Sunset at Gowanus Bay

Sunset at Gowanus Bay
Sunset at Gowanus Bay, Henry Gritten, 1851

Monday, September 18, 2017

BREWER in Dutchess County, New York Probate Packets

For background on this resource please refer to the post of September 16, 2017. This post picks up from the previous post by covering those recorded with the surname BREWER. The index for those whose surnames begin with Bre begins at page 85 of the General Index for probate records. The abbreviations used below are the same as those used in the September 16th post. For abstracts of the earlier wills see the post of September 10, 2017.

Cornelius Brewer (Index p. 85) File Box no. 3079; Will Book B:575

Nazareth Brewer (Index p. 85) No File Box; Will Book E:347. (See the post of November 3, 2011).

Joseph L. Brewer (Index p. 85) File Box no. 347; LOA B:215.

Elisha Brewer (Index p. 85) No File Box; Orders 6:109 (see image 231, line 8).

Mahala Brewer (Index p. 85) File Box no. 5853; Will Book Y:135; Proof Y:136; LT 10:140; PD 12:276; Inv. Mar 14, 1870; OAC 12:414.

As of this post images of packets (file boxes) are only available for those up to no. 5889. Nos. 5890 and above are not presently available online. Images of Will Books are available only up through Volume 15.

Thomas Brewer (Index p. 85) File Box 8833; LOA 15:396; AO 19:475.

Daniel W. Brewer (Index p. 86) File Box 21960; Will Book 18:532.

Charles Brewer (Index p. 86) File Box 25068; Will Book 21:198; Proofs 8:238; LT 36:467; PD 45:895.

William H. Brewer (Index p. 86) File Box 28243; LOA 39:142; AO 48:890; BR 12:539; OAC 48:890; Transfer Tax 2:480.

Clarence W. Brewer (Index p. 86) File Box 33124; LOA 44:65; AO 52:960; BR 14:662; Transfer Tax 3:451.

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