Sunset at Gowanus Bay

Sunset at Gowanus Bay
Sunset at Gowanus Bay, Henry Gritten, 1851

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New York History Blog

I haven't written many, or possibly even any, posts in which I've recommended other blogs. The truth is I really don't spend much time reading or searching out many others. There is a very small handful, however, that I do follow. One is the New York History Blog, and I strongly recommend it for those interested in the history of the State of New York (which I would think many New Netherland Brouwer family descendants would be interested in).

I'm bringing the New York History blog up today because the post that they ran yesterday, July 15th, titled New Online Resources for New York History. The blog post does a nice and concise job of describing the three and so I'm not going to attempt to improve upon it.

Three new sources are mentioned here, and I took some time last night to explore each of them. Elephind has links to many newspapers of the past, and right of the bat, searching with the rather broad term, "Brower" I found the September 14, 1917 obituary of Richard Brower of Hempstead, Long Island in the Sun, published online by the Library of Congress.

The Founders Online site provided something of interest too. Look under "Author" for the George Washington Link, and click on the very first item, "A Journal of my Journey over the Mountains." Many of use who are trying to connect Brewers who settled in western Pennsylvania and the Ohio River Valley area to their ancestors in New Jersey and New York, are familiar with the route taken through the areas now known as Berkeley and Frederick Counties, West Virginia. George Washington was of course the first to survey these areas. In just looking at the first page of the journal, I noticed some familiar names.

Hopefully some of you will discover some important new information or leads using these websites. Good luck in your searches.

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