Sunset at Gowanus Bay

Sunset at Gowanus Bay
Sunset at Gowanus Bay, Henry Gritten, 1851

Thursday, May 26, 2016

An Addition to the George Brewer Branch of the YFull YTree

A sixth descendant of George Brewer of Brunswick County, Virginia has taken a Big-Y test (FTDNA) and has had analysis completed by YFull. The current version of the YFull YTree is v4.4, and the branch of George Brewer's descendants is identified by the SNP labeled I-Y15031. The newest participant is id:YF05626. I-Y15031 is a branch under I-Y3605.

Here is a list of the current six descendants of George Brewer who have taken the Big-Y test and have had analysis by YFull, by YFull id number and matched with their earliest known ancestor (EKA).

id:YF05626 - William Brewer (, NC, d. 1853 Fayette Co., AL) see below*
id:YF04443 - George Brewer (d.1742-44) through his son William Brewer (d.1774-76) see below**
id:YF03764 - George Brewer (d.1742-44) through his son William Brewer (d.1774-76)
id:YF03577 - George Brewer (d.1742-44) through his son Henry Brewer (d.1778, NC)
id:YF03395 - George Brewer (d.1742-44) through his son William Brewer (d.1774-76)
id:YF03277 - Wilson Brewer (b.13 Oct 1801, Chatham Co., NC, d.1883, Roane Co., TN)

Please note that while all of those listed above are certain descendants of George Brewer, we only list the earliest known ancestor that has been proved through the use of traditional genealogical research. The hope here is that posting the list in this way will encourage others who may have additional information or insight on the ancestry of the incomplete lineages to contact us at the Brewer DNA Project, or to directly contact those listed below. Please also feel free to use the Comments feature below.

In September 2015, Richard Brewer, former administrator of the Brewer DNA Project, presented this following report based on the Big-Y test results of our first four participants: 2d Applications of FTDNA's Big-Y Test to our Brewer DNA Project. I would refer all interested descendants of George Brewer to this report.

In addition to those listed above we do have a seventh kit from another descendant of George Brewer. The Big-Y testing by FTDNA is complete and we are awaiting results of analysis from YFull. There are currently over sixty members of the Brewer DNA Project who belong to the "Lanier-Brewer" Group (see the DNA results chart). In other words, they are genetic descendants of George Brewer. We would encourage others in this group to take the Big-Y test, and to follow up with analysis from YFull.

Related links can be found on the Genetic Genealogy page of this website.

*Marie Blocher is the contact for id:YF05626. She has a webpage for the EKA William Brewer on which descendants can be found. Marie would like to hear from anyone who has corrections and additions to her work, and she can be contacted directly.

**Bill Brewer is the contact and he relates that research supports Bryant Brewer (b.1799, VA) as a certain direct ancestor. There is "strong evidence" that he is the son of a Thomas Brewer who had a brother named James. Analysis of the test data has led Richard Brewer to suggest that Thomas Brewer is then most likely a son of William Brewer (d.1774-76) who had a son James Brewer. Bill would like to hear from anyone who can provide more information or evidence for this ancestry. He can be contacted directly.

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