Sunset at Gowanus Bay

Sunset at Gowanus Bay
Sunset at Gowanus Bay, Henry Gritten, 1851

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Church Records (Part I)

There are roughly 95 individual files comprising what was categorized as "Church Records" that were found in the William B. Bogardus Collection. After a quick first glance it appears that most of the individuals found in these records are already included in the Brouwer Genealogy Database and that the most beneficial way to use these files would be to use them to point out and highlight the actual sources that were cited. Brouwer researchers will probably want to access and review these sources themselves anyway and so this exercise will simply be a way of bringing awareness to these sources. There will have to be a number of individual posts dedicated to this set of files.

Marriage Record of the Lutheran Churches of Athens and West Camp, N.Y., 1705-1899. We'll use this file to introduce anyone new to researching church records in New York to the work of Arthur C. M. Kelly and the publications of Kinship Press. Although I cannot find this exact title in the current catalog, the entries found in this file are probably found in Marriage Record of the Lutheran Churches; Zion Lutheran Church & St. Paul's Lutheran, Greene and Ulster County, New York, 1705-1899. Arthur C. M. Kelly has been transcribing New York records since 1968. You will find dozens of titles at the Kinship Press website.

Records of the Reformed Dutch Church of Mayfield. The Town of Mayfield is in present day Fulton County, New York which was created out of Montgomery County in 1838. The cover card refers to the "Vosburgh Collection," which is referring to works of transcribed church records made by the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society and edited by Royden Woodward Vosburgh. This is a large "collection" of numerous titles that were compiled during the early 1900s. Many are available in digital format to members of the NYG&BS through their website's e-Library. They have also been filmed by and are available through the Family History Library. Titles can be found online in the FHL Catalog.

Records of the First Presbyterian Church at Ballston in Ballston Center, Saratoga Co., New York. R. W. Vosburgh and the NYG&BS. See the FHL Catalog.

Baptismal Record of the Reformed Church, Claverack, New York, 1727-1899. Arthur C. M. Kelly, Kinship Books. Also available through loan to local Family History Library Centers.

Marriage Record of the Reformed Church, Claverack, New York, 1727-1899. Arthur C. M. Kelly, Kinship Press and in the FHL Catalog.

We'll start this series with these five files. The pages photocopied and/or notes taken in each file cover the persons named Brouwer, Brower or Brewer in each publication (some have a few other names). As mentioned above, researchers will probably want to access the actual publications themselves as there may be other records of interest found in each one (and to double check accuracy). I realize that doing so may involve a cost incurred by either purchasing a publication or in renting a microfilm or book from the Family History Library. In this regard I want to make it perfectly clear that as the author of this blog I receive no compensation from any seller or organization mentioned.

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