Sunset at Gowanus Bay

Sunset at Gowanus Bay
Sunset at Gowanus Bay, Henry Gritten, 1851

Monday, September 12, 2011

Brouwer Genealogy Database has been Updated

The Brouwer Genealogy Database website has been updated. Among the additions are a second grid chart for Y-DNA test results for those descended from Jan Brouwer. Titled, "Jan Brouwer - Alternate Y-DNA test results" it is found on the same page as the original Jan Brouwer grid chart. This second chart simply breaks down the participants by surname. Among, the descendants is a new surname, HERMANS. This participant is NOT a descendant of Jan Brouwer, however, he likely shares a common ancestor with the Jan Brouwer descendants who lived, perhaps, 700 or more years ago. He is identified as a distant cousin of the Jan Brouwer descendants by the unique value of 7 at allele DYS565. For more on this unique trait of Jan Brouwer descendants, and distant cousins, please see Richard Brewer's online article, "Jan Brouwer descendants carry a unique DYS565 Allele Value."
I have added two new BREWER progenitors to the Progenitors page. Jacob Brower is new to the BGD website. He was born in Prussia in 1763 and was in Montgomery Co., Pennsylvania by 1780 when he fought during the Revolutionary War. He applied for a pension in 1832 as a resident of Mifflin Co., Pa. Some have suspected him to be a descendant of Hubert Brower, however, there is no evidence to support this and his own claim as having been born in Prussia should lay to rest any suggestion that he was descended from Hubert Brower who came to Pennsylvania in 1726. Despite his late arrival, Jacob Brower does appear to have left many descendants, especially in Pennsylvania.
The second person added to the progenitors page is Henry Brewer, who is not new to the BGD website. He can also be found on the DNA Analysis page. Henry was born ca. 1735, lived in Bedford Co., Pa. and died in 1799. Descendants are found in Monongalia Co., W.V. and Darke Co., Ohio. A descendant has participated in the Brewer DNA Project, and results demonstrate that Henry and his descendants are not in anyway related to descendants of either Adam Brouwer or Jan Brouwer.
We would still very much like to find confirmed descendants of Hubert Brower to participate in the Brewer DNA Project. It would be very helpful for future research to have established a Y-DNA signature for the descendants of Hubert Brower.

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