Sunset at Gowanus Bay

Sunset at Gowanus Bay
Sunset at Gowanus Bay, Henry Gritten, 1851

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Brower Family Circle Volume 1

Volume 1 of The Brower Family Circle consists of four issues dated April 1976, July 1976, October 1976 and January 1977. Links to PDF versions of the individual issues can be found on The Brower Family Circle page. Here is a synopsis of what can be found in volume one.

No. 1, April 1976 (6 pages including title): A list of four Civil War files in the possession of Jay H. Brower. A call to readers requesting material pertaining to Brower families. A poem titled "Your Name." A list of a few items of genealogical interest in the author's possession. Summaries of some Brouwers found in New Jersey, citing William J. Hoffman's "Brouwer Beginnings" (TAG 23-24) and notes received from a correspondent in 1963. Page 5 includes four paragraphs of information regarding Brower families who are not necessarily related, and a mention of the will of Peter Bunn of Philadelphia County. A segment called "A Durable Town." A query regarding Joseph Brower, b. 12 Dec (1814) in Preble County, Ohio, and who married Elizabeth Harmon (this Joseph Brower is a direct ancestor of Jay H. Brower).

No. 2, July 1976 (17 pages): "Genealogical Research Among Pennsylvania German and Huguenot Familes" from an address delivered before the National Genealogical Society in 1932 by Charles R. Roberts (pages 2 - 5, includes New Netherland families associated with the descendants of Adam Brouwer). Jay H. Brower's Brower ancestry (page 5). Queries on William John Brower (d. 1940) and Adam Brower (1763-1822) of Randolph Co., North Carolina. "Early Brower Lineage" (an account of the family of Sybrant Brouwer which incorrectly states that Anneke Jans was a daughter of Wolfert Webber, and genealogical summaries of a couple of Webber families and the "Webber-Bogardus-Brower Connection" from NYGBR vol. 56, followed by genealogical summaries of some descendants of Adam Brouwer which contains errors). On page 16 under "Brouwer Genealogy" is a transcription of the Family Record of Nicholas Brouwer. Please note that the Brouwer information found on pages 6 through 17 is not reliable.

No. 3, October 1976 (22 pages): Miscellaneous announcements. "Brower - Family History" which follows with baptism records of four children of David DeMaree (Demarest) and Antie Slode (Slot) at Hackensack. John Brouwer (a summary of the family of "Johan Brewer and Catharine Verwey" a.k.a. Jan Brouwer and Tryntje Verwey, Jan Brouwer being a son of Isaac Brouwer and Rachel Demarest). Summary of the family of Isaac Brouwer and Rachel DeMaree (Demarest) (this summary is incomplete as only those children baptized at Hackensack are included. Isaac and Rachel had four other children including two baptized at Tappan). Summary of the family of "Ulrick or Huldrick Brouwer and Hester DeVouw" (Uldrick's children with his second wife Ariaantje Pieters is not included). Summary of the family of Uzal Ward and Rachel Brouwer (daughter of Jan Brouwer and Tryntje Verwey). Abstracts of estate records regarding Jane Emmons who was the wife of Uzal P. Ward (son of Uzal Ward and Rachel Brouwer). Real estate records regarding Uzal P. Ward and his second wife Laura M. Mention of the will of "Sarah (Ogden) Johnson" and abstract of the will of Nathaniel Johnson of Newark, N. J. (these records refer to the Uzal Ward family but from an earlier generation). Verwey family summaries. DeMaree (Demarest) family summaries (Brouwer-Demarest-Verwey families conclude on page 14). "The Church of the Brethren" which includes a list of ministers for the years 1871 and 1881 named BROWER (page 15). Gravestone inscriptions from a German Baptist Church cemetery in West Alexandria, Ohio (pages 16-17). Bottom of page 17 is "Descendants of Jacob Brower" (first generation is incorrect. Daniel Brower, d. 20 May 1862, m. Sarah Flora, is a son of Henry Brower and Elizabeth Young. Henry is a son of Christian Brower and Eve Brenneman). Daniel M. Brower (page 18). Miscellaneous Notes (pages 19-20, regarding various families). Queries for Daniel Brower who married Sarah McManus, Christian Pleam married Susanna Brower, Abraham Brower and wife Barbara of Richardson Co., Nebraska. Bible Record of the family of Daniel Brower and Frances Rife (m. 23 May 1779).

No. 4, January 1977 (27 pages): Corrections to Vol. 1, no. 3 (pages 1-2). Brouwer marriages in New Jersey (pages 3-4). Two passenger list notes, Andreas Brauer to Philadelphia in 1750, and Mart. Brouwer to Philadelphia in 1791 (page 4). Excerpts from "Ours - Then and Now, Anneke Jans Bogardus - Van Horn - Yates - Decker and Allied Lines" by Elinor Randlemon (page 4-5). Marriages from Miami County, Indiana (pages 5-8, includes some lineages compiled by Jay H. Brower). Brower Deaths in Miami County, Indiana (pages 9-10, includes some birth records). Brower research material from a contributor (pages 10-12, notes begin with Hubert Brower then move to Adam Brouwer and back to Hubert Brower). Notes on John Brower who died 1812 in Montgomery Co., Ohio (pages 12-13). Military Records which include Christian Braucher of Northampton Co., Pennsylvania (pages 14-15). Henry Brewer of Adams Co., Ohio (page 15), Nicholas Brower (page 15). Pension Application of John Brewer of Fayette Co., Pennsylvania (pages 16-17). Pension Application of Abraham I. (or J.) Brewer, New Jersey (page 17). List of various Brower-Brewer-Brua Pension Records (page 17). BROWER extracted from the History of Preble County, Ohio from 1798-1881 (pages 18-19, John Brower, four Abraham Browers, a Jacob Brower, a second John Brower, Joseph Brower). Preble Co., Ohio Bible Records (pages 19-20 with notes). Obituaries (pages 21-24, range of dates). Queries: William John Brower, b. 1848 Brady, Ohio, m. Rachel Thompson; Michael Brower family, 1850 Chippewa, Wayne Co., Ohio (page 25), George Petty and Nelson Brower families, Richardson Co., Nebraska (page 26); Newman Lines (query by Jay H. Brower), Farrell Brower of Peru, Indiana (page 27).

The standard caveat applied to information, especially compiled information found in the issues of the Brower Family Circle, is to use it with caution as none of it constitutes proof. Use it as a guide to searching for original records and additional evidence.

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