Sunset at Gowanus Bay

Sunset at Gowanus Bay
Sunset at Gowanus Bay, Henry Gritten, 1851

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Estate of Ezekiel Huls (Magdalene Huls Administratrix)

File No. 53 from Abstracts of Early Monmouth County Court Papers, Part III, is an application filed by Magdalene Huls, Administratrix for the Estate of Ezekiel Huls of Monmouth County.

No. 53 Estate of Ezekiel Huls

File No. 53 is found in Monmouth County, Orphans Court Book C, pages 3-4. It is from the April 1801 term which was held at Freehold. Here is my transcription:

Magdalene Huls, Admx. of Ezekiel Huls, decd.:

 An application for the sale of real estate; the Administratrix having explained to this Court upon oath a just and true account of the personal estate of the said Ezekiel Huls deceased and of the debts as far as the can discover the same by which it appears that there is not sufficient to pay the said debts. Therefore an application of the said Administratrix setting forth that the said Ezekiel Huls died seized of Real Estate in the County of Monmouth, and praying that aid of the court in the Premises. It is ordered that all persons interested in such real estate do appear before the Judges of the Orphans Court to be held at Freehold in and for the County aforesaid on the fourth Tuesday of July next at two o'clock in the afternoon of said day to show cause, if any they have why so much of the real Estate of the said deceased should not be sold as will be sufficient to pay said debts.

According to Florence Johnson Asman, Brouwer/Brower Ancestry with Allied Families (Illuminage, 1994), p.3, Ezekiel Huls was the husband of Magdalena Brewer, the daughter and youngest child of Adam Brewer (1696-1768). A digital version of the book can be found online through the Family Search website - Brouwer/Brower Ancestry with Allied Families.

Unfortunately this book contains errors, including a fictitious ancestry for Adam Brouwer, and it does not provide a source for the claim that Magdalena Brewer married Ezekiel Huls (or Hulse). Asman states that Magdalena was born on 12 June 1735, however, in her father's will of 22 August 1768, it is clearly stated that she is not yet age 21. There is no record of Adam Brewer having a child born on this date. Asman states that Magdalena's mother is Adam Brewer's first wife, Deborah Allen, which is not possible. She also incorrectly identifies Adam's second wife as Mary Curtis. We now know that Adam's second wife was Catherine Mitchell and she was most certainly the mother of his daughter, Magdalena, who was most likely born in 1743. Adam Brewer's third wife was Mary Davis, the widow of John Curtis.

The placement of Magdalena Brewer as the wife of Ezekiel Huls/Hulse may be correct, but acceptable evidence for the claim has not been found. The petition presented to the Monmouth County Orphans Court is made by "Magdalene Huls, Administratrix of Ezekiel Huls," however, the family relationship between the two is not stated anywhere in the document. Magdalena may well be Ezekiel's widow, and widows often administered their deceased husband's estates, but again, that is not specifically stated. Magdalene Huls could also be a sister of Ezekiel. Additional documents need to be located before it can be stated with certainty that Magdalena Brewer, daughter of Adam Brewer, was the wife of Ezekiel Huls/Hulse.

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