Sunset at Gowanus Bay

Sunset at Gowanus Bay
Sunset at Gowanus Bay, Henry Gritten, 1851

Monday, May 20, 2013

Children of Peter Brewer and Hannah Sanborn: Thomas Brewer

Thomas Brewer, born about 1817 in Vermont (age 33 in 1850), is probably a son of Peter Brewer and Hannah Sanborn. Thomas is recorded as Thomas G. Bruer on the 1850 U. S. Federal census at Highgate, Franklin County, Vermont. He is a farmer and is enumerated as the head of household no. 460, immediately following Schuyler Brewer who is the head of family no. 459.

Other then U. S. census records no other records have been found concerning Thomas Brewer. His wife was named Jane, and the research of others has stated that her name was Jane E. Hardy. I have been unable to confirm this with an independent record. No record of marriage has been located. Jane is aged 33, born in Vermont on the 1850 census; age 43, born in New York on the 1860 census; age 55, born in New York on the 1870 census; and age 65, born in New York on the 1880 census. The household of Thomas Brewer is found in 1860 at St. Albans, Franklin Co., Vermont. In 1870 they are back in Highgate, and in 1880 the family is in Newport, Orleans Co., Vermont. Orleans County is the county immediately east of Franklin County and borders Canada as well. The 1880 census is the last record thus far located for Thomas Brewer.

Two children have been identified. A son, George M. Brewer, was born in November 1849 (1900 U. S. census) and his found on the census records with his parents in 1850, 1860, 1870 and 1880. On the last his relationship to Thomas Brewer (the head of household) is stated to be son. George M. Brewer was married to Elmira H. (or A.) Cane on 25 March 1885 at Newport, Vermont. They are found on the 1900 census at Hooksett, Merrimack Co., New Hampshire with son Orlando Brewer, age 14. In 1910 they are at Manchester, Hillsborough Co., New Hampshire. The household includes son, Charles O. Brewer, age 24. George and Elmira appear to have had just one child. The 1900 census records George's wife as Harriet E. Brewer, and records that she has had one child. She was age 39, born in April 1861 in Vermont. The birth record of her son records her as Elmira H. Dwire. The son, Charles Orlando Brewer, was born 26 March 1886 at Charleston, Orleans Co., Vermont. The record of his birth is recorded in the Vermont vital records. He was married to Mabel A. Partridge on 31 March 1915 at Newport, Vermont (Vermont Vital Records). Charles O. Brewer died 22 July 1956 in Placer Co., California. It is not known if they had children. Neither George M. Brewer nor his wife, Elmira, have yet been located after 1910.

The second child of Thomas Brewer and his wife Jane, was a daughter, Sarah R. Brewer, born about 1853 in Vermont (age 7 in 1860). The 1900 census states that she was born in September 1852. Sarah was married twice. On 26 December 1877, at Derby, Orleans Co., Vermont, she was married to Orlando Griffin. They had one child, Laura Griffin, born in 1883. The 1900 census records that she had one child (that being Laura, age 17). Orlando Griffin died 22 September 1912 at Derby, Vermont, and on 9 April 1913, Sarah married Levi O. Corliss at St. Albans, Vermont. Sarah died on 28 December 1914 at Derby, Vermont. Her daughter, Laura Griffin, has not been researched any further.

Source citations for Thomas Brewer and his descendants can be found at the Brouwer Genealogy Database website, and at (see Thomas Brewer).

Additional, verifiable information on Thomas Brewer is welcomed.

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