Adam Brouwer. The lineage published here is incomplete, it has since been completed in part by the aid of Y-DNA testing, see the line for #252546 here). A lineage for a Brower family from Friesland who immigrated in the late 1800s (pages 1-2). Lineage of Benjamin Brower, 1881-1942, a descendant of Adam Brower and Charity Foust of Randolph Co., North Carolina (page 2). Lineage of Merle Seth Brower (page 3). Lineage of Orval Sheridan Brower, b. 14 March 1895 (page 3). Anneke Jans in Fact and Fiction (pages 4-22, with note that some page numbers are duplicated. This appears to be a verbatim copy of George Olin Zabriskie's article of this title which was published in the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, vol. 104 [1973]: 65-72, 157-164, including footnotes. See the post of September 19, 2012). Query on page 23: Albert Brower, son Carl Brower married Elsie Bierly, had Stanley Blaine Brower, all of West Alexander, Ohio. A note that 41 Browers can be found in "History and Genealogy of the Peter Eikenbery Family" (page 23). Lineage of Rick Watson, a descendant of Hubert Brower (pages 23-24). A note from William B. Bogardus regarding his research on the descendants of Anneke Jans (pages 24-28).

As with previous volumes of The Brower Family Circle, please use caution with the information found in these issues. Follow up on leads with additional research and make an effort to verify all claims with actual documentation.

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The Brower Family Circle, Volume 5

Volume 5 of The Brower Family Circle has four issues bearing the dates April 1980, July 1980, October 1980 and January 1981. Here are summaries of each issue. PDFs of each issue can be accessed online through The Brower Family Circle page of this website.

No. 1, April 1980 (6 pages): The entire issue covers Inscriptions from the Old Brower Cemetery, Jefferson Twp., Miami County, Indiana (pages 1-5. The Browers here are descendants of Christian Brower, d. 1771, Chester Co., Pennsylvania).

No. 2, July 1980 (19 pages): Information furnished by William B. Bogardus (pages 1-4, essentially a bibliography of sources). "Dutch Records Anneke Jans and Brower - McClow Lines" (pages 5-7. Yet another Bogardus-Brower ancestry that is chock-full of false claims. The errors on page 5 have been covered in previous posts. On page 6 is the claim that Elizabeth Brower, the daughter of Isaac Brower and Jane Quackenbush married Cornelius McClow on May 10, 1785, Trenton, New Jersey. In fact, Elizabeth, daughter of Isaac Brouwer and Jacomyntje Quackenbosch, was born 1 December 1770 and baptized 23 December 1770 at Fishkill, New York. That would make her age 14 and a half at her marriage in May 1785, which raises doubts about this claim. I have been unable to verify the date of this marriage, and the fact that the couple did not give the names Isaac or Jacomyntie/Jemima to any of their claimed ten children, raises doubts to the accuracy of placing Elizabeth in the family of Isaac Brouwer). A summary of the family of Adam Brower and Charity Foust of Randolph Co., North Carolina (pages 7-8) with some info on their son Ephraim Brower (page 8. This family is fairly well known and has been well documented). Daniel M. Brower, born 4 August 1847, died 8 August 1931 (page 9. This is a Preble Co., Ohio family descended from Christian Brower of Chester Co., Pennsylvania). Page 10 has a lineage in which Daniel Brower (1847-1931) is fifth in line (the ancestry here shows Daniel's earliest ancestor as a Jacob Brower which disagrees with his placement as a descendant of Christian Brower). Queries: James A. Brower married Annette Wager on 27 October 1870 with five children born between 1871 and 1877; Who were the parents of Jeanette Brower who married Peter Strong on 21 June 1764 at New York's Trinity Church?; Request for info on Magdalena Brower who married John Drake in 1716 or 1718 (we now know that this marriage did not happen); Lewis William Brower, b. 20 August 1845, Preble Co., Ohio, married Sarah Reed, 4 Feb 1872 in Claiborn Parish, Louisiana; Whereabouts of Jay and Midge Brower (all on page 11). Comments from Mrs. James E. Hart on items in Volume 4, no. 1 regarding Sophia Brower (1807-1893) daughter of Jacob and Anna (Rudy) Brower. Sophia married Jacob Deardorff/Dierdorff. Includes info on the Deardorff/Dierdorff ancestry (page 12). A couple of additional corrections from Mrs. James E. Hart (page 13). An excerpt from History of Preble County, Ohio, by R. E. Lowry on Daniel M. Brower (pages 14-15). BROWER Marriage records of Preble Co., Ohio (page 16). An account of the family of Daniel Brower and Sarah Flora, followed by one of their daughter Lydia Brower and her husband Abraham Overholser, then their daughter Barbara Overholser and her husband Robert S. Harris, then of two of the children of this couple (pages 17-18).

No. 3, October 1980 (13 pages): Some data and information regarding Brower and Dockstader of Montgomery County, New York (pages 1-2. Families here are descended from Willem Brouwer of Beverwijck). Query on a Canadian BREWER line (page 3, Brewer and Pattison). Information on the family of George H. Acree and Almira A. Brower of Howell Co., Missouri and later Oklahoma (page 3). Inscriptions from a graveyard in Dripping Spring, Missouri (page 3). Seeking information on Hendrick Brower "born in Holland and was in the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812" (page 4). Info and a query from Alfred H. Brower (page 4, take Alfred's claims here with a grain of salt). Query into John Clark Brewer, b. 12 October 1854 in Alabama, died in 1944 in Travis Co., Texas (page 4). Data regarding Brower and Davidson from North Carolina, Tennessee, and Indiana (page 5. A check of the census record mentioned finds that the surname here is BREWER, not Brower. Zion and Harlan Brower [sic] are likely descendants of George Brewer of Brunswick Co., Virginia). A pedigree of Inez L. Schenk back to Anneke Jans who is incorrectly called "Anneke Jans Webber" (pages 6-7. Use all Anneke Jans pedigrees with caution). Obituary of Avery G. Brower who died Sept. 17, 1980 (page 8). Lineage of Veva Brewer Mann, b. 15 August 1906 in Sedwick Co., Kansas (page 9. This lineage takes us back to her great-great grandfather Stephen Brewer, b. ca. 1774. Y-DNA testing of a direct male descendant of this Stephen Brewer, the tested descendant being a descendant of Veva Brewer's father, William David Brewer, proves that the Brewers of this line are descendants of Jan Brouwer of Flatlands, Long Island). Queries on Adaline Brower of North Carolina who married Peter Shamburger; Jeremia Brower, miller of Kings County, New York who administered the estate of Thomas Stillwell in 1759; Marie Brower/Brouwer who married John Heaton in 1785 in Bergen Co., New Jersey; parents of Catherine Brower, b. ca. 1810, Rome, New York, married Edward Mott; seeking info on the family of Seth Brower of Gloversville, New York (page 10). Queries continue on page 11: John Brewer, died 1809 in Scioto Co., Ohio (see here and here, Y-DNA testing tells us that John Brewer is a descendant of Jan Brouwer of Flatlands, L. I. and is not a descendant of Adam Brouwer of Gowanus, L. I. Also see Richard Brewer, Scott Kraus, William B. Bogardus, "DNA Analysis: Adam Brouwer Berckhoven, Elias Brouwer of New Jersey and John Brewer of Ohio," New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, Vol. 138, October 2007, page 254). William Thomas Brower, had son George William Brower, b. 1862 in California who married Clara Estella Hunting (George W. Brower's father was actually Thomas Jefferson Brower who died 23 September 1869 in San Jose, California. His ancestry remains unknown). Queries on page 12: Elizabeth Brewer married Daniel Ridenour, Washington Co., Maryland, died in Rochester, Iowa. Who are the parents of Alfred D. Brewer, b. 16 Jan 1830, New York City, married Marrietta Rogers in Eaton Rapids, Michigan, moved to Columbus, Wisconsin and had six children there between 1863 and 1880 (use the index at the Brouwer Genealogy Database website to find Alfred D. Brewer, b. between 1824 and 1830, d. 2 June 1881, to find a bit more on his ancestry).

No. 4, January 1981 (12 pages): Notes regarding Uriah Hand and his wife "Affa, Assa, Ascenath Brewer," of North Carolina (pages 1-3). A lineage from Adam Brouwer (pages 4-5. The claim that Adam is a son of a Frans Simonsen Brouwer and the family given for Frans is incorrect, the family given and the birth date stated for Adam Brouwer is by all accounts fictitious. See here for more on the origins of Adam Brouwer). A lineage from a New England BREWER family (page 6. The Nathaniel Brewer, b. 20 Jan 1756 was a descendant of John Brewer of Sudbury, Massachusetts. You can look him up on the New England Brewers website). A lineage back to Jacob Brower, b. 16 Feb 1756, of Mifflin Co., Pennsylvania (page 7. The lineage suggests that Henry Brower, 1720-1784 was his father, but this does not appear to be correct). Brower Family Records compiled by Charles Major in 1936 (pages 8-11. Use this account with caution, especially with the earlier generations. The author places Jacob Brower of Mifflin County as a son of Henry Brower, 1720-1784, but I do not believe that this is correct).

Please use all claims and statements found in The Brower Family Circle, not as proof, but rather as step to additional research.

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The Brower Family Circle, Volume 4

An overview of The Brower Family Circle, Volume 4, four issues bearing the published dates of April, July and October 1979, and January 1980.

No. 1, April 1979 (10 pages): Begins with "A continuation of the items in Vol. III No. 4 Jan 79 on Preble County, Ohio" includes Jacob Brower, will proved 20 June 1831. Henry Y. Brower,b. 1778, d. 1842 of Miami Co., Indiana, m. Hannah Dillman and their son Daniel Brower, b. 1821, d. 1899, m. Mary Elizabeth Thompson. Query regarding Joseph Brewer, died 5 October 1885, age 70, buried in Greenlawn Cemetery, Jefferson Twp., Miami Co., Indiana. (page 1). Bible Record (pages 1-2. This record gives the years of birth of the children of Jacob Brower and Anna Rudy, Jacob being the Jacob Brower whose will was proved 20 June 1831). Elder John Brower (1783-1863) and Rebecca Harter (1781-1858) of Lanier, Preble Co., Ohio (page 2, gives a list of nine children for the couple, profile continues on page 3). Abraham Overholser and Lydia Brower of Gasper, Preble Co., Ohio (page 3). Excerpt from "page 357 PA Archives" regarding Christian Brower of Chester County (pages 3-4). Excerpts from History of Cass County, Indiana (pages 4-5). The remainder of page 5 onto page 6 are notes on Diehl > Teale, German settlement in North Carolina, Montgomery Co., Ohio, Randolph Co., North Carolina and the creation of various counties in Ohio in 1803. Notes on some with the surname Williamson (pages 6-7). James Patterson married Margaret Brower ca. 1857 (page 7). An excerpt from Minutes of the Orphan's Court, New Amsterdam, 1663 in which Adam Brouwer, Thomas Verdon and Arien Williamson petition the court (page 7. I hope Jay H. Brower is not trying to link Arien Williamson to the Williamsons he writes about on the previous page, but if he is, one can see how the seeds of confusion are sown by the sloppy practice of associating people who lived in different centuries based upon a common name). Children of Hendrick Banta and Rachel Brower (pages 7-8. Rachel Brower is a descendant of Adam Brouwer). More on the Low Dutch Settlement at Conewago, York (now Adams) Co., Pennsylvania (pages 8-9, use with caution).

No. 2, July 1979 (9 pages): Brower History citing "Wayland's Virginia Valley Records pages 35-140-145-397 and 406" (page 1, refers to Enoch Brower of Augusta Co., Virginia. Use care in following this as it is poorly organized). Mention of a booklet on the Old Mud Church in Kentucky (bottom of page 1, the church is in Harrodsburg, Mercer Co., Kentucky, not Lexington. Descendants of Adam Brouwer were among the first settlers there). The will of Abraham Brower, Dearborn Co., Indiana is mentioned at the top of page 2 (he is a descendant of Adam Brouwer, but not a descendant of the families who settled at Harrodsburg, Kentucky). Genealogical record of a John Brower of Preble Co., Ohio (page 2). Deed from Franklin Co., Virginia involving Christian Brower (page 2). Excerpts from A History of the Shenandoah Valley by John W. Wayland, 1969 (pages 2-4). Excerpt from History of Miami County, Indiana, 1887 (pages 4-5, Peter Fisher-Elizabeth Brower family). Notes from "Facts on Preble County, Ohio" and the DAR Society on the Lesh (Loesch) family (page 6). Will of Henry Kesling, Preble Co., Ohio, 1835 (pages 6-7, mentions Loy and Parker surnames). Some incoherent mentions of various unrelated Brower families is found in the middle of page 7. Notes from "History of Allen County, Ohio," regarding Enoch Brower, John Brower and wife Hannah Miller (pages 7-8). A "family history" telling of four brothers from Holland coming to America before 1698 so as not to be hanged as pirates, with one going to New York, one to Pennsylvania, one to Virginia and one to Kentucky (page 8). An Emanuel Brower (1772-1850) line (page 8).

No. 3, October 1979 (12 pages): A Wood-Brower line from Randolph Co., North Carolina (pages 1-2). A line from James Brewer and Elizabeth Arnold of Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana (pages 2-3). Query regarding Mary (Polly) Brower, b. 1810, d. 1894 Wells Co., Indiana and her husband William Showalter, 1806-1893 (page 3). Query on Matilda Brower, b. 5 Nov 1815 in North Carolina, married Nathaniel Norwood, Randolph Co., NC to Hamilton Co., IN (page 3).  Query into Abraham Brower of Saratoga Co., New York, moved to Oneida County in 1906 (page 4). An incomplete line for Rachel Brower and Henry Banta (page 4). Query into Isaac Brower, married ____ on 21 Apr 1767 in New York (page 5). Who were the parents of Joel Brower, b. 29 Feb 1815, Preble Co., Ohio? (page 5). A Brower lineage involving Ariah Coates Brower an early Mormon pioneer (pages 5-6, note that the ancestry of Ariah's grandfather Joseph Brower is incorrect). Notice of a book on Ariah Coates Brower compiled by Oradell Brower Triplett (page 7). Copy of a letter written by Elizabeth Stagg McGuire written in 1892 when she was age about 85 years, followed by notes on the family (pages 7-11, she would be a granddaughter of James Stagg and Lea Brouwer who were married in 1765 at Schraalenburg, New Jersey then went to Harrodsburg, Kentucky. The lineage given for Lea Brouwer, who is a descendant of Adam Brouwer, is correct).

No. 4, January 1980 (9 pages): More on James Stagg (see above) including a transcript of his will dated 3 Sep 1822, Mercer Co., Kentucky (pages 1-2). Partial lineage of Mrs. Logan Wilson, a descendant of Adam Brouwer (page 3, this line is correct). Correspondents of Mrs. Logan Wilson with their earliest known Brewer ancestor (pages 3-5. The earliest ancestors here are from various BROUWER, BROWER or BREWER families that are not in all cases related). A summary of the family of Adam Brouwer by a correspondent (page 5. This is a poor account with regards to the rendering of some of the given names and there is a typo which gives Adam Brouwer's birth as 1694, but is otherwise correct). A summary of the family of Jacob Brouwer and Annacuchie (sic) Bogardus (page 6. While the names of the children given are correct, the wife of son Everdus (sic) was Mary Petitt and not "Lea Olat," and the daughter Magdalina (sic) did not marry John Drake. It is believed, though still not proved, that Magdalena married Willem Van Oort, while it has been proved that John Drake's wife was Martha Oldham. The husband of Anna Elizabeth was Jacob Quackenbosch, not Waucklenbosch). A lineage from Elaine Waiters beginning with Anneke Jans (pages 6-7. This line is incorrect at number 4. Adolphus Brouwer was not a son of Jacob Brouwer and Annetje Bogardus. He as a son of Nicholas Brouwer and Jannetje Caljer. Position 6 is also incorrect. Jannetje Brower, daughter of Isaac Brouwer was born in 1764 and she married William Collins in 1780. The Jannetje Brouwer who married Cornelius Tunison did so in 1749 and so was of a much earlier generation. This Jannetje Brouwer is unplaced and it is uncertain as to which larger Brouwer family she even belongs to. At position 7, note that Cornelius Tunison does not mention a son John is his will of 1790, so this placement has to be doubted). A lineage of Debora Brower, b. 1733, married Jeremiah Pearce (page 7. The line is correct except note that the wife of William Bogardus was Wynnetje Sybrants, not "Myrtle Sybrant," and William Bogardus' mother, which is left blank here, was Anneke Jans). On page 8 is a list of 11 children for Jacob Brouwer and Annetzie (sic) Bogardus (this list is partially incorrect. Jacob and Annatje did not have sons named John or Adolphus. See the BGB post of September 20, 2012 for an account of the family of Jacob Brouwer and Annatje Bogardus).

As always, a reminder to use the issues of The Brower Family Circle with care. Take the time to verify all claims and statements found within each issue.

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The Brower Family Circle Volume 3

Volume 3 of The Brower Family Circle was published with the dates April, July and October 1978, and January 1979. Links to PDF versions of the issues can be found on The Brower Family Circle page. The following is a summary of what can be found in each of the four issues of Volume 3.

No. 1, April 1978 (6 pages): An account of the family of Adam Brower, b. 1802, Randolph Co., North Carolina and his wife Charity Foust (page 1). Obituary of Carrington Brower (1830-1910) and the obituary of John Madison Brower (1838-1907), both on page 2. A biography of David N. Brower (1858-1923) on pages 3-4 (David N. Brower is a son of Carrington Brower). Pages 4-5 is a biography of John Duskin (married Martha Brower who was a daughter of Carrington Brower).

No. 2, July 1978 (9 pages): Brewer ancestry of Eldora Brewer, b. 1856, m. Thomas Henry Pettit (pages 1-2. She is a descendant of Adam Brouwer). On page two is the very incorrect ancestry of Adam Brouwer. Please refer to "New Insight Into the Origins of Adam Brouwer"). Pages 2-3 has additional notes on some descendants of Adam Brouwer including those who migrated to Mercer Co., Kentucky from the Conewago Congregation in Pennsylvania (use as a guide). Pages 3-4 is a piece referring to David Brewer killed at Brush Creek, North Carolina in 1788 (this David is a son of John Brower/Johannes Brauer and Hannah Echelbraur). Page 4 is a note regarding Phillip Brewer, born in South Carolina, 22 October 1822, a son of John and Catherine (Heller) Brower of Pennsylvania (the 1850 census finds this Philip Brewer in Haddon, Sullivan Co., Indiana, birth place given as North Carolina). Also on page 4 is some of the incorrect information found in Edward Denton Brewer's The House of Brewer (this work is notoriously incorrect for ancestry of Henry Brewer of Bedford Co., Pennsylvania, see this page at the BGD). Excerpts from "Lovering Family History," is on page 5. Also on page 5 is mention of Abram and Ann (Elder) Brewer from "History of Warren County, Ohio" (this Abram is a descendant of Adam Brouwer). More on the Elder family (pages 5-6). A deed in Highland Co., Ohio involving heirs of Frederick Braugher (page 6). Notes on Harmonus Brewer and two different Peter Brewers (page 6). Bottom of page 6 repeats a wildly incorrect lineage from Rev. Everardus Bogardus (generations 5, 6, and 7 in this line are wrong). More on the Conewago Congregation on pages 7-8. Another very incorrect lineage submitted by Alice Brewer Voris in on page 8. Please note: there is a lot of very incorrect information found in volume 3, no. 2. I've placed it online reluctantly and only in the interest of having the complete series available. The one redeeming value is that it might have educational value in pointing out some of the very false lineages and claims that have been circulated for many years.

No. 3, October 1978 (11 pages): A profile of William Brower, M.D., son of Gilbert Brower and Lydia Urner (pages 1-2, they are descendants of Henry Brower (1720-1784 of Coventry, Pennsylvania). Joseph L. Brower of Miami Co., Indiana, son of Noah Brower (1817-1877) and some descendants (pages 2-3). Sources and references for Maryland research (pages 4-5, includes some Brewer and Brower marriages). Page 6 has a request for a copy of a German publication from 1709. Brower births in Miami County, Indiana (pages 7-10, some info comes from marriage licenses).

No. 4, January 1979 (11 pages): Excerpts from "History of Preble County, Ohio," by H. Z. Williams & Bro., Publishers, 1881, regarding the War of 1812, followed by excerpts on Brower and Haldeman families (pages 1-10). The entire issue is devoted to what is found in History of Preble County, Ohio, With Illustrations and Biographical Sketches (H. Z. Williams & Brothers, 1881), available online at Internet Archive. Use this issue in conjunction with the original.

As always, use statements and compiled lineages found in The Brower Family Circle with caution. This is especially true for Volume 3, no. 2.

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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Brower Family Circle, Volume 2

The Brower Family Circle, Volume 2 was published in April, July and October 1977 and January 1978. Links to PDF versions of the issues can be found on The Brower Family Circle links page.

No. 1, April 1977 (41 pages): In the words of Jay H. Brower, "This Vol II, Number 1, will be devoted almost in its entirety to the line out of Pa in the 1700's to the present time." In actuality 18 of the 41 pages are devoted to the Pennsylvania Browers while 21 pages are used (or should we say misused) for material regarding Anneke Jans. Descendants of Hubert Brower are covered from page 1 through page 18. It is not organized in any manner that resembles what might be found in a modern day genealogical journal, and cited sources are few. It is also very much incomplete. But it is a very useful starting point for anyone who may wish to attempt a reconstruction of the descendants of Hubert Brower. At page 19 is "Since We Met," a memorial to George Leonard Brower (1894-1977). Page 20 has one of those notoriously incorrect accounts claiming that Anneke Jans was an heir of William I, Prince of Orange, generally known as "William the Silent" (1533-1584). Readers are advised to compare other published accounts of her descendants with those found in this issue on pages 21-23. More regarding Anneke Jans, including a transcript of her will (original source not stated) and other unverified and questionable information continues on pages 25-28 and a completely false "Traditional Ancestry of Anneke Jans," on pages 28-30. Material on Anneke Jans continues on pages 30-41. Other than as an example of how false accounts of Anneke Jans were perpetuated, pages 20-41 of The Brower Family Circle, vol. 2, no. 1, are not useful. Accurate information can be found elsewhere.

No. 2, July 1977 (6 pages): At the very top of page 1 is a note from Jay H. Brower telling the reader that although the date on this issue is July 1977, due to certain circumstances, it is actually being published in 1980. With this information, although I will continue to use the issue dates given by Jay H. Brower, we have to keep in mind that actual publication occurred about three or so years after the stated issue date. Roster of Iowa Soldiers in the War of the Rebellion (page 1). Lineage of Nona Lee (Roberts) Osborn, a descendant of Hubert Brower (pages 1-2). An ancestry that is well known to be incorrect for Matthew Brewer (Mathew Brower of Green Co., Pennsylvania) is on pages 2-3 (Matthew appears on page 3). The descendants of Matthew's son Jacob Brewer continues (pages 3-4) and this segment of the lineage is more reliable. On page 4 is the Brower ancestry of John Martin Brower (submitted by Mrs. Marge E. Brower, the earliest ancestor being Abram Brower whose wife was Phylothia Webster (Y-DNA testing of a descendant of this line has since demonstrated that the ancestor of Abram Brower was Adam Brouwer of Gowanus, L. I. See this chart at the BGD for the complete line). Page 6 has an ancestry from William Brower and Rachel Thompson and a bibliography of two books by persons named Brower.

No. 3, October 1977 (8 pages): A lineage from Henry Brower and Hannah Dillman (page 1. The lineage incorrectly states that their son Daniel was an only child. He was not). At page 2 are some descendants of James Brower, b. ca. 1825 who moved from Champaign, Illinois to Halstead, Sedgwick Co., Kansas and whose wife was Rebecca Snyder. The surname is spelled as BROWER throughout this submission (The Brewer-Lanier Database presently shows this James Brower as James BREWER born 1813, a son of Willis Brewer and a descendant of George Brewer of Brunswick Co., Virginia. I am now doubting this placement as found on the Brewer-Lanier site. A search of some descendants on shows the last name spelled as both BREWER and BROWER. There is no reason for any descendant of George Brewer of Brunswick Co., Virginia to ever spell the surname as BROWER, and therefore doubts have to be raised as to whether James Brower/Brewer who married Rebecca Snyder was a son of Willis Brewer. Y-DNA testing of another son of Willis [his son Solomon] has shown that Willis is a descendant of George Brewer. We would need a direct male descendant of James Brower/Brewer and Rebecca Snyder to take a Y-DNA test in order to determine which Brouwer, Brower or Brewer family group James Brewer in fact belongs to. Interested descendants should contact the Brewer DNA Project administered through Family Tree DNA). A list of names and addresses of organizations and personnel on the Brower Family Circle mailing list (pages 3-7).

No. 4, January 1978 (6 pages): Lineage of Merle Seth Brower (page 1. Although apparently unknown to Merle at this time, he is a descendant of John Brewer/Johannes Brower, whose sons established their families in Randolph Co., North Carolina). On pages 1-2 is an autobiography of John Sanders Brower written when he was 78 years old (J. S. Brower is an ancestor of Merle S. Brower). A list of "personnel" interested in Brower Genealogy (pages 3-5).

The standard Brower Family Circle caveat: Verify all information found on these pages with other sources. And once again, the info in Volume 2, no. 1 regarding Anneke Jans is largely incorrect.

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The Brower Family Circle Volume 1

Volume 1 of The Brower Family Circle consists of four issues dated April 1976, July 1976, October 1976 and January 1977. Links to PDF versions of the individual issues can be found on The Brower Family Circle page. Here is a synopsis of what can be found in volume one.

No. 1, April 1976 (6 pages including title): A list of four Civil War files in the possession of Jay H. Brower. A call to readers requesting material pertaining to Brower families. A poem titled "Your Name." A list of a few items of genealogical interest in the author's possession. Summaries of some Brouwers found in New Jersey, citing William J. Hoffman's "Brouwer Beginnings" (TAG 23-24) and notes received from a correspondent in 1963. Page 5 includes four paragraphs of information regarding Brower families who are not necessarily related, and a mention of the will of Peter Bunn of Philadelphia County. A segment called "A Durable Town." A query regarding Joseph Brower, b. 12 Dec (1814) in Preble County, Ohio, and who married Elizabeth Harmon (this Joseph Brower is a direct ancestor of Jay H. Brower).

No. 2, July 1976 (17 pages): "Genealogical Research Among Pennsylvania German and Huguenot Familes" from an address delivered before the National Genealogical Society in 1932 by Charles R. Roberts (pages 2 - 5, includes New Netherland families associated with the descendants of Adam Brouwer). Jay H. Brower's Brower ancestry (page 5). Queries on William John Brower (d. 1940) and Adam Brower (1763-1822) of Randolph Co., North Carolina. "Early Brower Lineage" (an account of the family of Sybrant Brouwer which incorrectly states that Anneke Jans was a daughter of Wolfert Webber, and genealogical summaries of a couple of Webber families and the "Webber-Bogardus-Brower Connection" from NYGBR vol. 56, followed by genealogical summaries of some descendants of Adam Brouwer which contains errors). On page 16 under "Brouwer Genealogy" is a transcription of the Family Record of Nicholas Brouwer. Please note that the Brouwer information found on pages 6 through 17 is not reliable.

No. 3, October 1976 (22 pages): Miscellaneous announcements. "Brower - Family History" which follows with baptism records of four children of David DeMaree (Demarest) and Antie Slode (Slot) at Hackensack. John Brouwer (a summary of the family of "Johan Brewer and Catharine Verwey" a.k.a. Jan Brouwer and Tryntje Verwey, Jan Brouwer being a son of Isaac Brouwer and Rachel Demarest). Summary of the family of Isaac Brouwer and Rachel DeMaree (Demarest) (this summary is incomplete as only those children baptized at Hackensack are included. Isaac and Rachel had four other children including two baptized at Tappan). Summary of the family of "Ulrick or Huldrick Brouwer and Hester DeVouw" (Uldrick's children with his second wife Ariaantje Pieters is not included). Summary of the family of Uzal Ward and Rachel Brouwer (daughter of Jan Brouwer and Tryntje Verwey). Abstracts of estate records regarding Jane Emmons who was the wife of Uzal P. Ward (son of Uzal Ward and Rachel Brouwer). Real estate records regarding Uzal P. Ward and his second wife Laura M. Mention of the will of "Sarah (Ogden) Johnson" and abstract of the will of Nathaniel Johnson of Newark, N. J. (these records refer to the Uzal Ward family but from an earlier generation). Verwey family summaries. DeMaree (Demarest) family summaries (Brouwer-Demarest-Verwey families conclude on page 14). "The Church of the Brethren" which includes a list of ministers for the years 1871 and 1881 named BROWER (page 15). Gravestone inscriptions from a German Baptist Church cemetery in West Alexandria, Ohio (pages 16-17). Bottom of page 17 is "Descendants of Jacob Brower" (first generation is incorrect. Daniel Brower, d. 20 May 1862, m. Sarah Flora, is a son of Henry Brower and Elizabeth Young. Henry is a son of Christian Brower and Eve Brenneman). Daniel M. Brower (page 18). Miscellaneous Notes (pages 19-20, regarding various families). Queries for Daniel Brower who married Sarah McManus, Christian Pleam married Susanna Brower, Abraham Brower and wife Barbara of Richardson Co., Nebraska. Bible Record of the family of Daniel Brower and Frances Rife (m. 23 May 1779).

No. 4, January 1977 (27 pages): Corrections to Vol. 1, no. 3 (pages 1-2). Brouwer marriages in New Jersey (pages 3-4). Two passenger list notes, Andreas Brauer to Philadelphia in 1750, and Mart. Brouwer to Philadelphia in 1791 (page 4). Excerpts from "Ours - Then and Now, Anneke Jans Bogardus - Van Horn - Yates - Decker and Allied Lines" by Elinor Randlemon (page 4-5). Marriages from Miami County, Indiana (pages 5-8, includes some lineages compiled by Jay H. Brower). Brower Deaths in Miami County, Indiana (pages 9-10, includes some birth records). Brower research material from a contributor (pages 10-12, notes begin with Hubert Brower then move to Adam Brouwer and back to Hubert Brower). Notes on John Brower who died 1812 in Montgomery Co., Ohio (pages 12-13). Military Records which include Christian Braucher of Northampton Co., Pennsylvania (pages 14-15). Henry Brewer of Adams Co., Ohio (page 15), Nicholas Brower (page 15). Pension Application of John Brewer of Fayette Co., Pennsylvania (pages 16-17). Pension Application of Abraham I. (or J.) Brewer, New Jersey (page 17). List of various Brower-Brewer-Brua Pension Records (page 17). BROWER extracted from the History of Preble County, Ohio from 1798-1881 (pages 18-19, John Brower, four Abraham Browers, a Jacob Brower, a second John Brower, Joseph Brower). Preble Co., Ohio Bible Records (pages 19-20 with notes). Obituaries (pages 21-24, range of dates). Queries: William John Brower, b. 1848 Brady, Ohio, m. Rachel Thompson; Michael Brower family, 1850 Chippewa, Wayne Co., Ohio (page 25), George Petty and Nelson Brower families, Richardson Co., Nebraska (page 26); Newman Lines (query by Jay H. Brower), Farrell Brower of Peru, Indiana (page 27).

The standard caveat applied to information, especially compiled information found in the issues of the Brower Family Circle, is to use it with caution as none of it constitutes proof. Use it as a guide to searching for original records and additional evidence.

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Monday, January 2, 2017

The Brower Family Circle

The Brower Family Circle was a serial publication written and published by Jay H. Brower of Tacoma, Washington. Issues are dated from 1976 through 1986*. Eleven volumes were published, each consisting of four issues. Volume 1, no. 1 was dated April 1976. The Family History Library has copies available on micro fiche. Back in 2008 I received a full set of the publication from William B. Bogardus. Karen Brewer Sims was kind enough to scan all of the issues to PDF format, and those scans are now available online through links on The Brower Family Circle page of this website. I will add issues to this page gradually, so check the page periodically.

Jay H. Brower was born in 1922 in Minneapolis, Minnesota and passed away in 2014. He was a son of Jay Houston Brower (1888-1955) and Kate Hale. He traced his paternal Brower ancestry to Hubert Brower who immigrated to Pennsylvania in 1726.

Jay H. Brower's paternal grandfather was Elijah Newman Brower (1851-1924) who lived in Miami County, Indiana until late in life when he relocated to Mountrail County, North Dakota. Elijah Newman Brower was the son of Joseph Brower (1814-1885) and Elizabeth Harmon (1817-1892).

Great-grandfather Joseph Brower had moved his family to Miami County, Indiana from Ohio. Joseph Brower was the son of Jacob Brower, born in 1791 in Virginia (supposedly Franklin County) and died in 1867 in Miami County, Indiana. Joseph Brower's mother was Elizabeth Teal (1800-1869).

Great-great-grandfather Jacob Brower was the son of John Brower who wrote his will 27 December 1811 in Montgomery County, Ohio, and was proved there 4 January 1813.

3-Great-grandfather John Brower is believed to have been born in Chester County, Pennsylvania, perhaps around 1740. John Brower's wife, the mother of Jacob Brower, was Mary Magdalena Titelow (1760-1845) who apparently was considerably younger than her husband. John Brower is named as the eldest son in the will of Christian Brower of Coventry, Chester County, Pennsylvania.

4-Great-grandfather Christian Brower's will was proved in November 1771 at Philadelphia. It was dated 3 June 1771. Christian Brower in turn is believed to be one of three sons of Hubert Brower, the other two being John (d. 1777) and Henry (1720-1784), who are found in Coventry Twp., Pennsylvania in the mid 1700s. Christian Brower's date of birth or age at death are not known, but he was likely born by 1715 (his eldest known child, Anna, was born in 1733). Christian Brower's wife is said to have been Eve Brenneman.

Volume 2, no. 1, April 1977 includes Jay H. Brower's account of some of the descendants of Hubert Brower. It is not complete, and there may be errors, but it is a very useful source for initiating a more comprehensive investigation into the earlier generations of this family. The Brewer DNA Project (associated with Family Tree DNA)is currently looking for direct male descendants of Hubert Brower who are interested in taking a Y-DNA test, so that a genetic signature for this family can be established. Hubert Brower left many descendants. Y-DNA testing will help confirm, or at least help us better understand some of the early research done on this family by Jay H. Brower and others.

The 42 issues of The Brower Family Circle are not solely devoted to the descendants of Hubert Brower. Other Brower/Brewer families are covered including families who trace their ancestry to Adam Brouwer of Gowanus, Long Island. And with that, here comes the warning: much of the material found in The Brower Family Circle contributed by persons who submitted their ancestries to Jay H. Brower and which included links to Anneke Jans Bogardus, is incorrect. An example of such can be found in Volume 2, no. 2, July 1977, pages 2-3 in which a contributor claims in her ancestry that Matthew Brewer, b. 1757 (who was of Greene Co., Pennsylvania) was a son of one Isaac Brewer, who is a son of Jacob Brewer (b. 2 Mar 1707) who is a son of Sybrant Brouwer who is a son of Jacob Brouwer and Annatje Bogardus. This lineage is false. While Sybrant Brouwer did in fact have a son named Jacob who was baptized on 2 March 1707 in the New York Reformed Dutch Church, no further record of that Jacob has ever been identified and it is probable that he died at a young age. This Jacob Brouwer, who because no further record for him has been found, has become a very common "gate-way" ancestor for false lineages back to Anneke Jans. Lineages which include Jacob Brouwer, bapt. 2 March 1707, are false and in some cases were fraudulently concocted by persons hoping to prove an ancestry from Anneke Jans.

Overall Jay H. Brower's issues of The Brower Family Circle do not follow any kind of strict format. Individually, the issues are collections of records, data and lineages that came to him through correspondents and his own research. As mentioned above, some of the material found in the issues should be used with caution and should not be taken at face value. Much of it, in particular the submitted lineages, should be independently verified. With more and more records now being made available online at sites like,,, and genealogical society sites like (NEHGS) and (NYG&BS) verification of what is found in The Brower Family Circle should be easier (in some cases) to do.

Since the material in each issue is so varied and haphazardly arranged, and since there is no known published index or such to the series, I will follow this post with future posts on each of the eleven volumes. The intention is to give a brief outline of the material found in each volume and issue.

Thanks again to William B. Bogardus and Karen Brewer Sims for their efforts in making issues of The Brower Family Circle available.

*We learn in Vol. 2, no. 2 (July 1977) that there is approximately a three year lapse, beginning with this issue, between the stated date of publication and the actual date is was published.

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