Sunset at Gowanus Bay

Sunset at Gowanus Bay
Sunset at Gowanus Bay, Henry Gritten, 1851

Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Brower Family Circle Volume 3

Volume 3 of The Brower Family Circle was published with the dates April, July and October 1978, and January 1979. Links to PDF versions of the issues can be found on The Brower Family Circle page. The following is a summary of what can be found in each of the four issues of Volume 3.

No. 1, April 1978 (6 pages): An account of the family of Adam Brower, b. 1802, Randolph Co., North Carolina and his wife Charity Foust (page 1). Obituary of Carrington Brower (1830-1910) and the obituary of John Madison Brower (1838-1907), both on page 2. A biography of David N. Brower (1858-1923) on pages 3-4 (David N. Brower is a son of Carrington Brower). Pages 4-5 is a biography of John Duskin (married Martha Brower who was a daughter of Carrington Brower).

No. 2, July 1978 (9 pages): Brewer ancestry of Eldora Brewer, b. 1856, m. Thomas Henry Pettit (pages 1-2. She is a descendant of Adam Brouwer). On page two is the very incorrect ancestry of Adam Brouwer. Please refer to "New Insight Into the Origins of Adam Brouwer"). Pages 2-3 has additional notes on some descendants of Adam Brouwer including those who migrated to Mercer Co., Kentucky from the Conewago Congregation in Pennsylvania (use as a guide). Pages 3-4 is a piece referring to David Brewer killed at Brush Creek, North Carolina in 1788 (this David is a son of John Brower/Johannes Brauer and Hannah Echelbraur). Page 4 is a note regarding Phillip Brewer, born in South Carolina, 22 October 1822, a son of John and Catherine (Heller) Brower of Pennsylvania (the 1850 census finds this Philip Brewer in Haddon, Sullivan Co., Indiana, birth place given as North Carolina). Also on page 4 is some of the incorrect information found in Edward Denton Brewer's The House of Brewer (this work is notoriously incorrect for ancestry of Henry Brewer of Bedford Co., Pennsylvania, see this page at the BGD). Excerpts from "Lovering Family History," is on page 5. Also on page 5 is mention of Abram and Ann (Elder) Brewer from "History of Warren County, Ohio" (this Abram is a descendant of Adam Brouwer). More on the Elder family (pages 5-6). A deed in Highland Co., Ohio involving heirs of Frederick Braugher (page 6). Notes on Harmonus Brewer and two different Peter Brewers (page 6). Bottom of page 6 repeats a wildly incorrect lineage from Rev. Everardus Bogardus (generations 5, 6, and 7 in this line are wrong). More on the Conewago Congregation on pages 7-8. Another very incorrect lineage submitted by Alice Brewer Voris in on page 8. Please note: there is a lot of very incorrect information found in volume 3, no. 2. I've placed it online reluctantly and only in the interest of having the complete series available. The one redeeming value is that it might have educational value in pointing out some of the very false lineages and claims that have been circulated for many years.

No. 3, October 1978 (11 pages): A profile of William Brower, M.D., son of Gilbert Brower and Lydia Urner (pages 1-2, they are descendants of Henry Brower (1720-1784 of Coventry, Pennsylvania). Joseph L. Brower of Miami Co., Indiana, son of Noah Brower (1817-1877) and some descendants (pages 2-3). Sources and references for Maryland research (pages 4-5, includes some Brewer and Brower marriages). Page 6 has a request for a copy of a German publication from 1709. Brower births in Miami County, Indiana (pages 7-10, some info comes from marriage licenses).

No. 4, January 1979 (11 pages): Excerpts from "History of Preble County, Ohio," by H. Z. Williams & Bro., Publishers, 1881, regarding the War of 1812, followed by excerpts on Brower and Haldeman families (pages 1-10). The entire issue is devoted to what is found in History of Preble County, Ohio, With Illustrations and Biographical Sketches (H. Z. Williams & Brothers, 1881), available online at Internet Archive. Use this issue in conjunction with the original.

As always, use statements and compiled lineages found in The Brower Family Circle with caution. This is especially true for Volume 3, no. 2.

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