Sunset at Gowanus Bay

Sunset at Gowanus Bay
Sunset at Gowanus Bay, Henry Gritten, 1851

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Brewer, Brower, Vital Records, New Jersey

This is the final stretch for working with the William B. Bogardus Collection. These last few posts will deal with files that cover vital records (birth, marriage, death) of persons named Brewer or Brower. Most of these records (or more accurately, transcripts or extractions of records) are from the 19th-century. Some of the death records take us back to persons born in the later part of the 18th-century. There are 74 files and I will divide them and present them over the course of several posts. This first one being those files that cover records in the State of New Jersey.

I will simply present each file with as concise and descriptive as a title as possible. This will also serve as the link to the file's location online. I have not investigated or researched any of these files any further. That's largely because my self imposed time limit with working at making this large collection available to all, is over. It's been a five year effort and I am eager to move on.

The files vary in size, in some cases there are a lot of individual entries, in many there are just a few, and in some, only one. I will not mention any specific records or persons by named found in each file, and simply leave it to you, the reader, to decide which ones you wish to open the file and explore further. As always, I recommend that you also consult the original source for the info found in each file. The sources are found on the first note card in each file, and although most are not in compliance with modern source citing standards, there is enough information there that you should have no trouble locating the source elsewhere. I will not hunt down each one individually (as I often did in the past), but I suspect that most, or all, can be found somewhere, either with the Family History Library, Heritage Quest, Internet Archives, Google Books, or even a general webwide Google search

And so, here are those associated with New Jersey:

Atlantic County, Marriage Records, H. Stanley Craig, 1935

Burlington County, Marriage Records, H. Stanley Craig

Cape May County, Marriage Records, H. Stanley Craig, Julius Way, 1931

Cumberland County, Marriages, H. Stanley Craig, 1933

Gloucester County Marriage Records, H. Stanley Craig, 1930

Marriage Records of Hunterdon County, 1795-1875, Vol. 1, Hiram E. Deats, 1918 (1986)

Marriage Records of Hunterdon County, 1795-1875, Hiram E. Deats, 1918 (1986) [a second copy of the above but with additional pages]

New Jersey Marriages and Deaths as Published in the Christian Intelligencer, 1830-1871, Ray C. Sawyer

Morris County Marriage Records, Book B, Edward Harris Lum

New Jersey Bureau of Archives and History Index to New Jersey Deaths, 1848-1867 (A-F)

South Jersey Marriages: Supplementing the Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester and Salem County Marriage Records, H. Stanley Craig, 1936

Salem County Marriage Records, H. Stanley Craig, 1928


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