Sunset at Gowanus Bay

Sunset at Gowanus Bay
Sunset at Gowanus Bay, Henry Gritten, 1851

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Children of Peter Brewer and Hannah Sanborn: Schuyler Brewer

Schuyler Brewer was the sixth child and fifth son of Peter Brewer and Hannah Sanborn. He was born on 9 February 1813 at Highgate, Vermont. The date is from his gravestone. There is no civil or church record of Schuyler's birth. In January of 1844 he was married to Cynthia Perlina Stevens, daughter of Nathan Stevens and Wealthy Basford. She was born 25 April 1821 in Lower Canada, most certainly in the Eastern Townships just north of Highgate. Schuyler Brewer and Cynthia Stevens are the great-grandparents of Ruth Catherine Brewer.

This photo of Schuyler Brewer and Cynthia Perlina Stevens is courtesy of Patrick Brewer, a descendant of Schuyler.

Schuyler and Cynthia (Stevens) Brewer of Highgate, VT

Schuyler Brewer lived his entire life in Highgate, Vermont, and is the only son of Peter Brewer to do so. He occupied the property previously owned by his father. Schuyler and Cynthia had ten children, all born at Highgate.
- Elwin Schuyler Brewer, born in 1844, married Martha P. Richardson and lived at Shefford, Quebec, Canada. They had four children.
- Cynthia Jane Brewer, born in 1846, lived her entire life at Highgate and died in 1924, unmarried. She is buried with her parents in the Highgate Cemetery on Rt. 78 in Highgate.
- Wealthy M. Brewer, born about 1850, was married to Arnold K. Stinehour, and appears to have had one son, Ralph Stinehour. She was deceased by 1897 when her husband remarried.
- Ethan Allen Brewer, born in 1852, left Highgate as a young man and went south. His wife's name was Laurine (Lorine), who's surname I believe is Reid (or Reed). She was born in Alabama and they lived in Arkansas and Texas and had eight children. In 1925, an E. A. Brewer, aged 73, born in Vermont, widower, is found in Burrton, Harvey Co., Kansas. It appears that Ethan Allen Brewer died in 1926 in Arkansas, but is buried in Bowie Co., Texas.
- Joseph Schuyler Brewer was born in 1855 and died prior to 1930. His wife was Letitia Singleton who was born in Ireland. They lived at Wakefield, Massachusetts and had three daughters.
- Josiah Brigham Brewer was born in 1858 and married Elizabeth Cook alias Mudiman. They first lived at Highgate but soon moved to Rochester, New York. They are the grandparents of Ruth Catherine Brewer.
- Lillie Summers Brewer was born in March 1861 and died less then a year later in February 1862. She is buried by her parents in the Highgate cemetery.
- Mary Brewer was born about 1864 and is found with the family on the 1870 and 1880 census at Highgate but not afterwards. She may well have married during the sixteen years between the 1880 and 1900 census takings, but to whom has not yet been discovered.
- Emery J. Brewer was born in 1864. He never married an lived for most of his life at Highgate, although in 1900 he is enumerated in the household of his brother Joseph Brewer at Wakefield, Massachusetts. Emery died in 1932 and is buried in the Highgate cemetery.
-  Leon S. Brewer was born about 1871 and was living as late as 1940 when he is found on the census at Barre, Worcester Co., Massachusetts. He was married to Mary E. Courser in 1901 at Highgate, and they had seven children.

This photo of five (of the six) sons of Schuyler Brewer and Cynthia P. Stevens is courtesy of Tom Todisco. Standing, left to right, are Josiah, Elwin and Emory. Sitting, left to right, are Joseph and Ethan Allen. Leon is missing from the photo.

Sons of Schuyler Brewer (courtesy Tom Todisco)
A rough genealogical summery for the Family of Schuyler Brewer and Cynthia Stevens is now online. The family, along with some additional details found at can also be seen at the Family Tree that I maintain at

Placing this family online at was worthwhile in that it not only helped me locate knew facts regarding the children of Schuyler and Cynthia, but it also led to a breakthrough in identifying Cynthia's maternal ancestry (through the discovery of her mother, Wealthy Basford, who's family name was previously unknown to me) and has provided some leads (that need to be researched further) for the possible ancestry of her father, Nathan Stevens. Hopefully, more regarding Cynthia's ancestry will be able to be discovered and published here in the future.

Update, April 20, 2013: Correction to Wealthy M. Brewer. She did not die prior to 1897 as stated above. Apparently Wealthy and her first husband, Arnold Stinehour, separated. Wealthy was married to Allan Macfarlane prior to 1901 when they appear on the Canadian census at Potten, Quebec. In 1919 the couple entered the U. S. through northern Vermont and settled at Lowell, Orleans County, Vermont, where in 1920 they are enumerated in the household of her sister Mary (Minnie) and brother-in-law Charles Stewart. Wealthy died on 23 February 1929 at Lowell and her death is registed in Vermont (parents stated as Schuyler Brewer and Cynthia Stevens). Allan Macfarlane is living as a widower in 1930 at Lowell. He was born 8 August 1865 at Knowlton, Quebec. His parents were from Scotland. On the 1901 Canadian census, the couple has a daughter, Jenie Macfarlane, born 19 August 1891 in England. Assuming that the place is not in error, she may have been adopted by Allan and Wealthy. (See Wealthy M. Brewer for source citations).


  1. Found an interesting article on how Schuyler Brewer survived for a number of years with Brights disease. Hopefully the link will work.

    Tom Todisco

  2. The link worked for me. Thanks. Interesting to see Schuyler, from up in northern Vermont, mentioned in a Brooklyn newspaper.


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