Sunset at Gowanus Bay

Sunset at Gowanus Bay
Sunset at Gowanus Bay, Henry Gritten, 1851

Friday, September 22, 2017

Dutchess County, New York, Probate Court Minutes, 1830-1866

The pursuit of BROWERs and BREWERs in the Dutchess County, New York probate records continues here with a look at the Minutes of the Surrogate's Court. Digital images of the Minutes Books are online at There are seven films covering the years 1830 to 1866, and eleven volumes. Links to the online images for each film are available on the Dutchess County Probate Records page.

Each volume has an alphabetical index at the beginning of the volume. No BROWERs or BREWERs are found in volumes 2, 3, 8, 10, or 11.

William C. Brower, page 253, June 6, 1832. Cornelius W. Brower, father of the deceased William C. Brower, presented a petition for Letters of Administration. Also petitions that Henry L. Jones be appointed guardian for Charlotte, William and George Brower, minors.

Cornelius W. Brower, page 1, 25 February 1846. Petition of Garret W. Brower and Jeremiah C. Brower for administration of he estate of Cornelius W. Brower. Widow Ann Brower renounced her right. Ares J. Vanderbilt and Cornelius Tanner appointed appraisers of the estate. Page 15, 2 June 1846. G. W. Brower and Jeremiah C. Brower, administrators, return an inventory. Page 40, 17 September 1846. Jeremiah C. Brower and Garret W. Brower, administrators petition for an order to notice creditors to present claims. Notice to be published in the Poughkeepsie Telegraph.

William W. Brower, page 20, 23 June 1846. Abraham Brower, guardian of Cornelia Brower and Susan Louise Brower, returned an inventory of the estate. Page 189, 3 August 1847. Abraham Brower, guardian of Cornelia and Susan Louisa Brower, returns inventories and accounts. Pages 286-87, 9 September 1848. Abraham Brower, guardian of Susan L. Brower and Cornelia Brower, minors, returns account of receipts and disbursements. Page 378, 5 June 1849. Abraham Brower, guardian of Cornelia and Susan L. Brower, infants, returns an inventory and account.

Robert Brower, page 21, 13 June 1846. Margaret Brower, widow, petitions for administration, that her brother John Simpson might be joined with her on the Letter of Administration. Granted. Sylvester Hughson and Nathaniel Hill appointed appraisers. Page 63, 19 Nov 1846. John Simpson, administrator, returns inventory.

William Brower, pages 75-76, 21 November 1844. Proving the Last Will & Testament of William Brower, deceased, late of Fishkill. Executors, Abraham Brower, Joseph Brower and William Baxter. John L. Tanner and Letty, his wife, and William Brewster and Susan E., his wife, also appear. Mentions that the will was not recorded and attested in the manner that is required by law.

Mary Brower and Clinton Brower, page 254, 19 May 1848. Margaret Brower, mother of said minors, petitions to be appointed their guardian until they arrive at the age of fourteen years.

Susan Brower, page 70, 9 July 1850. John L. Tanner and Letty his wife, being legatees mentioned in the last will and testament of Susan Brower, petition for probate of the estate. Page 93, 14 October 1850. Joseph Brower, son and legatee named in the will of Susan Brower, petitions to be appointed Collector for the estate. Page 190, 7 July 1851. Acknowledgment by the court that the will of Susan Brower was proved satisfactorily. Page 222, 17 October 1851. Matter of the petition of William Brewster and John L. Tanner regarding administration of the estate.

William W. Brower, page 50, 17 May 1850. Abraham Brower, guardian of Cornelia and Susan L. Brower, infants, returns inventory, accounts, etc. Page 247, 20 December 1851. "In the matter of William W. Brower, an infant," Abraham Brower, guardian returns an inventory and account of said estate.

Susan L. Brower, page 157, 23 April 1851. Susan L. Brower, a minor over age 14, petitions that John L. Tanner be appointed her guardian, until she arrives at the age of 21. Page 226, 24 October 1851. Petition of John L. Tanner for the administration of the estate of Susan L. Brower, deceased. Page 232, 11 November 1851. Reading and filing of the petition of William Brower general guardian of William Brower a brother of the deceased (Susan L. Brower). Page 350, 23 June 1852. A reading and filing of the petition of Abraham Brower, administrator of the estate of Susan L. Brower.

Cornelia Brower, page 232, 11 November 1851. Petition of Cornelia Brower, a minor over the age of 14, asking for John L. Tanner to be appointed her guardian.

Elisha Brewer, page 109, 14 June 1853. Petition of Henry H. Hustis, creditor of the deceased (Elisha Brewer) for administration on the estate. Order for citations for persons who have prior rights to appear on the 27th of July.

William W. Brower, page 151, 11 September 1853. Abraham Brower, general guardian, returns an inventory.

Adolphus D. Brower, page 338, 25 August 1854. Petition of Abraham Brower, son of deceased, for administration of the estate.

Adolphus D. Brower, page 188, 26 February 1856. Petition of Gilbert Dean, a creditor of the estate, requesting that the administrator of the estate, Abraham Brower, render an account of his proceedings. 

Abraham Brower, pages 264, 288, 359, 379. Unfortunately the filming is too dark. Page numbers and top portions of many pages are unreadable.

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