Sunset at Gowanus Bay

Sunset at Gowanus Bay
Sunset at Gowanus Bay, Henry Gritten, 1851

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

The Will of Philip Cortland Brewer of Ulysses, Tompkins County, New York

Philip Van Cortlandt Brouwer, born 7 March 1808, died 14 April 1876, a 3-great grandson of Adam Brouwer of Gowanus, Long Island, can be found here on the Brouwer Genealogy Database. We can update his profile with the addition of his will and a bit more on his descendants.

Philip was a son of Nazareth Brouwer (1756-1817) and his third wife, Deborah Wiltsie (b. 1776) who were married 26 March 1802. Philip was baptized at the New Hackensack (Dutchess County, New York) Reformed Dutch Church on 27 March 1808, the entry in the register includes his date of birth. No witnesses are recorded [Tower, Maria Bockee Carpenter. Records of the Reformed Dutch Church of New Hackensack, Dutchess County, New York. Bowie, Maryland: Heritage Books, Inc., 2000 (org.1932):71]. He married Sarah Lawless on 25 October 1828 at Poughkeepsie, New York where is name is given as Philip C. Brewer. This is the name he is primarily recorded by in subsequent records.

The will of Philip Cortland Brewer of the Town of Ulysses, County of Tompkins, State of New York can be found in Tompkins County Wills, vol. N, p. 483, available online here at The probate record begins on p. 481 where the proof is found. The will was proved 26 June 1876 by Henry Brewer of Enfield, Tompkins County and by Edgar Brewer, also of Enfield. Henry was Philip's brother. Edgar was a son of Henry. Philip's date of death, 13 April 1876, is recorded on this page. Philips, gravestone gives the date as 14 April 1876. He was buried in Grove Cemetery in Trumansburg, New York (Trumansburg being a village in the town of Ulysses). There is a Find-A-Grave page for Philip C. Brewer, but it does not include a photo of his gravestone.

In his will, Philip instructs his executrix to pay all just debts and funeral expenses. He leaves to his wife, Sarah Brewer, the interest on all real and personal property so long as she remains his widow for her use and support. He gives his executrix full power to sell and convey his real estate, but in he event that his wife should no longer be his widow (i.e. should she remarry or die) then two-thirds of all property is to be divided equally among his five children named: George I. Brewer, Sarah Jane Brewer, Rebecca wife of Samuel Manning, Susan Brewer and William H. Brewer, or their heirs. He appoints his wife, Sarah Brewer, executrix. The will is dated 25 March 1859, he signs as Philip Cortland Brewer, and is witnessed by the above mentioned Henry Brewer and Edgar Brewer, both of Enfield.

Administration on the estate of Philip C. Brewer was granted to Susan (Brewer) Farrington, "one of the Residuary Legatees," on 16 April 1886 (Tompkins Co. LOA 41:578 1/2). Philip's wife, Sarah (Lawless) Brewer had died in late March 1886, and letters of Testamentary were granted to Susan Farrington on 5 April 1886. (Tompkins Co. Executor Records 5:112 and 113).

The will of Sarah Brewer, widow, is found in Tompkins Co. Wills S:423. Sarah is of Trumansburg. She leaves bed, bedding, table spoons and tea spoons to her daughter Sarah J. Hall. To Carrie Brewer, daughter of William H. Brewer, bed and bedding. To Cortie Brewer, daughter of George I. Brewer, bed and bedding. Rest and residue to daughter Susan Brewer who is appointed executrix. The will is dated 4 April 1876. Sarah signed with her mark X, witnessed by D. S. Biggs and J. D. Smith. Proof is found on the proceeding page, 5 April 1886. Her date of death is stated as "on or about" 3 February 1886.

Final Settlement of the estate of Philip C. Brewer, by Susan Farrington, administratrix, is found in Final Settlements 13:376-377, dated 8 July 1887. The surviving heirs with their places of residence are recorded with the date 30 August 1887. Listed here are Mrs. Sarah J. Hall of Santa Clara, California; George I. Brewer of New York City; Rebecca Manning of Trumansburg; and William H. Brewer of Ithaca.

With the wills and records of the settlement of the estates of both Philip C. Brewer and his widow, Sarah Brewer, we can update the profile of Philip Van Courtland Brouwer as found on the BGD, which was last updated in April 2016, by adding children Sarah Jane Brewer and George I. Brewer, and the additions of spouses for daughters Rebecca and Susan. We will follow up with more details on the children and descendants in a separate post.

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Friday, December 27, 2019

Brewer - Fayette County, Pennsylvania Deeds, Books C, D, and E

Abstracts of Deeds found in Fayette County, Pennsylvania involving persons named BREWER. A search of the indexes found no persons with the named spelled as BROWER. Land records for Fayette County, including deeds and mortgages can be found online at The links provided in each abstract will lead to the digital image of the deed. It is suggested that you consult the original.

Background: Fayette County, Pennsylvania is in the southwestern part of the state. The present day boundaries have the county bounded, moving clockwise from west to east in Pennsylvania - Greene Co., Washington Co., Westmoreland Co., and Somerset Co. It is bounded on the southeast by Garrett Co., Maryland and on the south and southwest by Preston and Monongalia Counties, West Virginia. Fayette County was formed out of Westmoreland County in 1783. This was after the border between Pennsylvania and Virginia was settled in 1780 but before the U. S. Constitution was ratified in 1787 (in other words, before Pennsylvania was a state). During the 1770s western Pennsylvania (and Virginia) was essentially the "western frontier," about the extent of settlement by European Americans emigrating westward from the eastern seaboard colonies. We know of a few BREWER families descended from both Adam Brouwer of Gowanus and Jan Brouwer of Flatlands, as well as a family descended from Hubert Brower, who came to Philadelphia in 1726, that were present in western Pennsylvania (and the western parts of Virginia) during this early period. Some of these families moved further west during the early 1800s, moving into what would become Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana. Connecting these western Pennsylvania BREWER families to their progenitor families has been a challenge. While we have evidence of a broad ancestry based upon Y-DNA testing of living male descendants, we have not yet been able to identify specific, provable, lines of ancestry back to the original ancestor. Perhaps some additional information can be found in these deeds that will help answer some questions. See the posts of November 16, 2013 and December 30, 2013, but please be advised that since these postings additional info has been found. (All localities mentioned are in Fayette Co., Pennsylvania unless otherwise stated).

Deeds C2:720-21. Indenture dated 17 June 1796, Benjamin Brewer, late of Tyrone Township, yeoman, to Hugh Espy, of the county and state aforesaid. Whereas, Benjamin Brewer, by a patent duly had from the secretary's office baring the date 1 May 1796 reference thereunto had, for consideration of the sum of fifty nine pounds paid by Hugh Epsy, conveys a tract or parcel situate in Tyrone Township. Property bounded by Joseph Alexander and John Lee, contains 136+ acres (see deed for full description), together with buildings, improvements, water course rights, etc., granted to Benjamin Brewer by patent above sited. Signed by Benjamin Brewer and Catherine, his wife, both with their marks, "B". Witnesses: Joseph Alexander and Wm. Boyd. Benjamin Brewer acknowledges receipt of 59 pounds, 2 July 1796 (C:722).

Deeds C3:1001-2. Dated 9 February 1797. Benjamin Brewer, late of Tyrone Township, yeoman & Catherine his wife, to Joseph Alexander of county and state aforesaid. Land granted by patent dated 31 May 1796, for consideration of one hundred and seventy five pounds, a tract of land situate in Tyrone Township. Bounded by the lands of James Quigley, Hugh Espy, John Lee, "Moses Smith or William Espy," containing one hundred and fifty nine acres, together with buildings, improvements, water courses, etc. Benjamin and Catherine Brewer sign with their marks ("B"), in the presence of Jacob Stewart and Robert Porter. Benjamin Brewer acknowledges receipt of payment by Joseph Alexander on 9 July 1797. [See Benjamin Brewer here on the BGD].

Deeds C3:1085. Thomas Stafford per attorney to Elias Brewer. Dated 6 September 1797. Thomas Chambers of Jefferson County, State of Kentucky, farmer, to Elias Brewer of the Township of Menallen, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, farmer. Whereas said Elias Brewer obtained a deed of conveyance of a certain tract or parcel of land lying and being in the Township of Menallen aforesaid from Samuel Jackson who appears was legally impowered to make the same and whereas one of the owners of said land was not of age at the time of making said conveyance and she is since married and lives in Kentuckie (sic) State and is now of full age and as it appears that her husband Thomas Stafford hath by a legal power of Attorney impowered the above named Thomas Chambers to confirm and make sum said land unto said Elias Brewer his heirs and assigns forever. For consideration of the sum of one hundred and twenty four pounds, ten shillings in hand paid by the said Elias Brewer...a tract of land now in possession of said Elias Brewer being bounded by lands of John Tate, Joseph Dungins, Samuel Grable, John Cadwallder, James Stewart and William Linn... Signed by Thomas Chambers. Witnesses: Timothy Smith, John Allen.

Deeds C3:1134-35. Dated 21 October 1797. Elias Brewer of Menallen Township and Mary his wife to John Tate, Junr., of the same place. For the sum of two hundred and sixty four dollars, a tract of land called Limestone situated on the waters of Great Redstone Creek in the place aforesaid. Eight acres. Signed by Elias Brewer and Mary Brewer. Witnesses: George Lamb, Constantine Hermmons. Acknowledgement by Elias and Mary Brewer, 30th day of the 10 month 1797. [See the post of November 25, 2013].

Deeds D:25. Dated 3 March 1797. John Brown of the Township of Menallen, to Elias Brewer of the same place. For one hundred pounds lawful money of Pennsylvania, a parcel of land in the place aforesaid beginning at a large white oak at the corner of John Tate's land... The property is bounded by land of Caleb Antrum, land of Joseph Dungens, land of Samuel Grable, land of Thomas Stuart and land of William Linn. Containing one hundred and eighty seven acres being part of that tract called Limestone.

Deeds D:30. Dated 25 August 1797. John Brewer of Bullskin Township and Sarah Brewer of Bullskin to Thomas Stokely of the town and county of Washington, Pennsylvania. Whereas the said John Brewer did several years ago settle on and improve a tract of land in the said township of Bullskin, which said tract is adjoining lands of Henry White, lands surveyed under the supervision and direction of Zachariah Connell and lands claimed by one Dunkin and whereas the said John Brewer has some years ago obtained a warrant in his own name for aforesaid tract of land which said warrant calls for sixty acres of land or thereabout - the above named John Brewer and Sarah his wife for consideration of forty pounds, convey to Thomas Stokely the aforesaid warrant and improvements. Signed by John Brewer and Sarah Brewer. Witnesses: An? Barnney? and Caleb Mounts. (See July 14, 2012). [This deed helps clear up just who the John Brewer found on the 1790 U.S. census at Bullskin, Fayette Co., Pennsylvania, is. By mention in this deed of his wife, Sarah, the John Brewer of Bullskin would be "John Brewer of Scioto Co., Ohio." The 1790 census record would NOT apply to John Brewer of Washington, Fayette Co. (found there in 1800, 1820 and 1830 and in 1840 at Perry Twp.) whose wife was Mary Martin (see November 25, 2013)].

Deeds D:113. Dated 23 October 1797. Elias Brewer of the Township of Menallen and Mary his wife, to Timothy Smith of the same place. For the sum of sixty five dollars, a tract of land called Limestone lying in the place aforesaid. Beginning at a stone on the line of John Tate, south to a stone, east to a stone on the line of John Tate, Junior, north to the beginning, containing two acres and four perches. Witnesses: George Lamb and Constantine Hermmons. Acknowledged 30 , 10th month, 1797.

Deeds D:320. Dated 25 March 1801. Elias Brewer and Mary his wife of the Township of Menallen, to Joseph Woodmanse of the Township of Redstone. For Two Hundred and Forty Dollars, a lot of land situate upon the waters of big Redstone Creek and the place aforesaid beginning at a white oak at the corner of John Tates land... The parcel bounds that of the Brewers on the south. Containing about fifteen acres. Part of a tract of land which Elias Brewer purchased of the heirs of Jonathan Chambers. Witnesses: Andrew Morrison, Griffith Roberts.

Deeds E:9. Dated 1 December 1800. John Cadwalder Senor and Sarah his wife of the Township of Redstone to John Cadwalder Junior of the same place. For the sum of ninety nine dollars, a lot of land situate on the waters of Roughs Run a branch of Big Redstone Creek in the Township of Redstone aforesaid. Beginning at a stone in the line of Elias Brewer thence west... [Elias Brewer was married to Mary Cadwalder on 29 September 1790 by the Friends Meeting at Westland, Washington Co., Pennsylvania. Mary was a daughter of John and Sarah (Jamison) Cadwalder, and as seen from the deed, the Cadwalders had land that abutted that of Elias Brewer].

Deeds E:9. Dated 1 December 1800 (same as the deed above that immediately precedes it in the book). Elias Brewer and Mary his wife of the Township of Menallen, to John Cadwalder, Junior of the Township of Redstone. For consideration of five hundred and sixteen dollars, a lot of land on the Waters of Roughs Run, a branch of Redstone Creek, in he Township of Manallen aforesaid, beginning at a stone on the line of John Gibson south...containing sixty four acres. Witnesses: John Hank and Mary Rogers.

Deeds E:152. Dated 5 December 1800. William Linn Senior of the Township of Redstone, yeoman, to Elias Brewer, yeoman, of the same place. For consideration of one hundred eighty six dollars, a lot of land situate upon the Waters of Roughs Run, a branch of the big Redstone Creek, beginning at a heap of stones in the line of Samuel Grable, Junr.... The land bounds that of Elias Brewer. Containing three acres. It being the same lot of land conveyed to William Linn by James Dunlap by deed of 13 September 1790. Witnesses: Hugh Shotwell and William Linn, Junr.

This image, downloaded from Wikipedia (article: Redstone Creek), taken from Thadeus Mason Harris,"Journal of a tour in the territory northwest of the Allegheny Mountains made in the spring of the year 1803," shows Redstone Creek (mentioned in some above deeds). It is found in the lower left quadrant in this image, a branch of the Monongahela River.

Rivers of southwestern Pennsylvania in 1803

Redstone Township in History of Fayette County, Pennsylvania with Biographical Sketches  of Many of the Pioneers and Prominent Men, edited by Franklin Ellis (Philadelphia: L. H. Everts & Co., 1882). Menallen Township can be found at page 653. Bullskin Township is at page 485. Tyrone Township (Benjamin Brewer above) is not covered. Modern maps of Fayette County show an Upper Tyrone Township and to its east, Lower Tyrone Township. The two are at the northern line of the county abutting Westmoreland County. To the east of Lower Tyrone is Bullskin, and to the west of Upper Tyrone is Perry Township.

Fayette Co., PA (from Wikipedia, Map of Fayette County, Pennsylvania)
No men named BREWER are covered in the Biographical pieces found in History of Fayette County, Pennsylvania. There is a period map in the History following page 8.

Outline Map of Fayette Co. (from Almlie-Talberg-Sord-Dilley A Family History)
Like many volumes of this type, History of Fayette County does not include an index. An Every Name Index, compiled by Cathy L. O'Connor in 2008, can be found online. A search finds only one mention of a BREWER, that being Henry Brewer at page 210, mustered in Nov. 1, 1862, Second Artillery from Fayette County (Civil War), while Elias BREWIN (sic) is at page 183, where he is listed as a Corporal in Capt. Andrew Moore's Company in the service of the United States from October 2, 1812 until April 2, 1813 (six months during the War of 1812). They were of the Second Regiment, Second Brigade, Pennsylvania Militia under Brig.-Gen. Richard Crooks. There is no biographical information on either man. John Cadwalder/Cadwallder is not found in the index, nor is there a Biographical sketch.

No promises here, but time permitting, we'll try to research more deeds (from later years) and follow up with a post is something of interest is found.

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Monday, December 23, 2019

Bennet Corrections

Over seven years ago in the post of November 14, 2012, I mentioned corrections to "Willem Adriaense Bennet of Brooklyn, N. Y., and Some of His Descendants," published in the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, by Wilson V. Ledley beginning with volume 94, number 4 (1962) and ending with volume 95, number 4 (1964). The intention at the time was to follow up with more corrections in posts here on this blog. Well, that didn't happen.

Mike Morrissey, however, has further researched and published a large number of corrections to Ledley's series of articles. They can be found online on his blog, "New Netherland Ancestry," with nine posts dated March 30, 2017. The nine posts each focus on a specific Bennet family and include a genealogical summery reflecting the corrections. Sources are included. This is very professionally done. The work is very good here, and mention of the corrections can be found in the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, 149 (2018):316 (in Additions and Corrections to Articles in the RECORD). The corrections include the volume and page number from Ledley's articles for each individual being corrected, making it easy to compare the two (the correction and the original) side by side. This is a must reference for Bennet family researchers. There are, unfortunately, a lot of errors in that original publication. Here's list of links to the individual posts:

The Family of Jan3Bennet (Adriaen2, Willem1) (#9) and Femmetje Rapalje

The Family of Adriaen3 Bennet (Adriaen2, Willem1) (#10) and Barbara Vonk 

The family of Jacob3Bennet (Adriaen2, Willem1) (#12) and Barbara Verdon

The Family of Isaac3Bennet (Adriaen2, Willem1) (#14) and Magdalena Joosten 

The Family of Abraham3Bennet (Adriaen2, Willem1) (#15) and Jannetje Folkerts 

The Family Angeniejte3 Bennet (Adriaen2, Willem1) (#16) and Hans Volkerts Van Nostrand 

The Family of Jan3 Bennet (Willem2, Willem1) (#20) and Aeltje Wynans 

The Family of Willem3Bennet (Willem2, Willem1) (#21) and Arriantje Vandewater 

The Family of Jacob3Bennet (Willem2, Willem1) (#22) and Neeltje Beekman

Thank you Mike Morrissey, and my apologies for taking nearly three years to recognize this work!

I must emphasize that if you are using Wilson V. Ledley's published articles in the RECORD, you MUST consult the above pages for the corrections. The two have to be used hand in hand.

In addition, I would recommend exploring Mike's website for other New Netherland families that might be of interest. Many of the families featured in the posts (54 posts to date) are found in Kings County, New York and in New Jersey, two areas where baptismal and marriage records are very incomplete and where very careful research is required. Many of the posts correct previously published accounts (including other articles authored by Wilson V. Ledley) while others feature family summaries that (to my knowledge) are not published elsewhere.

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Saturday, December 21, 2019

Quackenbosch-Brouwer Correction

The Brouwer Genealogy Database (BGD) has Marretje Quackenbosch (bapt. 1 Nov 1730 at Tappan), daughter of Jacob Quackenbosch and Anna Brouwer, as the wife of Albert Van der Werken, and as the mother of six Van der Werken children. The source for this claim was Adriana (Quackenbush) Suydam, The Quackenbush Family in Holland and America (Paterson, New Jersey: Quackenbush & Co., 1909), p.50. However, as noted on the BGD profile of Marretje Quackenbosch, William B. Bogardus, Dear "Cousin": A Charted Genealogy of the Descendants of Anneke Jans Bogardus (1605-1663) to the 5th Generation - and of her sister, Marritje Jans (Wilmington, OH, U.S.A.: Anneke Jans and Everardus Bogardus Descendants Association, 1996), chart 7D, states "no further record," for Marretje. William B. Bogardus was correct and The Quackenbush Family and the profile on the BGD are wrong.

The October 2018 issue of the New York Genealogical and Biographical RECORD (vol. 149, no. 4, pp. 313-316) provides the evidence for the correct identification of Albert Van der Werken's wife. The correction is supplied by Susan Kay Skilton as an addition to her article, "Rachel Quackenbush, Child Captive During King George's War" (RECORD 148[2017]:165-73). Here, the wife of Albert Van der Werken is identified as Maria Quackenbush, baptized 2 October 1731 at Albany, daughter of Jacob Quackenbush and Geertruy van der Werken. The piece includes an additional four children for Albert and Maria (Quackenbush) Van der Werken who are not found on the BGD profile.

What became of Marretje Quackenbosch, the daughter of Jacob Quackenbosch and Anna Brouwer, is as yet, unknown.

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Sunday, December 15, 2019

Big Y-700

An earlier post today involved new information acquired from Y-chromosome testing using the results of Family Tree DNA's Big Y-700 test. The test is relatively new having been rolled out only about a year ago. We're just starting to see results from tests and the more tests we have the more we'll get to see just how useful the testing is. Rather than try and explain the ins and outs of this new test myself, I thought that I would simply provide some links to other sites online that would provide the interested reader with more information.

We'll start with Family Tree DNA's own white paper on the Big Y-700 test, and the company's Big Y page at their Learning Center.

Your DNA Guide, Big Y-700 Test: When To Use It, by Diahan Southard, August 29, 2019

DNAeXpained, The Big Y Test Increases Again to Big Y-700, Roberta Estes, January 30, 2019

The Genetic Genealogist, Thinking About a BigY Test at Family Tree DNA?, Blaine Bettinger, August 1, 2019.

DNA and Family Tree Research, Getting the most from your new Big Y-700 results, Maurice Gleeson, August 21, 2019.

The last link above suggests some options and provides instructions on uploading your date to the "Big Tree" which is specific to those in the haplogroup R-P312. To date, and to my knowledge, no member of the Brewer DNA Project has yet to be identified with this SNP. Members of the Brewer DNA Project who do order the Big Y-700 should consult Hank Graham, the Project's administrator, for instructions on how to proceed once their Big Y-700 test results are reported. You may also find instruction if you scroll through the Project's Activity Feed page (available to project members only). The Brewer DNA Project uses YFull for further analysis and placement on their YTree. Again, those considering joining the Project, or considering an upgrade to the Big Y-700, should contact the administrators of the Brewer DNA Project with any questions.

As of this post, the Brewer DNA Project has 370 members spread across ten sub-groups (and a set of ungrouped members), of which 112 members have taken one or another version of the Big Y test (at least 65 have taken the Big Y-700).

BGB 665

E-BY6312, Abraham Brouwer (b. by 1667- ) An Update

The post of September 5, 2018, "Status of the Adam Brouwer Sub-Group of the Brewer DNA Project," gave an overview of the seven sons of Adam Brouwer with regards to the status of Y-DNA testing of known descendants at the Brewer DNA Project. This post is directed at no. 6 Abraham Brouwer, who was born by 1667, of whom you can find some background in the post of December 4, 2012. It is important to note that Abraham Brouwer had only two sons (Jeury and Abraham), both of whom left descendants. In September 2018 we had two tested descendants, both descendants of the son Abraham (1706-1755 or 56) who also were closely related (uncle and nephew). Their two tests helped to define a SNP for this branch of Adam Brouwer descendants. That SNP is E-BY6312 which can be seen here on YFull's YTree (current version v7.09.01).

The update is that a third descendant of Abraham Brouwer (b. by 1667), a descendant of the other son, Jeury Brouwer (prob. b. 1700-05, d. by 4 Feb 1784) has taken the BigY-700 test (FamilyTreeDNA)* and the results show that he too has the SNP, E-BY6312. As the three tested descendants of Abraham Brouwer (b. by 1667) share this one SNP that is not found among other tested descendants of Adam Brouwer, and as the three are descended from the two different sons of Abraham (b. by 1667), it appears that we can now state that Abraham Brouwer's branch of descendants from Adam Brouwer can be defined by E-BY6312.

From Hank Graham, Administrator of the Brewer DNA Project, "The above results are the first time we can give a specific sub-clade designation to one son of Adam Brouwer."

Other SNPs are involved here that tell more of a story as related by Hank Graham in an email -

 The results have clarified when the five SNP markers of sub-clade E-BY6312 appeared in the line of Adam's son Abraham ( 1667).  Kit#88228, kit#161350 and kit#438438 share SNPs BY6312 and BY6315 that were present in their Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA) Abraham Brouwer (b. by 1667) placing them in sub-clade E-BY6312 of Haplogroup E-BY6201.  Kits#161350 and kit#438438 are placed in a more recent subclade E-BY6313 consisting of  SNPs BY6313, BY6316 and Y56389  that first appeared at various times over seven generations in their common line from Abraham (b. 1706) and their MRCA Leon Brower (b. 1893).  Sub-clade E-BY6313 is a sub-clade of E-BY6312 a sub-clade of Haplogroup E-BY6201.

 The above results are the first time we can give a specific sub-clade designation to one son of Adam Brouwer.  All descendants of Abraham Brouwer (b.by1667) are in sub-clade E-BY6312 consisting of BY6312 and BY6315 and anyone tested for either SNP and found to be have that SNP is a descendant of Abraham Brouwer (b.by1667).  STR marker DYS572=10 in Adam Brouwer descendants tested to the YDNA67 level is a useful hint, not a proof, of descent from Abraham Brouwer (b.by1667).  DYS572 is present in only these three men of the 34 men tested by the YDNA67 test.

 The most significant chromosome variation within a family results when a single nucleotide at a specific location on the Y chromosome  changes from the normal (ancestral) nucleotide at that chromosome location to another (derived) nucleotide at that same position.  These changes are called  private variants, but when a private variants  matches the private variant in another man it  is given a specific name, SNP and the matching SNPs indicate a related subgroup (SUBCLADE) within the family. The time period that the SNP or subclade formed can be estimated by determining the most recent common ancestor of the two men as the most recent time the SNP and subclade could have appeared and combining that with  an earlier common ancestor that  is ancestral for the SNP.  The matching private variants identified by either FTDNA or YFull  with any BigY test result create a virtually absolute proof that the men share a MRCA within the family group.  Subclades and their related SNPs  appear in the line of several of Adam's sons.   E-BY6312 is the first sub- clade in the Adam Brouwer group  that meets the criteria that descendants from other son's of Adam Brouwer (b. ca. 1620) ancestral at the chromosome position of SNPs BY6312 (ChrY 6850508 , Hg38) and BY6315 (ChrY 15719803,  Hg38)  while kits #88228, #161350 and #438438 are derived at those two chromosome positions.

The YFull YTree will not be updated until the new test results are received ans analyzed there, so here a chart of how the Adam Brouwer branch of the YTree now looks:

E-Y19643 (E-BY6201) (Adam Brouwer), f. 3600 ybp[i]
E-BY6245, f. 350 ybp[ii]
E-BY6312 (Abraham Brouwer), f. 350 ybp[iii]
E-BY52688, f. 350 ybp[iv]

[i]YFull YTree, online <>, v7.09.01 (Nov. 25, 2019). TMRCA = 350 ybp. Their common ancestor is Adam1 Brouwer, probably b. 1610-1620 in Cologne, d. 1692 at Gowanus, Long Island, New York.
[ii]Ibid., v7.09.01 (Nov. 25, 2019). TMRCA = 225 ypb. Their known EKA is Peter Brewer, b. ca. 1765 probably in New Jersey, d. 1840 in Hardin Co., Kentucky. The direct paternal ancestry of Peter Brewer, back to Adam1 Brouwer, is not known.
[iii]Ibid., v7.09.01 (Nov. 25, 2019). Their EKA is Abraham2 Brouwer, son of Adam1 Brouwer.
[iv]Ibid., v7.09.01 (Nov. 25, 2019). TMRCA = 350ybp. The EKA of one is Nicholas2 Brouwer, son of Adam1 Brouwer. The EKA of the other is Charles Henry Brower (1820-1860) of Philadelphia, PA whose direct paternal ancestry back to either Nicholas or Adam Brouwer is not known.

Hopefully as more descendants of Adam Brouwer, descendants of his other sons, join the Project and as existing members upgrade to the BigY-700, we will be able to identify identifying SNPs for Adam Brouwer's other six sons.

*In September 2018 the most comprehensive test at FamilyTree was the BigY-500. That test has since been upgraded to the BigY-700. All three tests involved here have been upgraded to the BigY-700.

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