Sunset at Gowanus Bay

Sunset at Gowanus Bay
Sunset at Gowanus Bay, Henry Gritten, 1851

Friday, August 12, 2011

Jan Brouwer and John Brewer of Scioto Co., OH Updates

The Descendant Journal Report for Jan Brouwer has been updated.  It has been expanded to cover five generations. A link can be found at the right, under Notes, Research, Reports. Please make note that the placement of some individuals within this report are tentative and have not been proved. One such descendant is John Brewer (no.119 in the report). John's placement here is based upon the comparison of Y-DNA tests submitted by descendants of John Brewer and by descendants of Jan Brouwer. Y-DNA analysis for use in genealogical research has been a evolving field. New tests and methods of interpretation of results has been changing rapidly, and may continue to change in the future. The results we have, at the Brewer DNA Project, represent a relatively small sample of descendants. More participants are needed, and we ask any direct male descendant of Jan Brouwer, or any male who believes he may be a descendant to join the Brewer DNA Project. The Y-DNA test results of confirmed descendants can be of great value to those still looking for their correct connection. Can you help?
The Five Generation Descendant Report for John Brewer of Scioto Co., Ohio has also been updated. In addition, I have added a Descendant Chart of six generations of descendants of John Brewer. As with the Jan Brouwer report, these two documents are not complete. Bob Scott, a descendant of John Brewer through his son Edward Brewer, has been very helpful in filling in details regarding Edward's children. His taking the time to contact us and willingness to share information is greatly appreciated. Input from other descendants is also welcome. If you can add or make corrections to the reports, we'd be appreciative to hear from you. If you are a direct male descendant of John Brewer, please consider joining the Brewer DNA Project.
Like John Brewer, another descendant of Jan Brouwer whose placement is tentative is John Rose (no. 299 in the Jan Brouwer report) who for now, I have penciled in as a son of Dirck Brouwer (no. 116). Past additions of this report (and info found on the Brouwer Genealogy Database website) has conjectured that John Rose might be a son of one Elizabeth Rose of Hunterdon Co, New Jersey, who was brought before the Court of Common Pleas in Hunterdon County in 1772, charged with fornication. It was previously thought that the man who fathered Elizabeth's child (sex of child not known) may have been a Brouwer. Recent research in Hunterdon County by Marg Bond, a descendant of John Rose, has found that the father of Elizabeth's child was Jacob Quick, and was not a Brouwer man at all. The theory that John Rose could be a son of Elizabeth has now been dropped. We still have John Rose penciled in here because we do know, through Y-DNA testing of numerous descendants, that John Rose is somehow a descendant of Jan Brouwer. How, or why the surname, ROSE, was acquired is still a mystery that has not been solved. Any input from other descendants would be welcome. A Family Group sheet for John Rose can be found online. DNA results with links to charts can be found on the DNA Analysis page of the Brouwer Genealogy Database website under Jan Brouwer Group DNA results. Please note that the BGD website is in need of updating and that should occur sometime within the next few weeks.

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