Sunset at Gowanus Bay

Sunset at Gowanus Bay
Sunset at Gowanus Bay, Henry Gritten, 1851

Monday, April 4, 2016

Corrections to the Posts of June 22, 2015 and March 14, 2014

The post of June 22, 2015, "Brouwer Genealogy Database Update," has a statement that needs correction. In the third paragraph it is stated that a descendant of John Brewer (ca.1786-1877) matched a descendant of Abraham Brewer of Chemung, New York in a Y-DNA STR marker test. This is incorrect. In addition, the post of March 14, 2014, "Abraham Brewer and Eunice Griswold of Chemung, New York," states that Brewer DNA Project kit #109921 is a descendant of Abraham Brewer and Eunice Griswold. He is not.

The problem with the original posts was discovered and rectified by Hank Graham who took over as the new administrator of the Brewer DNA Project this past February. Hank's work shows that we do have another participant (kit #184043) who is a descendant of the above Abraham Brewer. This descendant does not genetically match kit #109921 whose ancestry back to Abraham Brewer was surmised, but never proved. In addition, kit #184043 is a close enough match with a third kit (#132341) for us to believe that the two either have a common ancestor in Abraham Brewer, or, share a common ancestor previous to Abraham Brewer but who lived during the colonial period [Abraham Brewer himself was born in 1744 and died in 1814]*. Both of these kits (#s 184043 and 132341) are predicted to belong to haplogroup R-M269.

Meanwhile, the descendant of John Brewer (ca.1786-1877), represented by kit #405203, does have two matches that should be mentioned. As stated above, he matches kit #109921, first on 24/25 markers, and then on 61/67 markers. Unfortunately, kit #109921's paternal ancestry has not been provided to us and we are presently unable to identify an ancestor. However, kit #405303 also matches kit #68653 on 34 of 37 markers. The earliest known ancestor for kit #68653 is Peter Brewer (1740-1804) who married Elizabeth Stone and lived at Fredricksburg, Dutchess County, New York. It is likely that John Brewer (ca.1786-1877) and Peter Brewer (1740-1804) have a common paternal ancestor who lived during the colonial period. It is also likely that kit #109921 (EKA unknown) shares that same ancestor. Kit #s 405203 and 68653 have been assigned the predicted haplogroup R-M512. Kit #109921 has the predicted haplogroup R-M198.

*As of this writing we have not received a lineage from kit #132241, and we have not independently worked one out. Kits 132241 and 184043 match of 34 of 37 STR markers.

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