Sunset at Gowanus Bay

Sunset at Gowanus Bay
Sunset at Gowanus Bay, Henry Gritten, 1851

Thursday, May 18, 2017

YFull's YTree v5.04

YFull's YTree v5.04 has been published with the date May 16, 2017. No changes to the arrangements of the subclades that represent members of various sub-groups within the Brewer DNA Project.

The Adam Brouwer sub-group continues with five tests and is represented by the terminal SNP E-Y19643, with two of the five tests in the subclade E-BY6245. Those two being first cousins. In addition we have one more just completed Big-Y test representing a descendant of Mathew Brewer of Greene Co., Pennsylvania which will hopefully be added to the YTree over the next few months. And we have another test on order which will represent a descendant of John Brewer of Broadalbin, New York. The sub-group needs help from fellow members who can trace their ancestry completely back to Adam Brouwer to further participate by taking the Big-Y test. The sub-group includes descendants of Adam's sons Pieter, Jacob and Nicholas Brouwer, and if we could have one or two descendants from each of those sons to take the Big-Y test we may be able to help those whose lineages are incomplete get a better idea of where to focus their search.

The Jan Brouwer sub-group also has five tests. They are all identified by YFull with the terminal SNP I-Y7214. No subclades of I-Y7214 have yet been separated out. One more test of a member is on order and their results should be added in sometime over the next few months. Here too, Big-Y testing of more members is needed.

The Brewer-Lanier (a.k.a. Lanier-Brewer) sub-group has fourteen tests on the current tree. The sub-group is identified by the terminal SNP I-Y15031, and includes three subclades identified as I-Y21524, I-Y29640 and I-Y23708. Brewer-Lanier has been the Projects most successful sub-group to date and that is due to strong participation from existing members. In addition to the fourteen tests on the current YTree the sub-group has one other whose Big-Y results have just been reported at FTDNA. Hopefully these results will show up on the YTree within a couple of months. AND the sub-group has seven Big-Y tests on order. When completed the sub-group will have 22 tested members and a more useful Y-DNA tree to help them solve the open questions involving certain lines of ancestry from George Brewer of Brunswick Co., Virginia.

Big-Y testing is done through FamilyTreeDNA which is host to the Brewer DNA Project. Further analysis and placement on the YTree is through the independent company, YFull, which is not associated with FTDNA.

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