Sunset at Gowanus Bay

Sunset at Gowanus Bay
Sunset at Gowanus Bay, Henry Gritten, 1851

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Corrections to the Brouwer Genealogy Database Website

Please see the post of July 24, 2017.

 The Brouwer Genealogy Database (BGD) website was first launched online in July, 2008, over six and a half years ago. Since that time it has been periodically updated with new additions and corrections, many of which were brought to my attention by users of the BGD. The input and corrections  have been greatly appreciated. The site has also grown in size to over 500 pages.

My intention is to update the BGD again at the beginning of the new year (January 2015). However, because of its size, and the because of the fact that I no longer have the same amount of time to commit to updating it regularly, this upcoming update may well be the last. This of course creates the problem of how to handle corrections to the existing material on the BGD.

After some consideration, my preferred solution would be ask all of you who are generous enough to take the time to point out errors to me, to simply organize your correction in an e-mail to me and post to the Comments below. I will then use your explanation verbatim to create a post on this website under the label of "Corrections to the BGD." I will then provide a link on the BGD website at the profile of the individual(s) being corrected back to the correcting post on this website. Your name, with a link for your e-mail address, will be included unless you specifically ask me not to do so. In this way, others interested in the issue you brought to my attention can contact and exchange further research with you directly.

I would ask, that in your e-mail to me, you do your best to back up your statements with evidence, either through links to locations on the web where such evidence can be found, or with attachments of any relevant documents and sources, and/or at the least with a complete source citation (or citations) for the source you are using to support your correction. 

For corrections to the BGD, I can be contacted through this e-mail link, or through the button with my name found towards the bottom of the column on the right side of this page the Comments option for this post or any other post (SEE BEGINNING JANUARY 1, 2016 BELOW).

Again, thanks to all of you who have provided input and important corrections in the past.

Update, May 2015: As of yet the January 2015 update of the BGD has not happened. I hope to have that update sometime in June.

Update, June 22, 2015: The Brouwer Genealogy Database has now been updated. Please see the post, on this website, of June 22, 2015, with regards of how future corrections are to be addressed.

BEGINNING JANUARY 1, 2016 - Please do not e-mail me directly with corrections or questions. Instead use the Comments section for any corrections or inquiries. Either use the Comments section for this post, or use the Comments section for some specific post that pertains to the subject of your correction or inquiry. Comments come to me for review prior to posting for any post that is more than one week old. This will cause a delay in the time it takes for your Comment to appear online. I will address comments, questions and inquiries as my time permits. PLEASE see the post of July 24, 2017.


  1. Hi, I have had a brickwall with my Edward W Thurston since I started genealogy over 30 years ago. The year you have as your Edward W Thurston s/o Ezra, here matches mine but as a genealogist, I need documentation and so far have found none. I know my Edward married in 1816. I can't seem to get on the google blog page and did message Chris on his page. Would love to be able to connect and knock my brickwall down...can e-mail me

    1. Debora, my only source for Edward W. Thurston (1791-1824) comes from an article published in the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, vol. 102, no. 4 (Oct 1971), pp. 193-202, "The Identity of Two Mary Helmes," by Dudley W. Bennett, M.D., and Mrs. William R. White. Here it is stated that Edward is the son of Ezra Thurston and Prudence Helme, was born 24 Feb 1791 and died 6 Jun 1824. No marriage or spouse is mentioned. The authors cite as their source, a "Bible rec." but do not provide any further details on this record (no repository, etc.). Unfortunately, the source citing standards of the NYG&B RECORD in 1971 were not up to the same standards of today's RECORD. The full extent of my research on the family of Ezra and Prudence (Helme) Thurston ended here and it can be seen online at the Brouwer Genealogy Database website. The article does not delve into this family any further than simply listing the children of Ezra Thurston. At this time I have no plans to follow the family any further myself.

      I would ask anyone else who has researched this family further, or knows more about Edward W. Thurston in particular, to contact Debora directly at the e-mail address she provided.

    2. Hi Chris, I'm waiting for the documents from Indiana but have confirmed that the Edward W Thurston is indeed my Edward who died JUNE 1824 • Brookville, Franklin, Indiana. He married Rachel Bryant
      2 Jun 1816, Seneca County, New York. He had 2 daughter Mary E Thurston b 1822 Ohio (m John K Bryant) and Eliza Jane Thurston who was born Brookville, Franklin, Indiana either right before or after his death as she was born June 1824 ( m Franklin Whiting)Rachel returned to Seneca County, NY after Edward's death and raised her daughters there, she married 3 more times and was widowed from each, she died 1890 as Rachel DeMott...I can provide additional info if anyone is interested can be reached at my e-mail

  2. Chris,

    I recently found 3 Brower family photographs. 2 images are of Robert D. Brower (1835-1914) and another of what appears to be a c1860 Brower Family photo in front of an 18th century home. Would you be interested in seeing these?

    1. Yes, I'm sure there are descendants of Robert D. Brower out there who would be very much interested in seeing the photos. If you could either 1) place them online and send us a link, or 2) e-mail the digital images directly to me and I will be happy to place them online (

      Thanks you very much!

  3. I do not believe Divertje Cornelis and Jan Aertsen Vanderbilt had a son Jacob ab. 1655.
    The record 1 May 1656 said: Jan Cornelis Buys and "the widow of Lubbert Gysbertsen" apply for license to tap as their houses were destroyed" Court minutes of schepens and burgomasters of NA 1656-1658 p. 93)
    This makes it unlikely that Divertje had a son ab. 1655 from Jan Aertsen
    also, if Divertje Cornelis was indeed first wife to Lubbert Gysbertszen van Blaricum, she was calculated born about 1600 and she would not have a child at age ab. 55.

    1. Thanks Barbara, I believe you are correct here. The article "Astor American Ancestry," by Richard H. Greene (NYGBR 23[1892]:17) claims that Jacob was a son of Jan Aertsen Van der Bilt and his second wife "Dierber Cornelis." That Jan had a son named Jacob, and that he was likely born ca. 1655 isn't disputed (Jacob was assessed in 1676 at Midwout). However, as you mention it appears unlikely that Divertje was Jacob's mother. I'd note that Jacob did not name a daughter after Divertje, but did give a daughter the name, Antje. Jan Aertsen's first wife was Anneken Hendricks and it is more likely that Anneken was Jacob's mother. Indeed, a more recent article in the NYGBR (Vol. 144[2013]:254), "Jan Aertsen Vanderbilt, His Children and Grandchildren," by Frederick Doren Stone and Laura M. Stone, with Harry Macy, Jr., does place Jacob as a son of Jan Aertsen Vanderbilt and his first wife, Anneken Hendricks. Thanks for the correction.

  4. Chris,

    Totally not related to the above line is all scrambled...can you help?!? I thought I got myself back to Adam Brouwer, but now it seems a mess! It seems to be breaking down at benjamin Burroughs married to Mary Van Horn.

    I'm good though Isaac DuBois m Elizabeth Burroughs. Then I have Elizabeth Burroughs parents as Benjamin Burroughs (1742-1803) and her mother as Mary Van Horn (1733-1786).

    Mary's parents as Captain Cornelius Brouwer Van Horne (1695-1744) married to Hannah Seabrook (1706-1788).

    Can you confirm any of these? Thanks!!!

    1. Elissa, The will of Benjamin Burroughs, of Pittsgrove, Salem Co., NJ dated 22 June 1799 (proved 19 Feb 1807)mentions his daughter Elizabeth, wife of Isaac Dubois. It also mentions his wife, Mary [Calendar of NJ Wills, Administrations, etc., vol. 11, 1806-1809, p. 53]. So you can confirm that Elizabeth, the wife of Isaac Dubois, was a daughter of Benjamin Burroughs. However, the wife Mary named in the will was living in June 1799, while you have the date of death of Mary Van Horn as 1786. So, you have a problem to address there. Did Benjamin have a second wife named Mary? Or is your date of death for Mary incorrect?
      Either way, the will still does not identify her as Mary Van Horn.
      According to John E. Stillwell's Historical and Genealogical Miscellany, Early Settlers of New Jersey and Their Descendants, Vol. 3, p. 405, and Vol. 4, p. 233, Cornelius Van Horn and Hannah Seabrook had a daughter Mary born 12 April 1733. Our Van Horn Kindred, by Elsie O. Hallenbeck, p. 9 also lists Mary, b. 12 April 1733. Both sources mention a Bible record of Hannah Seabrook's for this info, but offer no other specifics regarding this source. Neither of the two gives a date of death for Mary, nor do they mention a husband or children for Mary. Hallenbeck states that Mary "died young." Although she does not give a explanation for this claim.
      The will of Cornelius Van Horn, dated 24 Dec 1743 mentions his daughters Catherine and Elizabeth (both by his second wife Elizabeth Lawrence). He does not mention a daughter Mary by name, although he later mentions "three daughters." Therefore, Mary born in 1733, may well have been living in 1743 [Calender of New Jersey Wills, Administrations, Etc., Vol. 2, 1730-1750, p. 500].
      The short answer is, based on all I know of Mary Van Horn, which is everything above, I cannot confirm that she was the wife of Benjamin Burroughs, or the mother of Elizabeth Burroughs. I also found no record of marriage for this couple in Documents Relating to the Colonial History of the State of New Jersey. Volume XXII. Marriage Records, 1665-1800.
      All I can suggest is that you post an inquiry to the Dutch-Colonies-L mailing list at RootsWeb. Perhaps someone there knows more regarding Mary Van Horn. To subscribe to the list go to
      Good luck.

  5. Hi Chris,
    Thanks to your post on Nazareth Brouwer and subsequent communication, the ancestry of Andrew P. Lawson (1764-1823), the husband of Anna Brouwer (1766-1842) has been confirmed. James M. Downey found in DAR CCT files Andrew's gravesone inscription from the tiny Lounsbury Ground in Westerlo, Albany Co., NY. The inscription indicates he died 16 Jun 1823 at 59 years, 3 months, 11 days. The calculation yields a birthdate of 5 Mar 1764, exactly the date of birth of the eldest child of Pieter Andries Lassing & Catharina Dolsen, recorded at the baptism at Zion Lutheran Church, Loonenburg. The name of the child at the baptism was incorrectly written or transcribed as Anna Maria, a name which makes no sense for the first child of this couple.

  6. Hi Chris,
    Nice job on the genealogy! I have information on the Nazareth Hill & Catherine Edwards line (as that is my lineage). If you would like details to add to your genealogy, I would be happy to share. To give you an idea where that is in the line of things... (I can give you dates and details if you need them to add to the tree, depends how far you want the information to spread on your branches!)

    Best wishes!
    Tracy McLellan, U.E.

    Jane Brouwer & Thomas Benjamin Hill
    son: Nazareth Hill, UEL & Catherine Edwards (11 children)
    daughter: Ann Hill & Charles K. Minaker
    daughter: Susan C. Minaker & Daniel S. Williams (5 children)
    daughter: Mary Cecelia ANNIE Williams & John Andrew McLellan (4 children)
    son: Joseph CARMEL McLellan & Annie Alma Morrison (4 children)
    son: Carman Andrew McLellan & Mary Veronica McAlpine (14 children)
    son: John Anthony McLellan & Elaine Ann Hicks (2 children)
    daughter: Tracy Michelle McLellan (me)
    son: Patrick John McLellan

  7. Tracy, Unfortunately it is no longer practical for me to collect and assimilate individual lineages into the Brouwer Genealogy Database. However, just as you did, using the Comment field in any related post is certainly welcomed for those who wish to share their own lineages. And if you have you're own tree somewhere online, please feel free to add a link. Thank you.

  8. Chris, before my wife's (Joanne Howe Todisco) grandmother (Doris Mildred Brewer) died she had promised that she would visit Highgate Vt and visit the grave of Doris's sister Edna Irene Brewer. While there I was able to photograph the grave of Schuyler Brewer at the Highgate Center Cemetery. I posted them to find a grave, here is the link.

    Tom Todisco

  9. Hi. I came across the following in a message posted in 2000 to an message board ( 'This was taken out of the entry log of the port of New Netherlands; Disembarked on the 5th day of September 1642, Adam Van den Berkhoven of Cologne, Germany, on the ship the Romyn, Van den Berkhoven here in after will be known as Adam Brower.'

    Can you comment on whether or not this is legitimate? Thanks

  10. This claim is completely without merit, and completely false. Certainly one of the less credible claims I've ever seen. It is well known, and well documented that Adam Brouwer first went to Brazil with the WIC, and then came to New Netherland from Brazil in about 1644. He did not come to New Netherland directly from Cologne, Amsterdam or any other location in Europe.

  11. You say in the database:
    Jan Aertszen Middagh witnessed the baptism of Ariaantje Aersen , daughter of Aert Aersen and Elizabeth Andries, on 17 September 1699 at Old First Dutch Reformed Church, Breuckelen (Brooklyn), Kings Co., Long Island, New York, (sponsors Jan Aarzen, Jannetje Poulisse)

    and reference: P. G. Jos van der Linde, Old First Dutch Reformed Church of Brooklyn, New York: First Book of Records, 1660-1752, New York Historical Manuscripts: Dutch (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1983), page 142. Ariaantje; parents: Aart Aarsen, Lijsbet. Hereinafter cited as OFDRC Brooklyn.

    If you look at the image on ( is no Middagh there. You are repeating the Bergen mistake of mixing the descendants of "Jan Aersen of the ferry" with a Middagh of similar name. This citation does not belong under the Middaghs and should be placed where it belongs (under the Aersens, without attached Middagh, which is not there).

  12. Con, Thanks for catching that. I would agree, Jan Aertszen Middagh was not the witness at the baptism of Aert Aersen's daughter Ariaantje. The witness was the child's paternal grandfather, Jan Aersen. The other witness, Jannetje Poulisse, was likely the child's maternal aunt, Jannetje Andries who had married Cornelis Powelse/Pauluszen in 1696.

  13. The marriage date of 18 May 1690 for Adam Brouwer (May 18, 1662) and Marretje Hendrickse cannot be correct. See their witnessing of baptisms in 1682 and 1684.
    Con Childress (

    1. Con, the marriage date of 18 May 1690 is correct. Source: Voorhees, David William. Records of The Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of Flatbush, Kings County, New York, Vol.1, 1677-1720. New York: Holland Society of New York, 1998, p.269. Adam Adamse (B)erkoven, j.m., met Marretie Hendricks, j.d., beijde woonachtigh tot Bruekelen" (both residing at Brooklyn).
      The problem is with the identification of Marretje Hendrickse as the sponsor. Both baptism records you mention record the female sponsor as Marrietie BROUWERS (not Hendrickse) and that person is more likely Adam's sister Marretje and not his later wife Marretje. Neither baptism record states or implies that the sponsors Adam and Marretje were married. In both cases they were siblings of the baptized child's mother, Fytie Brouwer.

  14. Lymon Dean Brewer was my mother-in-law's father. He died November 16, 1942, and is buried in the Chariton, Iowa, cemetery. He married Olive Ina West February 21, 1913, and they had three children: Gerald Ardis, who died as an infant; Kenneth Maurice, born November 25, 1924 and died August 18, 2002; and Barbara Francis, who just celebrated her 90th birthday on January 5th. The National Archives and have links to their gravestones and obituaries.


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