Sunset at Gowanus Bay

Sunset at Gowanus Bay
Sunset at Gowanus Bay, Henry Gritten, 1851

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Abstracts of Hunterdon County Probate Records (Concluded)

This is the final installment of Abstracts of Hunterdon County Probate records which began with the post of April 29, 2020, and continued with May 6, 2020, May 8, 2020, and May 10, 2020.

The remaining records of BREWERs found in the General Index for Hunterdon County Probate are from the early 20th century. Many of them have not been made available on the website. Perhaps in future years they'll show up, but for now we are limited and we will make due as best we can by simply abstracting those records that are available. A look at the main page for the available Hunterdon County Probate Records shows that most titles available end in the late 1800s or very early 1900s. Wills, which end with 1919, runs the longest. And so...

20. Arabella P. Brewer. Petitions for Probate 9:258. Wills 31:596. [The index tells us that these records are from 1925 and so are unavailable to view. A search of the New Jersey records on came up empty. Nothing for any Arabella Brewer is found. However, we do find a Belle S. Brewer on the 1920 U.S. census at Flemington, age 58, widowed, mother-in-law in the household of Andrew T. La Tourette, wife Inez, whom I believe would be this individual on the BGD, daughter of Charles W. and Belle Brewer. Picking up on this, we find that Chas. W. Brewer married Bella P. Scott at Flemington, 6 Junne 1884. Further research finds that Charles W. Brewer is a son of Richard Brewer and Miriam Lundy. (See nos. 23 and 24 below).]

21. Estella S. Brewer. Petitions for Administration 4:361 (not available). Letters of Administration 8:413. Dated 13 July 1912. Administration on the estate of Estella S. Brewer of Hunterdon County who died intestate granted to William M. Brewer of Hunterdon County. Administrators Bonds 8:520 (not available). [William M. Brewer and Estella S. Brewer, husband and wife, are found on the 1910 U.S. census at Frenchtown, Hunterdon County. Estella is age 50, born in New York. William is age 60, born in New York. They have been married for 29 years and have one child who is living. Also in the household are Asal A. Willcox, brother-in-law (to William who is the head of household), age 80, born in Massachusetts and Huldah Willcox, sister (to William, so wife of Asal Willcox), age 80, born in New York, married for 35 years, no children.]

22. Elizabeth Ann Brewer. Petitions for Probate 8:290. Letters of Administration 29:557. Inventory of Executor 30:550. Account 18:21. Releases and Refunding Bonds 39:10-11. [None of the records are available online. The Index gives the date as 1922. Therefore I would gather that Elizabeth Ann is the Elizabeth A. (___) who married Leonard Brewer (no. 10 on the May 8th post). A Find-A-Grave memorial tells us that she was Elizabeth A. Burdge, and died 17 March 1922, buried with her husband at Prospect Hill Cemetery in Flemington.]

23. Phoebe Ann Brewer. Petitions for Probate 5:392 (not available, but see Wills 25:52). Wills 25:50. (You will have to use the "tools" to flip the image. This is a typed copy). Phebe A. Brewer of the Township of Franklin, being of sound mind and memory. Executor to pay just debts and funeral expenses. To the directors of Locust Grove Cemetery, $100, placed in trust, the interest to be used to keep up my plot as a part of plot no. 44. To my sister Amy Goodfellow, my sewing machine. to my sister Eliza J. Long my watch and chain. To my above named sisters my wearing apparel, including a napkin ring marked W.R.B. If enough remains from my estate my executors are to erect a suitable granite monument on my plot with markers to my grave also to my Father and Mother... Appoints Clifford E. Snyder as executor. Dated 4 May 1912. Witnesses William Taylor, William Harvey Stout. Proved 15 October 1913. Clifford E. Snyder states that Phebe Ann Brewer died 20 September 1913. Inventory of Executor 28:85 (not available). Accounts 16:183 (not available). [Locust Grove Cemetery is in Quakertown, Hunterdon County. There are a handful of Brewer memorials for this cemetery on Find-A-Grave, but not one for Phebe. Cornelius L. Brewer (no. 9 on the May 8th post) as well as his brothers, John W. Brewer and W. T. (I assume this is Washington T.) Brewer are there (no real info on the page for W. T.). Also in the cemetery are Benjamin Brewer (1805-1875), and his wife Euphema Pownell, and their son, William W. Brewer, his wife, and son Howard Brewer. I am not finding a Phebe Ann Brewer on the 1910 U.S. census in Hunterdon County, however, I do find an Annie Brewer, at Franklin, age 68, single, border in the household of Burris Snyder. The household includes Burris' son, Clifford E. Snyder (the executor of Phebe's will) and William Taylor (one of the witnesses). Annie Brewer's occupation is "servant." In 1900 she is also enumerated as Annie Brewer, and is in Burris Snyder's household, a servant. Her birth date given as August 1843 in New Jersey. "Pheba" A. Brewer, age 6, is found on the 1850 census at Raritan, Hunterdon County, in the household of Richard and Miriam Brewer, of who an incomplete profile is found on the BGD. In just the past couple of years (since the time the BGD was last updated) a direct male descendant of this Richard Brewer has joined the Brewer DNA Project. His Y-DNA test results show that he, and therefore his direct male ancestor, Richard Brewer, are descendants of Jan Brouwer of Flatlands, L. I. Also since the last time the BGD was updated, I (and others) have done a bit more research on this family. If you have a subscription, you can find it on here. Richard Brewer's parents are said to have been William Brewer and Anna King, who need further research, and the Brewer ancestry back to Jan Brouwer has not yet been found. Richard's daughter (Phebe Ann's sister) listed on the 1850 census as Anna W., is actually the sister Amy mentioned in Phebe's will. Amy married Samuel L. Goodfellow. The sister Eliza mentioned, was born in 1856 and married John Long. Any help from readers in completing this line back to Jan Brouwer would be greatly appreciated.]

24. Sarah Jane Brewer. Petitions for Probate 7:81(not available, but see Wills 27:220). Wills 27:219. Dated Yardley, Pa, May 29th, 1918. Sarah Jane Brewer, being of sound mind. All funeral expenses and other expensess to be paid first. To Locust Grove Cemetery at Quakertown, New Jersey, $50 for the perpetual care of my lot (sic). A headstone to be (e)rected (e)qually as nice as the one erected to my husband which is already there. All furniture at 939 Levere Ave., Trenton, N. J. belonging to me I bequeath to Alvin S. Brewer, my nephew, and all else at 939 Levere Ave. I bequeath Emma J. Brewer. My centre (sic) table at Hutchinson Road, N. J. to go to Orville W. Brewer who has it now in his possession. To Jennie Price, my niece at Hopewell, N. J., $25. My clothing to my sister Ellen Dilley, White House Station. All other goods to be divided between Ellen Dilley and Emma J. Brewer. Appoints Willard J. Parker of Flemington, N. J. as executor. Witnessed by W. P. Roberts and I. C. Wharton. Proved 12 June 1918 by Warner P. Roberts and Ivens C. Wharton. Testament of Willard J. Parker states that Sarah Jane Brewer died on 1 June 1918. Accounts 17:14 (not available). [Yardley is a borough in Bucks Co., Pennsylvania that borders the Delaware River and Ewing, Mercer Co., New Jersey. You will not find Sarah Jane Brewer, or the family members mentioned on the BGD. However, Sarah Jane Brewer has helped tie together some of those mentioned above. Sarah Jane Van Houten married Wesley R. Brewer at Flemington on 14 December 1878. Wesley R. Brewer is a son of Richard Brewer, the father of Phebe Ann, no. 23, above. Both Alvin S. Brewer and Orville W. Brewer, mentioned in the will, is a son of Willis L. Brewer and Emma J. Sigafoos. Willis L. Brewer is another son of Richard Brewer. Emma J. Sigafoos would be the Emma J. Brewer mentioned in Sarah Jane's will.]

25. William R. Brewer. Petitions for Probate 11:27 (not available). Wills 34:480 (? could be page 400, but not available online). [The date given in the Index for these records is 1928. William R. Brewer is buried in Union Cemetery, Grandin, Hunterdon County. His wife was Ella A. Housel who died in 1911. They were married about 1885 (1900 U.S. census at Alexandria, Hunterdon Co.). In 1910 they are found in Clinton, Hunterdon County, the census records that they did not have any children. In 1920, William R. Brewer, widower, is in Clinton. He was the son of Susan Brewer, who was born about 1841 in New Jersey, a daughter of David Brewer and his wife Elizabeth A., who is no. 8 on the post of May 8th. David Brewer was born about 1809/10 and is found in 1850 at Alexandria, Hunterdon County with wife, Eliza, and six children including Susan, age 9. On 10 January 1871, at Kingwood, Susan Brewer, daughter of David and Eliza Brewer, married William Bellis who was about 20 years her senior. In 1870, at Union, Hunterdon County, Susan Brewer, age 27, with William R. Brewer, age 7, is found in the household of the senior William Bellis, age 80, which also includes the younger William Bellis, age 48, and Henry Bellis, age 37, the later two being laborers. Susan is recorded as "House keeper." Susan and William Bellis had a son, John Bellis, born about 1877. It appears that William R. Brewer was born out of wedlock to Susan Brewer and was given his mother's surname. Susan was widowed by 1910 and was living in 1920 in the household of her son, John Bellis, in Union, Hunterdon County. We'll have to try and look for a probate record for both Susan and her husband, William Bellis. Here is the incomplete profile of William R. Brewer on the BGD.]

The above probate records from the early 1900s have helped tie up some lose ends that are found on the BGD. But there is much more work to be done in Hunterdon County. There are a number of different Brewer families (the surname, spelled as Brower, is completely absent although I do find Brewer individuals sometimes recorded with the name spelled as Bruer). It is not clear, how, or even if, these various Brewer families are related to one another.

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Sunday, May 10, 2020

Abstracts of Hunterdon County Probate Records (Continued)

Continued from the post of May 8, 2020. Also see May 6, 2020, and April 29, 2020. The records being abstracted can be found at, under New Jersey Probate Records, 1678-1980, Hunterdon County. As with previous posts, my comments, notes, etc., are found in brackets [  ].

13. Mary Brewer. Petition for Administration 1:114. Petition of Washington T. Brewer on the estate of Mary Brewer of Baptistown, late of the Township of Kingwood, died intestate at Baptistown on 1 April 1890. Heirs and next of kin: Washington T. Brewer (son, of Flemington), John Brewer (son, of Flemington). Dated 13 March 1890 [which inexplicably is prior to the date of death as recorded in the petition]. Letters of Administration 7:230. Administration on the estate of Mary Brewer who died intestate granted to Washington T. Brewer, 13 March 1890. Administrator's Bonds 5:60 (not available online). Accounts 8:582. Final account of Washington T. Brewer, administrator. Filed 20 November 1890. [Mary Brewer was the wife (widow) of Thomas Brewer who appears to have died before June of 1880 when Mary is listed as head of household at Kingwood, New Jersey. A probate record for Thomas Brewer has not been located. Her family name has not been learned. On the BGD.]

14. Mary Brewer. Petition for Administration 1:323. Petition of Gideon M. Brewer of the Township of Delaware, the husband of Mary Brewer late of the Township of Delaware who departed this life at Oak Dale, Hunterdon County on the ____ day of ____ A.D. 1893. Heirs and next of kin: Gideon M. Brewer (husband, of Oak Dale). Dated 7 August 1893. Letters of Administration 7:343. Administration on the estate of Mary Brewer, late of Hunterdon County,, who died intestate, granted to Gideon M. Brewer, 7 August 1893. Administrator's Bonds 5:510 (not available online). [First wife of Gideon M. Brewer. See no. 15, below.]

15. Gideon M. Brewer. Petition for Probate 3:84. Petition of Gideon Moore, executor of the last will and testament of Gideon M. Brewer who departed this life in Delaware Township on Tuesday, 17th of July 1900. Surviving heirs: Hannah Brewer (widow). Dated 31 July 1900. Wills 20:4. Gideon M. Brewer of Delaware Township, Hunterdon County, revoking any previous wills. Executors shall dispose of all property both real and personal as soon as convenient. Just debts and funeral charges to be paid. My wife Hannah shall have paid to her (after debts and funeral charges are paid) the sum of $2000 and also in addition $200 for a note given by me to my wife for the amount of $200. Residue to be held in trust by executor for my wife Hannah during her natural life and she shall receive interest on the same. After wife's decease, and her funeral expenses are paid, residue to the Union German Baptist Church at Sand Brook, N. J. Gideon Moore of Stockton, New Jersey appointed sole executor. Dated 4 November 1897. Witnessed by J. H. Hoppock and Theo. H. Stout. Proved 31 July 1900. Accounts 12:207. Account of Gideon Moore, executor. Filed 13 October 1902. [Gideon M. Brewer was a son of William Brewer and Sarah Moore. Married twice. His first wife Mary Bearder (m. 24 Oct 1850, Delaware, NJ) (no. 14 above) died in 1893. He married his second wife, Hannah Bowman, 17 January 1894 at Sand Brook. See no 18 below.]

16. Thomas W. Brewer. Accounts 9:479. Final account of Oliver J. Blackwell, assignee of Thomas W. Brewer of the Township of Delaware, Hunterdon County. Filed 20 March 1894. Confirmed in court 9 April 1894. The entries in the ledger are dated from February 1893 to April 1894. Assignee's Bonds and Assignee's Inventories are not available online. [From this one record I am unable to determine who this Thomas W. Brewer is.]

17. Washington T. Brewer. Petition for Administration 2:232. Petition of Joseph Sergeant of Flemington on the estate of Washington T. Brewer who departed this life at Flemington, 19 April 1898. Heirs and next of kin: Lydia Brewer (widow of Flemington), John W. Brewer (brother of Sand Brook). Dated 27 April 1898. Letters of Administration 7:505. Granted to Joseph Sergeant, 27 April 1898. Administrator's Bonds 6:306 (not online). Minutes of the Orphans Court 19:428 (at the very bottom), 462, 488, 490. Personal estate is insufficient to cover debts. Matter regarding the sale of real estate in the Township of Raritan, Hunterdon County (land conveyed by the executor of the estate of Elijah Fleming) in which the widow, Lydia Ann Brewer, has dower rights. Accounts 12:593. Final account of Letitia H. Sergeant, administrator of Joseph Sergeant, deceased, who was the administratot of Washington T. Brewer, deceased. Ledger entries begin with 4 June 1899. Account filed 22 August 1904. [Washington T. Brewer was a son of Thomas and Mary (___) Brewer. His wife was Lydia Ann Gilpaugh or Gilbaugh. Apparently no children.]

18. Hannah Brewer. Petition for Probate 4:137 (not available online). Wills 22:342. Hannah Brewer of the Borough of Stockton, County of Hunterdon, being of sound mind, memory and understanding. All just debts and funeral expenses to be paid. Executors to dispose of all my property and estate where ever found. Leaves varied household items to Ida Rittenhouse, Wesley J. Bowman, Mary J. Williamson, Ada Bowman. Balance of property to be divided equally between my brother and sister namely Wesley J. Bowman and Mary J. Williamson. Appoints James J. Rittenhouse, executor. Dated 1902 (month and date not stated). Witnessed by John Bennett, Gabriel H. Leigh. Codicil dated 15 July 1902. Executor to buy and pay for a head stone for my mother Mary Bowman "as near like my father's as can (Amos Bowman) as can be got." Same witnesses as above. Signs with her mark, X. Proved 24 September 1906. Accounts 14:36 (not available online). [Hannah is the second wife of Gideon M. Brewer, no. 15, above.]

19. Peter Brewer. Petition for Probate 4:70 (not available online). Wills 22:71. (Begins at the bottom of this page, and pp.70-71 are filmed twice). Peter Brewer of the Village of Flemington in the County of Hunterdon, being of sound mind, memory and understanding. Just debts and funeral expenses to be paid. Executors to "place at my gave a headstone or tombstone of the exact pattern of the one at the grave of my former wife Catharine Sutphine Brewer." Executors to sell all real and personal estate. Executors to pay interest on the sum of $2000 to wife Sabie E. Brewer, annually during her natural life in lieu of her dower. After her death, the said $2000 to be invested for the use of my two daughters Cornelia  S. Morris, wife of Charles Morris, and Ella B. Brewer, or divided equally between them. Further instructions regarding this legacy. Daughter Ella B. Brewer to receive $500 before any division or distribution of residue. Leaves "my piano," to daughter Cornelia Morris. Residue to be divided into three equal parts or shares, to be distributed to daughter Cornelia Morris, daughter Ella B. Brewer and son Abraham S. Brewer. Upon the death of son Abraham S. Brewer, the share of equal residue to be divided equally between the two daughters. Further instructions regarding what to do should one or the other pre-decease the survivors, etc. Appoints his two daughters Cornelia S. Morris and Ella B. Brewer, executors. Dated 17 February 1904. Witnesses by J. H. Bullock and John L. Connet. Proved 21 October 1905. Accounts 13:491(not available online). [Peter Brewer is a son of William Brewer and Elizabeth Young, and was married twice. This will adds to his profile on the BGD.]

To be continued

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Friday, May 8, 2020

Abstracts of Hunterdon County Probate Records (Continued)

For links to online probate records available at for Hunterdon County, New Jersey, please see the posts of May 6, 2020, and April 29, 2020. The information gathered below from the examination of the various probate records can be used to update and/or clarify info found on the Brouwer Genealogy Database (BGD).

8. Elizabeth A. Brewer. Petition for Administration 2:334, as found in the General Index, however this record is not found in the volume, nor is it listed in the volume's index. It is found in Petitions for Probate 2:334 and is listed in the index in that volume. Petition of Charles Hamm of Franklin, Hunterdon County, estate of Elizabeth A. Brewer, late of the Township of Union, Hunterdon County, who departed this life intestate, 20th January 1885. Next of kin and heirs at law: Charles Brewer (son, of Pittstown, NJ), Martha Baker (daughter), Mrs. Wm. Bellis (daughter), Mary Ann Stout (daughter of Philipsburg). Dated 7 February 1885. Letters of Administration 7:69. 7 February 1885. Granted to Charles Hamm of Hunterdon County. Administrators Bond 4:321. 7 February 1885. Bond of Charles Hamm. Minutes of the Orphans Court 16:781. April 1885 term (4 May 1885). Order to sell real estate to pay debts. MOC 17:99. Report of the sale made by Charles Hamm. House and lot in the Township of Alexandria, sold to Peter M. Taylor, the highest bidder. Dated 14 December 1885. Accounts 6:464. Among those who purchased from the estate is Mary A. Bellis. [Elizabeth Brewer can be found on the 1880 U.S. census at Alexandria, Hunterdon Co., New Jersey, age 64. In the household are her husband, David Brewer, age 70, and son Charles Brewer, age 22. Elizabeth's family name has not been discovered. The ancestry of her husband, David Brewer, has not been learned. Limited info on the family is found on the BGD. I would gather that her husband died prior to 1885, although his name is not found in the General Index to Probate Records.]

9. Cornelius Brewer. Petition for Administration 1:86, by Washington L. Brewer of Kingwood, Hunterdon County, on the estate of Cornelius Brewer of Kingwood, 19 October 1889. Heirs and next of kin named as Mary Brewer (mother, of Baptistown, NJ), Washington G. Brewer (brother, of Baptistown, NJ), John W. Brewer (brother, of Flemington, NJ). Letters of Administration 7:215. Granted to Washington L.(T?) Brewer. [Find-A-Grave memorial for Cornelius L. Brewer (1841-11 Oct 1889). The memorial includes an image of his death notice, which does not mention relations, but describes the unfortunate way in which he died. He is found on the BGD here, apparently a son of Thomas Brewer whose ancestry has not been discovered.]

10. Leonard Brewer. Petition for Administration 1:12, filed by Elizabeth A. Brewer of Raritan, 4 June 1888, asks for LOA to be granted to Henry R. Brewer, David W. Ewing and Wm. E. Trewin. Leonard Brewer died in the Township of Raritan, 17 May 1888. Heirs and next of kin: Elizabeth A. Brewer (widow, of Flemington), Margaret C. Brewer (daughter of Flemington), Eliza B. Ewing (daughter of Grandin), Alice Trewin (daughter of Flemington). Letters of Administration 7:172. Granted 4 June 1888, on the estate of Leonard Brewer of Hunterdon County, to Henry R. Brewer, David W. Ewing and William E. Trewin, of Hunterdon County. Administrator's Bonds 4:534. $2800 by the above administrators with Jonathan Higgins and Granville Classon. Accounts 8:35. [Leonard Brewer is a son of William Brewer (no. 6 on the May 6th post) and Elizabeth Young. He is found here on the BGD. Information in the probate records provide a date of death and a husband for daughter Eliza, both previously unknown. Daughter Margaret was married to Henry R. Brewer, one of the administrators, and a son of Israel P. Brewer (no. 3 on the May 6th post).]

11. William Brewer. Petition for Probate 1:51. Petition of Elisha W. Brewer and William W. Brewer. Heirs listed as Gertrude B. Brewer (widow, of Ringoes, NJ), Elisha W. Brewer (child, of Ringoes), William W. Brewer (child, of Ringoes). [Ringoes is an unincorporated community within East Amwell Township]. Wills 15:398. William Brewer of the Township of East Amwell. All debts and funeral expenses to be paid. Executors to erect a suitable headstone. To beloved wife Gertrude Brewer all household goods and furniture. To son William W. Brewer, $350. Should either of my sons, William W. Brewer or Elisha W. Brewer hold and notes or book accounts against me at my decease they shall be paid out of the estate before final settlement. My sons shall have my farm, "and I prefer that they should agree on the price for the same without selling at a public vendue." Instructions to executors should it be sold. Executors to sell all personal property. Residue to be invested with interest to be paid to wife Gertrude V. Brewer. Upon her death, residue to be divided equally between my two sons, Elisha W. Brewer and William W. Brewer, who are also appointed executors. Dated 1 November 1888. Witnesses: P. C. Young, Oliver I. Blackwell. Proved 11 March 1889. Minutes of the Orphans Court 18:89 (Just two lines about the middle of the page). Accounts 8:348 (a line item under the date of April 2, 1889 reads, "Est of Jeremiah Brewer" and a second line item reads "Jeremiah Brewer Est note & int". Also, mentions of notes involving W. H. and Wm. H. Brewer). [William Brewer is on the BGD, he is a son of William Brewer and Elizabeth Young, and brother of Leonard Brewer (no. 10 above)].

12. Jeremia Brewer. Letters of Administration 7:174. 17 July 1888, Administration on the goods and chattels, rights and credits which were of Jermina Brewer, late of Hunterdon County, who died intestate, granted to William Brewer and Peter Brewer, of the County of Hunterdon. [I may have missed this individual when browsing through the General Index, but noticed an entry in the index for volume 7 of Letters of Administration. The rendering of this individual's name in the U. S. census records has caused some confusion as to his or her gender. On the BGD I have "her" as Jemima, a daughter of William Brewer and Elizabeth Young. The 1850 U.S. census at Delaware, NJ has "her" as Jemima, age 28, female (line 21). The 1860 census, at Delaware, NJ, has "him" as Jeremiah, age 40, male (line 35). The 1870 census at Delaware, NJ, has "him" as Jermina, age 48, male (line 3). I have not found him/her on the 1880 U. S. census. A Find-A-Grave memorial for "Jemima Y. Brewer," describes her as female and the photo of the gravestone shows the name as Jemima Y. Brewer. However, the gender is apparently based on the 1850 census record, which is included on the memorial page. Date of death is given as 10 March 1888, age 67, although this cannot be clearly seen on the photograph of the gravestone. The accounts of the estate of William Brewer (no. 11 above) include the estate of "Jeremiah Brewer," which could reasonably be that of a son, although it does not directly state this. Despite the fact that the gravestone is engraved, "Jemima," I am inclined to believe that this individual was a son of William Brewer and Eliza Young, and not a daughter. He apparently did not marry or leave known heirs.]

To be continued

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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Abstracts of Hunterdon County Probate Records

In the April 29, 2020 post I listed the BREWERS found in the Hunterdon County, New Jersey  General Index to Estates. Below are abstracts to those records. Again the records can be found online at FamilySearch on the New Jersey Probate Records page for Hunterdon County. My notes, comments, are in brackets that follow. Twenty-four individuals were found in the index. We'll look at a few at a time and will stay mostly in chronological order.

[Note: Administrator's Bonds in Vol. 3 starts here with image 311. The space on the film prior to image 311 is filled with Guardian's Bonds. Also note that Inventories and Renunciations are not found online]
  1. Christian Brewer. Letters of Administration 1:159. 6 May 1813. Administration of the goods and chattels, rights and credits, which were of Christian Brewer, late of the County of Hunterdon, deceased, granted to Samuel Fiauss. Sureties: Gideon Moore and Peter Moore. [The handwriting is difficult with regards to the administrators surname, however, NJ Calendar of Wills, Administrations, etc., 12:47, has the name as Samuel Fauss. Christian Brewer is unplaced. The name is common among the descendants of Hubert Brower. Profile at the Brouwer Genealogy Database (BGD). Witnessed the will of Jonathan Burroughs, Sr., of Amwell, dated 6 Dec 1810, as Christian Bruer].
  2. Ann Brewer. Letters of Administration 3:141. The index lists her as Ann Brewer. The image of the record calls her Anna Brewer, although the handwriting is poor and it is not to clear to me that the surname name is Brewer. Anyway, dated 8 August 1832 (the index listing was confusing here as well), administration on the goods, chattels, rights and credits of Anne Brewer(?) deceased, late of the county of Hunterdon, who died intestate, granted to Richard Opdyke. Fellowbondsmen are Richard Barri(?) and Samuel H. Britton. This record is followed by that of William Opdyke, deceased, of Hunterdon County, 1 September 1832, granted to Benjamin Opdyke. [Perhaps an Opdyke/Updyke family researcher may be familiar with Ann/Anna Brewer].
  3. Israel P. Brewer. Letters of Administration 5:98. 17 March 1852. Administration of the goods, chattels, rights and credits that were of Israel P. Brewer late of the County of Hunterdon, who died intestate, granted to Henry Runyan of Hunterdon County. Bond of $1000 with Augustus Hunt and Jeremiah Young. Inventory of Executor/Administrator 10:470 (not available online). Minutes of Orphans Court 11:58. April term 1852. Henry Runyan administrator. Estate insolvent. Administrator to give public notice for claims against the estate within six months, in the Hunterdon Gazette. No mention of the children. [Israel P. Brewer can be found on the BGD. Born 2 June 1818, he was a son of Thomas West Brewer and Esther Poulson, and was a descendant of Jan Brouwer of Flatlands, L.I. His wife was Elizabeth Runyan. Three known children including a son Henry Brewer who left descendants].
  4. Margaret Brewer. Letters of Administration 6:35. 3 October 1864. Administration on the goods and chattels, rights and credits that were of Margaret Brewer, late of the County of Hunterdon, who died intestate, granted to Daniel Dilts and William Brewer of Hunterdon County. Bond of $900, with Jeremiah Emmans. Administrator's Bonds 1:385. Daniel Dilts, William Brewer and Jeremiah Emmans, all of the County of Hunterdon. Bond of $900. Dated 3 October 1864. [Margaret Brewer is found on the BGD. She is enumerated at Readington on the 1850 and 1860 U.S. census along with an Elsey/Elshe Brewer. She was born in 1778 (g.s), so learning who her parents are, and whether or not she was married, may help us find a link to the colonial period. Learning who William Brewer is should provide clues. A search of the 1860 census for William Brewers in Hunterdon County, turns up four of that name].
  5. Jacob Brewer. Letters of Administration 6:388. 17 April 1876. Jacob Brewer, late of the County of Hunterdon, died intestate. Administration granted to William I. Brewer and William Brewer, of Hunterdon County. Bond of $4500. Administrator's Bonds 3:366. William I. Brewer, William Brewer (administrators), Caleb H. Quick, William W. (?), all of Hunterdon County. 17 April 1876. Minutes of the Orphan's Court 15:309 (see this index page which gives the pages as 118, 116, 105, 100, 96, 94. You will have to rotate the images). Jacob Brewer's widow, Elsey Y. Brewer mentioned on 15:100, and 118. No mention of children on these pages. [Jacob Brewer is found on the BGD. He was at East Amwell on the 1860 and 1870 U. S. census. Jacob was born in 1827, his wife Elsie (whose surname has not been discovered) was born in 1825. A son William, born in 1853 is likely one of the administrators, the other likely a brother].
  6. William Brewer. Letters of Administration 6:379. 7 January 1876. William Brewer of Hunterdon County, died intestate. Administration granted to Leonard Brewer, William Brewer, Jacob Brewer and Peter Brewer all of Hunterdon County. Bond of $10,000, with Adam W. Bills, surety. Administrator's Bond 3:352. Accounts 3:221. [William Brewer is found on the BGD. Born in 1792, he died 8 January 1876. His wife was Elizabeth Young. He is the father of the above Jacob Brewer who died in March of 1876. A transcript of a Family Bible Record is available online].
  7. Sarah Brewer. Letters of Administration 6:439. 26 October 1877. Sarah Brewer of the County of Hunterdon, died intestate. Administration granted to William Brewer (her husband) of said County. William Rittenhouse, surety. Administrator's Bond 3:460. William Brewer, sole administrator. Also William Rittenhouse. $200. Dated 26 October 1877. [I believe Sarah Brewer, would be Sarah Moore, wife of William S. Brewer, found on the BGD here. The couple is found on the 1870 U.S. census at Delaware, Hunterdon Co., NJ, lines 2 and 3 on this image, back up a page and you will see that they are enumerated in the household of Thomas W. Brewer (the couple's son)].
 To be continued

BGB 684

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

BREWERs Extracted From the Hunterdon County, NJ General Index to Estates

Those with the surname BREWER found in the Hunterdon County, New Jersey General Index to Estates (FHL film #818214; DGS #5662933). Surnames beginning with the letter B begins with image no. 184.

Abbreviations: PP= Petition for Probate; PA=Petition for Administration; LOA=Letters of Administration; R=Renunciations; AB=Administrators Bond; AsB=Assignees BondREB=Real Estate Bond; IE=Inventory, Executors & Admins; AsI=Assignees Inventory; Ac=Accounts; RR=Releases & Refunding Bonds; MOC=Minutes and Orders of Orphans Court

  • Ann Brewer (1830?): LOA 3:141
  • Arabella P. Brewer (1925): PP 9:258; Wills 31:596
  • Christian Brewer (1813): LOA 1:159
  • Cornelius Brewer (1889): PA 1:86; LOA 7:215; AB 5:12; IE 21:162; Ac 8:377; RR 20:352
  • Elizabeth A. Brewer (1885): PA 2:334; LOA 7:69; R 1:121; AB 4:321; REB 1:61; IE 19:567; MOC 16:781, 17:99; A 6:464; RR 18:249
  • Estella S. Brewer (1912): PA 4:361; LOA 8:413; AB 8:520; 
  • Elizabeth Ann Brewer (1922): PP 8:290; LOA 29:557; IE 30:550; A 18:121; RR 39:10-11
  • Gideon M. Brewer (1900): PP 3:84; Wills 20:4; IE 24:336; A 12:207
  • Hannah Brewer (1906): PP 4:137; Wills 22:342; IE 26:133; A 14:36; RR 30:363
  • Israel P. Brewer (1852): LOA 5:98; IE 10:470; MOC 11:58
  • Jacob Brewer (1876): LOA 6:388; R 1:44; AB 3:366; IE 17:237, 241; MOC 15:309, 337, 338, 405; A 3:446
  • Leonard Brewer (1887): PA 1:12; LOA 7:172; R 1:149; AB 4:534; IE 20:614, 702; A 8:35; RR 20:123, 125
  • Margaret Brewer (1864): LOA 6:35; AB 1:385; IE 13:803
  • Mary Brewer (1890): PA 1:114; LOA 7:230; AB 5:60; IE 21:288; A 8:582; RR 21:44
  • Mary Brewer (1893): PA 1:323; LOA 7:343; AB 5:510
  • Peter Brewer (1905): PP 4:70; Wills 22:71; IE 25:641; A 13:491
  • Phoebe Ann Brewer (1913): PP 5:392; Wills 25:50; IE 28:85; A 16:183
  • Sarah Brewer (1877): LOA 6:439; AB 3:460
  • Sarah Jane Brewer (1916): PP 7:81; Wills 27:219; A 17:14
  • Thomas W. Brewer (1893): AsB 1:159; AsI 3:95; A 9:479
  • William Brewer (1876): LOA 6:379; AB 3:354; IE: 17:175; A 3:221
  • William Brewer (1889): PP 1:51; Wills 15:398; IE 20:770; MOC 18:89; A 8:348
  • Washington T. Brewer (1898): PA 2:232; LOA 7:505; R 1:249; AB 6:306; IE 23:572, 574; MOC 19:428, 462, 488, 490; A 12:593
  • William R. Brewer (1928): PP 11:27; Wills 34:480(? could be 400)
The FHL films that include the records referenced above can be found on this page at FamilySearch.
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Monday, April 27, 2020

Mathew Brewer/Brower in Hunterdon County, NJ Miscellaneous Court Records

Following up on the "Miscellaneous Court records, etc." mentioned in the post of April 26, 2020, "Hunterdon County Probate Records," I started poking around a bit, beginning with Mathew Brewer, whose index card we find here. It tells us to find Mathew Brewer in file no. 514 of the Miscellaneous Court records (DGS #008351172, image 519).

The first page is a cover page of sorts. Joseph King v. Mathew Brewer, Debt, August Term, 1764. The second page tells us that the case is from the Hunterdon Inferior Court of Common Pleas, and we have the complaint. Here's an image of that page:

FHL DGS#008351172 image 520
"Matthew Brower otherwise called Matthew Brewer of the Township of Bethlehem in the County of Hunterdon, Province of New Jersey, yeoman was summoned to answer Joseph King of a plea that he tender unto him twenty pounds current money of the Province of which to him he owes..." Joseph Thing has an attorney, whose name is a bit difficult to read, but I believe it is Jasper Smith. Forward one image to no. 521, and we learn from this document that Joseph King was of Amwell. The date of this document, which binds Matthew Brewer to Joseph King for twenty pounds, is dated 30 June 1763. This is the last image for this file.

Back on September 11, 2013, and then on September 18, 2013, we focused on Mathew Brower of Greene County, Pennsylvania. We also have him on the Brouwer Genealogy Database. The records we have for Mathew Brower are limited and the estimate for the range of his years of birth is handicapped by that limitation. The estimate of 1755-1760 is based on the birth date of his first known child, which is 1778, and 1800, 1810 and 1820 U. S. census records, specifically the 1800 census which gives is age as 26-44, which, if correct, would place the earlier year of his birth at 1756. We also have strong reasons to believe that Mathew Brower of Greene Co., Pennsylvania came there from Hunterdon Co., New Jersey, and do know of a Mathias Brewer on the 1793 militia roll at Lebanon in Hunterdon County. [We do know that this Mathew Brower/Brewer is a descendant of Adam Brouwer of Gowanus, L. I., because of Y-DNA testing of direct male descendants].

If this record, found in the Miscellaneous Court Records of Hunterdon County, belongs to Mathew Brower (later) of Greene Co., Pennsylvania, we would have to change the estimation of the years of his birth. The agreement between Matthew Brower/Brewer and Joseph King is dated 30 June 1763, and this tells us that Matthew has to have been of legal age by this date. That would then move his year of birth earlier in time to "by 1742" (1742 at the latest). However, this would be in conflict with the 1800 census which, if correct, tells us that Mathew was born in or after 1756.

There is another Matthias Brewer/Mattheus Brouwer, who had two daughters (Elizabeth and Maria) baptized at the North Branch (Readington) Reformed Church in Hunterdon County in 1750 and 1753*. This Matthias Brewer (his wife in the records is called Elizabeth) was clearly born before 1742, and so more likely is the Matthew Brower/Brewer of Bethlehem, New Jersey who is indebted to Joseph King.

A second index card for Matthew Brewer directs us to file nos. 30940 and 34187. No. 30940, from the February Term, 1767, is a continuation of this issue between Joseph King and Matthew Brewer, involving a twenty pound debt. No. 34187, is from the August term, 1764. Joseph King and Matthew Brewer, with J. Smith, attorney for Joseph King. On the matter of the twenty pounds owed, the Sheriff is "commanded" to take Matthew Brewer, otherwise Matthew Brower, and to deliver him to the Inferior Court of Common Pleas, at Trenton, the first of August, to answer to Joseph King (the order is dated 10 May 1764).

A few things then, regarding both this set of records in general, and then specifically Matthew Brewer. In general, first with regards to using the Miscellaneous Court records, in just what little time I have spent with them, my first note is that the file numbers are not chronological. In other words, lower file numbers do not correspond to earlier dates. The three files I looked at for Matthew Brewer demonstrate this - file no. 514 takes place in 1763; file 30,940 takes place later in 1767, but then file 34,187 is earlier, in 1764. I also found on an index card for a Samuel Brewer, a file no. 51, and when I quickly looked at it, I discovered that the event occurred in 1817. So, file number does not equal place in time. Secondly, the first film I looked at, the one which included no. 514, the individual files were collected in folder (manila folders) ten to a folder. But in the films which had numbers 30,940 and 34,187, there were twenty individual files to a folder. The fact that the files are arranged in folders is very helpful in locating them within each film where the digital image numbers do not correspond to the file numbers. To locate a specific file I just zoomed out, scrolled down the film counting through the images that had a manila folder until I figured that I was about at where the file number I was looking for might be, zoomed in, if the folder was the one I was there, if not I just figured out how many folders away, forward or backward, my folder might be, zoomed out, and tried again. The manila folder images do a nice job of breaking down each film into smaller segments.

The value in the information found in these folders may lie principally in the fact that they will place individuals at a location within time. We know, now, that Matthew Brewer was living at Bethlehem, Hunterdon Co., New Jersey in 1763, 1764 and 1767. We also know that he was an adult by 1763, and so was born sometime prior to 1742. Other than church records in which an individual might appear as a parent or witness to a baptism, or as a bride or groom in a marriage, we don't have many, if any, other records that simply place individuals in time at places in Hunterdon County. There are the land records, and the probate records, but not nearly everyone is found in either. There are no census records in New Jersey until 1830. There may be people, who lived in Hunterdon County during the 1700s and early 1800s for whom that only record which demonstrates their existence there during that time, is found within these Miscellaneous Court records.

Regarding the Matthew Brewer who was pursued by Joseph King for a debt of twenty pounds. I would guess that he is most likely the Mattheus Brouwer/Matthias Brewer who, with wife Elizabeth, had two daughters baptized at the North Branch (Readington) Reformed Dutch Church in 1750 and 1753. As he was married by 1750, he may have been born around 1725 or earlier. It is conceivable that he is also the Mathew Brower/Brewer who lived at Lebanon, Hunterdon County, in 1793, and was afterwards in Bedford and Greene Counties, Pennsylvania, and living in 1820, but I tend to doubt it. If there is but one Matthew Brewer, he found have had two families, one earlier in life and one later in life, and his life would have spanned nearly a century. Possible, but not likely. I think that they are two different men, and it is possible, especially given the fact that they have the same name, and are found in locations in Hunterdon County (not a large area to begin with) that are close to each other, that the older of the two is the father of the younger of the two. But, of course, having the same name and being in the same location, is not proof of a relationship. It's just a hint on where to look for more evidence.

In time I'll likely look through more of these files. If anyone out there does the same, and finds anything that might solve or break open one of our many Hunterdon County mysteries, please let us all know.

*The baptism record for Elizabeth can be seen on the BGD. The record for Maria was found later, the citation: "Readington Church Baptisms From 1720," Somerset County Historical Quarterly vol.4-5 (1915-16), 5:56, Maria; parents: Brouwer, Mattheus and Elizabeth.

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