Sunset at Gowanus Bay

Sunset at Gowanus Bay
Sunset at Gowanus Bay, Henry Gritten, 1851

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Aaron Brewer and Elazerus Brewer, United Empire Loyalists

Here is a page from The Centennial of the Settlement of Upper Canada by the United Empire Loyalists, 1784-1884 (Toronto: Rose Publishing, 1885).

MIL UU-34 Brewer UEL

The file is from the William B. Bogardus Collection, Box 5. The two Brewers listed here are Aaron Brewer and his father, Lazerus (Elazerus) Brewer. They are descendants of Adam Brouwer of Gowanus, L. I., and both have been addressed in earlier posts. From the list published in this book, it appears that while Aaron Brewer was an "Associated Loyalist," his father, Elazerus, was not. Aaron went to Canada in 1786, while Elazerus did not go until 1794. Perhaps Elazerus' motive for going to Canada, eleven years after the Revolutionary War ended, was to avoid problems with debts, that seemed to always hound him as evidenced by records found in the Monmouth County Courts.


  1. Sorry, I have some gaps. I am a descendant of Everhardus Brouwer. Born Jun 30 1714. Son of Jacob Brouwer and Petronella De La Montagne. Any idea who their descendants were?


  2. Todd, All I presently know and have found regarding the descendants of Everhardus Brouwer (b.1714) can be found online at the Brouwer Genealogy Database website. Here is a direct link to the page and location for Everhardus - You may have to copy and paste the link, and if that fails, then simply go to either the Surname or Master Index links found at the top of any page, just under the heading, and locate Everhardus there. The link that is his index listing will take you to his page and location in the website. As you can see from just exploring a little bit on this website, I currently have no information on his descendants past the children of his daughters, Petronella and Maria. His son, Abraham (1754-1832) apparently died without children. His son Jacob (b.1751) was living in 1781, but I have not identified a marriage or family for him. His daughter Jannetje (b.1746) was living in 1786, but apparently unmarried. Two other children died prior to the age of three. From here it looks has if all descendants of Everhardus are though his daughters Petronella (m. Henry Sickels) and Maria (m. William Warner), but sorry, I have not traced them further.

    1. Hi Chris,

      Sorry for the delay. There is no doubt I'm descendant of Everhardaus Brouwer and Petronella. Which would make sense as I'm writing this now. From what I gather Petronella's descendant's somehow made their way west to Canada. Certainly not an uncommon thing at the time. They settled around the Chatham/Thames/Merlin area. Which is where my Grandfather was born.


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