Sunset at Gowanus Bay

Sunset at Gowanus Bay
Sunset at Gowanus Bay, Henry Gritten, 1851

Friday, January 13, 2017

Brower Family Circle, Volume 7

The Brower Family Circle, Volume 7 is four issues bearing the dates April, July, and October 1982 and January 1983. Links to the four individual issues can be found on The Brower Family Circle page.

No. 1, April 1982 (10 pages): Lineage of Clifford M. Hardin, through his WOOD ancestors to Zebedee Wood, 1791-1871 and Hannah Brower, 1793-1845 of Randolph Co., North Carolina and Lawrence Co., Indiana (pages 1-2). Dillman Family information from the "Dillman Family Wheel," by John Hawkins, 1888 (pages 2-4. There are numerous Dillman-Brower intermarriages in Preble Co., Ohio). Queries on page 5: One regarding Magdalena Brower and John Drake (a reminder that this marriage did not happen); Another regarding Lydia Brower, b. 10 Nov 1841, Brooklyn, Jackson Co., Michigan, married Ayres Merrill Grosuenor. Lydia's mother was Margaret Hooker. Query for information on the family of James Brewer and Elizabeth Arnold, Pennsylvania to Ohio to Indiana (page 6). Seeking info on Daniel Brower who married Sarah McManus between 1835 and 1841 probably in Preble Co., Ohio (page 6). Seeking information on Lanier Brewer who lived in Moore Co., North Carolina, 1790-1820 (page 6). A lineage, with additional info, from Vincent Brewer who married Elizabeth "Betsy" Smith on 14 June 1794 in Mercer Co., Kentucky (page 7). Searching for the family of Celinda McFarland Brewer, "born out of wedlock" 7 May 1806, Madison Co., Kentucky, her mother being a McFarland who afterward married a "Mr. Brewer." Celinda married James Anderson Browder, 1829, Greene Co., Ohio (page 8). Questions around a Sarah Brower, born 16 September 1821, Jackson Co., Indiana, married in 1836 to Joseph Johnson in Marion Co., Missouri. Her ancestry is stated to be with a John Brower and his father Jacob Brower in New York (page 8). A list of books that Jay H. Brower is looking for (page 8).
And on page 9 is a query from Avis Watkins of Exeter, New Hampshire regarding Jeremiah Brower/Brewer of Highgate, Vermont. Avis was certainly the pioneer researcher into Jeremiah Brower, who through Y-DNA testing of a number of his male descendants is known to be a descendant of Adam Brouwer. Avis passed away in 2006. It was my own search for Jeremiah Brower that precipitated this entire mess which has become "Brouwer Genealogy." For more on Jeremiah Brower, start here.

No. 2, July 1982 (16 pages): On pages 2-4 is an account of Daniel Brower, born 24 November 1815, Augusta Co., Virginia, submitted by Beverly Cayford (this appears to be one of the more thorough submissions received by Jay H. Brower, however it does contain errors). Page 5 has additional Brower notes from Beverly Cayford (there is an error on this page regarding Enoch Brower in which the author combines two men into one. There are two contemporaneous Enoch Browers. Enoch Brower, b. 19 April 1814, m. Lovina Honeywell in 1841, will dated 4 May 1854, and died 7 Jun 1854. Enoch Brower, b. ca. 1823, married Elzina Shupe in 1847, the date of his death is not known, but it was prior to 23 Aug 1857 when his wife remarried. Both Enoch Browers lived in Allen Co., Ohio, and both are found separately on the 1850 U. S. census, and both wives can be found in later records). "The Brower Family," a submission by Mrs. Ruth Kiesling regarding Henry Brower, 1720-1784 (pages 6-8, there are digressions into the Adam Brouwer family of which this Henry Brower is not related). Query regarding William Brower, born 26 Aug 1784 in New York State, married Mary Ann Lowry, born 27 October 1784, New York State, had a daughter Mary Ann Brower, born 26 Nov 1823 or 1824 in New York State (page 8. Williams date of birth is corrected to 1781 from 1784 in no. 3, p. 8). Corrections to Volume 4, no. 3 (pages 8-9, regarding Pieter Brouwer, Demarest and Stagg). Query into a Brower family of Gloversville and Mayfield, New York, Elizabeth Brower married Jacob Haines, daughter Cora Haines married Seth Brower (page 9). Lineage of Leah Brower, b. 1744, married James Stagg (page 10). Lineage of Mary Conover, b. 1769, married Daniel Stagg (pages 11-12).  Family Bible record of Jacob P. Brower and Martha Mackie who were married 16 September 1820 (pages 12-13. This family moved to Beaver Dam, Wisconsin). Query regarding Ingelmaria Brower, died in 1895, a 19th century immigrant from Hanover, Germany (page 13). A query regarding Abraham Brower who married Philotha Webster (pages 13-14, this mystery has been solved). More queries on page 14: Oliver Brower, b. 13 August 1813, d. 16 May 1881 at Dobbs Ferry, New York, buried at Rockville Center, Long Island (he is a descendant of Jan Brouwer of Flatlands, L. I.); Effa Viola Brower, b. 26 Feb 1875, Hillsboro, Ohio, married Kenneth McClelland Kirkhart; Tracy and Audrey (Tinker) Brower of Topeka, Kansas and Riverside, California.

No. 3, October 1982 (11 pages): A lineage/query regarding Enoch Brower of Augusta Co., Virginia (page 1) followed by "General Comments" from the submitter, Mrs. Ruth Kiesling (pages 2-4). Family of David Brower, Alliance, Ohio and Hazel Brower Johnson (pages 4-5). Miller-Brower query (page 5). Query regarding Billy B. Brewer, 1926-1958 of Beaumont, Texas, m. Album Richard. Billy B. Brewer was the daughter of Jack V. Brewer and Lula Belle Taylor of Milo, Arkanasas. Notes submitted by Mrs. Richard Moss (pages 5-7 surnames are Moss, Fisher, Lybrook, and others). Question regarding Sarah Brower, 1846-1932, daughter of Aaron and Polly Brower, granddaughter of Henry and Anna (Heckman) Brower of Henry Co., Indiana (page 8). Notes on Peter Brower, Jr., b. 1787 in New Jersey who married Ann Hickney in Clermont Co., Ohio in 1817, followed by some questions. Images of the homestead of Joseph Brower of Jefferson Twp., Miami Co., Indiana (page 10).

No. 4, January 1983 (32 pages): Pages 1-2 includes a lineage for Mrs. Norma Davis claiming a descent from Anneke Jans through an incorrect Brouwer line along with a reply from William B. Bogardus correcting this line. Pages 3-4 is a submission from Glenn H. Brower regarding Hurlburt Brower, born 1818 and his descendants. The remaining pages are taken up by charts and family group sheets submitted by Robert N. Brewer. These include lines from Elias Brewer and Mary Cadwallader who were married in 1790 in Fayette Co., Pennsylvania; some incorrect ancestor charts claiming that John Brewer, d. 1809, Scioto Co., Ohio was a descendant of Adam Brouwer (he was not), and family group sheets of the Brouwers in this (incorrect) lineage which contain errors. All and all this entire issue, all 32 pages of it, has one big RED flag over it. Do not repeat or reuse any information found in this issue. 

Volume 7, issue no. 4 is the poster child for my repeating the warning/caveat that all claims, statements and data found within the pages of The Brower Family Circle must be substantiated with additional research of a higher level. I don't doubt that most present day family genealogists can do better than what is found in this issue.

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