Sunset at Gowanus Bay

Sunset at Gowanus Bay
Sunset at Gowanus Bay, Henry Gritten, 1851

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The 1706 Assessment of Kings County, Long Island

The 1706 Assessment of Kings County, Long Island is recorded in Kings County Deeds, Vol. 3 beginning at page 91 of the 1901 transcribed edition (page 193 of the original). Digital images of the pages can be found at the website, where they are found under New York, Land Records, 1630-1975. Select "Browse through images," which takes you to the page listing the various counties in New York. Scroll down and select Kings, and up comes the links to the various volumes of records. Volume 3 is found in "Conveyances 1679-1736 vol 1-4." There is no search feature available for these images, and they are not indexed. Volume 3 (a.k.a. Lib. C) begins at image 370. The 1706 Assessment, dated December 20, begins at image 417.

The 1706 Assessment is arranged by the individual Towns that made up Kings County in 1706. The Assessment of "Brooklands" is up first (page 91), and here we find a number of children of Adam Brouwer, of Gowanus, L. I.

Kings Co., Connveyances, Vol. 3, p. 91 (image from
On the above page, in "Brookland," (note: Gowanus was under the jurisdiction of the Town of Brooklyn at the time) we find Nicholas Brower with 50 acres, and Abraham Brower with 66 acres, both sons of Adam Brouwer. We also find Marya Brower with 26 acres, and Annitie Brower with 26 acres. "Marya Brower," would be Marretje Hendrickse, the widow of Adam Brouwer's son, Adam Brouwer. "Annitie Brower," would be Annetje Bogardus, widow of Adam Brouwer's son, Jacob Brouwer. Also on this Assessment list is Mattyse Corneluise with 50 acres, and he would be Matys Cornelisen, the second husband of Adam Brouwer's daughter, Fytje Brouwer. We also find, Jacob "ffardon" (Verdon) and a few Bennets. They are cousins of the Brouwers, descendants of the Brouwers maternal grandmother, Maria Badie. From this Assessment we see that by the end of 1706, the only children of Adam Brouwer remaining in Brooklyn are his sons Nicholas and Abraham, daughter Fytje (wife of Matys Cornelisen), as well as his daughter-in-laws Marya (Hendrickse) Brower and Annitie (Bogardus) Brower.

Pages 92 and 93 (image 418) apparently adds a few more names to the Brooklyn list, and then records the list for the Town of "Boshwycks" (Bushwick), the list for "fflatlands" (Flatlands, a.k.a. Amersfoort) and begins the list for "fflatbush" (Flatbush).

Kings Co., Conveyances, Vol. 3, pp. 92-93 (image from
The Flatlands assessment list includes Antye Browers with 23 acres. She would be Antje Jans (apparently Bergen), the widow of Pieter Brouwer, a son of Jan Brouwer of Flatlands.

Pages 94 and 95 (image 419) continues the list for Flatbush and is followed by the lists for New Utrecht, Gravesend. The New Utrecht and Gravesend list begin on page 94 (old page 196) and both are continued on page 95. New Utrecht is on the left, and Gravesend is on the right.

Kings Co., Conveyances, Vol. 3, pp. 94-95 (image from
The following pages, 96 and 97 (image 420), and page 98 (image 421), gives the totals and receipts brought in for the Assessment.

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