Sunset at Gowanus Bay

Sunset at Gowanus Bay
Sunset at Gowanus Bay, Henry Gritten, 1851

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Further Update Regarding Claas de Graaf

In the post of May 25, 2012, I raised the question of evidence for the name, Andriese, as the stated patronymic for Claas de Graaf, the husband of Elizabeth Brouwer. Claas had been given the name, "Claas Andriesse de Graaf" by Jonathan Pearson (First Settlers of Schenectady, p.54) and since mentioning this I have been searching for Pearson's source for this name. It appears that a source has now been found.

On November 2, 1682, Willem Ghysbertse and Claes Andriesz Graef witnessed a contract between Symon Volckertsen Veeder and Jacob Casparsen Halenbeck by which the two exchanged property. This was recorded in Albany County. The contract can be found on page 545 in Early Records of the City and County of Albany and Colony of Rensselaerswyck, Volume 3, Notarial Papers 1 and 2, 1660-1696 (Albany: University of the State of New York, 1918). This volume is available as an e-book online at Google Books (ERA v. 3). This volume was written by the same Jonathan Pearson mentioned above, but was revised and edited by Arnold J. F. Van Laer, who came some years after Pearson and is more highly regarded for his ability and accuracy in translating and transcribing the original colonial records. Since ERA is a transcription, and not the original records themselves, we have to trust that the patronymic, "Andriesz" was in the original, and that Pearson did not add it in himself.

Therefore, if do accept the above name of Claas Andriesz Graef as accurate to the original record of 1682, we can now accept Pearson's assertion that Claas de Graaf was a son of a man named Andries. He could very well be a son of the Andries de Graaf who appeared in New Amsterdam in 1661, but as of now this is only based upon the recognition of a shared name, and acceptable genealogical proof is still lacking. Hopefully, some proof can be found.

I would also add that the above record, dated 1682, does nothing to shed light on the claim by Pearson that Claas de Graaf was born in 1628.

See also, The Family of Elizabeth Brouwer and Claas de Graaf of Schenectady.

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  1. Hello - My name is Christian Di Stasio. Claas Andries De Graaf and Elizabeth Willems Brouwer are my 9th GG Parents. I found this site while doing some research on them. Great site.


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