Sunset at Gowanus Bay

Sunset at Gowanus Bay
Sunset at Gowanus Bay, Henry Gritten, 1851

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Brewer in Wayne County, Tennessee, Inventories, Settlements and Wills, 1856-1868

The following links are for persons named BREWER as found online in the Family Search Database titled, "Tennessee Probate Court Books, 1795-1927," and listed under Wayne County. This post focuses on the book of records titled, "Inventories, Settlements, Wills, 1856-1868"

Wayne County, Tennessee was created in 1817 from parts of Hickman and Humphreys Counties. It is found in the western half of the state, between Lawrence County to the east, and Hardin County to the west. The southern boundary is the state line with Alabama (Lauderdale County). Two men named BREWER (Cornelius Brewer and George Brewer) are found as heads of households in Wayne County on the 1820 U.S. census. The 1830 U.S. census includes nine BREWERs (Henry, Henry Jr., Julius, Solomon, James, Cornelius, and three men named George Brewer). The 1840 census finds 24 households headed by BREWERs. The families are headed by 22 men (Jno. H., Andrew J., Henry [2x], King, Sampson, William [2x], David, George [2x], George W., Hiram, Howell, Jones, Willie [2x], Joseph, Solomon, William J., John, and Cornelius, and by two women, Julia Brewer, and Martha Brewer. A searchable index at for the 1850 U.S. census includes 151 persons named BREWER, and the 1860 census has 123 persons named BREWER.

Found in Inventories, Settlements, Wills, 1856-1868:

Index Page (image 4)

Sanderson Brewer, administrator of the estate of Enoch Brewer, settlement, page 32 (image 44)

Rial Brewer Guardian to Lucy Brewer, settlement, page 63 (image 59)

Lewis A. Brewer Guardian to Richard L. Brewer and Wm. H. H. Brewer, heirs of George W. Brewer, settlement, page 70 (image 63)

Henry J. Brewer, Inventory and account of sale, page 87 (image 71)

William R. Brewer, Letters of Administration on estate of Henry J. Brewer, page 100 (image 79)

A.J. Brewer guardian to Tennessee Hensley, Benjamin Hensley, minor heirs of Mary Hensley, settlement, pages 106-7 (image 82), also page 158 (image 108)

Louisa J. Brewer, widow of Henry J. Brewer, provisions from husband's estate, page 209 (image 133)

L. A. Brewer guardian to the minor heirs of G. W. Brewer, settlement, page 245 (image 150)

Rial Brewer, Inventory of estate, pages 292-93 (image 175)

George M. Brewer, Receipt to guardian received of Sanders Brewer, page 294 (image 176)

Sanders Brewer, Letters of Administration on estate of W. R. Brewer, page 295 (image 176)

James H. Brewer, Letters of Administration on estate of J. P. Broomly, page 296 (image 177)

L. A. Brewer, Inventory and sale of estate, page 309 (image 183)

W. R. Brewer, Inventory and sale of estate, signed by S. Brewer, page 371 (image 214),
also page 381 (image 219)

H. J. Brewer, administrator of the estate of Henry Brewer, settlement, page 449 (image 254)

Solomon Brewer, Inventory and sale of estate, sworn to by Lott Daniel, administrator, pages 459-60 (image 259 and 260)

A. J. Brewer, Guardian settlement, page 506 (image 284) [see above]

The Brewers of Wayne County, Tennessee are believed to be, and very likely are, descendants of George Brewer of Brunswick, Virginia. A handful of descendants of the Wayne County, Tennessee Brewers have participated in the Brewer DNA Project, and results of Y-Chromosome DNA tests closely match others who are, or who believe they are, descendants of George Brewer. However, the complete line of ancestry for many of these Brewers, back to George Brewer, has not been proved by traditional genealogical research. It is hoped that additional research, and advanced Y-DNA testing will eventually identify the complete ancestries for the descendants of the Brewers of Wayne County, Tennessee.

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