Sunset at Gowanus Bay

Sunset at Gowanus Bay
Sunset at Gowanus Bay, Henry Gritten, 1851

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Brower Family Circle, Volume 8

Volume 8 of The Brower Family Circle consists of four issues bearing the dates April, July and October 1983 and January 1984. Links to the individual issues can be found on The Brower Family Circle page of this website.

No. 1, April 1983 (53 pages): Lineage of Lorena (Collier) Brower (pages 1-2. I have a different account of the ancestors of Jacob Mott Brower which can be viewed online at the Brouwer Genealogy Database webiste by locating Jacob M. BROUWER, b. ca. 1847 in the index. He is a son of Jacob Brouwer, born 13 September 1821 and Mary Fowler, born ca. 1820). Lineage of Gail (Cope) Fogelbach whose grandmother was Flossie Jane Brower, 1891-1975 (pages 2-3). A query from L. L. Hill who states that his ancestors were Henry Brauer (Brewer) who first married Barbara Zinn and then Christiana Flick (page 2. The Henry Brauer being referred to here would be Henry Brewer of Bedford Co., Pennsylvania). Query into John Brower, 1824-1904 of Hempstead, Long Island (page 3. This John Brower is most likely a descendant of Jan Brouwer of Flatlands, L. I., and more info on him can be located on the BGD website. Use the index). Notes and information received from James S. Ruoff regarding Harme (sic) Brower and Magdalena Dockstader (pages 4-52. Harmen Brouwer, born 20 August 1768, died 28 November 1841 was a great-grandson of Willem Brouwer of Beverwijck. There is a lot of information here and I have not had the time nor the inclination to work through it. Use it to seek out the original documents yourself. What I do know of Harmen Brouwer is found on the BGD website. Use the index to locate him).

No. 2, July 1983 (12 pages): Christian Brower of Coventry Twp., Chester County, Pa., by Jay H. Brower (pages 1-3). Henry Brower, 1720-1784, of Chester Co., Pennsylvania (page 4). John Brower, "another son of Hubert and Ann" (pages 5-6. My own opinion is that this account of John Brower is partially incorrect). John Brower, son of Christian Brower (page 6). Jacob Brower, son of John Brower (page 7). Joseph Brower, son of Jacob Brower (pages 8-9). Elijah Brower, son of Joseph Brower (page 10). A query into Alfred D. Brewer, born 16 January 1830, died 1881 in Columbus, Wisconsin, married Marrietta Rogers in Eaton Rapids, Michigan in 1862 (page 11. What I have on Alfred D. Brewer's ancestry can be found on the BGD website, use the index to look up Alfred D. Brewer, b. bt 1824-1830, d. 2 Jun 1881). Some notes on Hubert Brower (page 11. For more on the "Pass" please see the post of November 1, 2016).

No. 3, October 1983 (7 pages): A lineage from a Jacob Brower, born ca. 1809, died ca. 1855, married Magdalena (___), lived in Elkhart Co., Indiana (pages 1-5. The line is from one of Jacob Brower's daughters and so few Browers are found on these pages). Lineage of Alvaretta F. Brower, born 30 December 1866, Oceanport (sic), New Jersey, died 23 March 1958, Wappingers Falls, New York (pages 5-6. The birth date and ancestry given for Cornelius Brower on page 6 is incorrect. The Cornelis Brouwer who married Mary Archer was born 9 November 1730 and is a son of Nazareth Brouwer and Anne Rozell).

No. 4, January 1984 (5 pages): A lineage from Abraham Brower and Philotha Webster (page 1). Martha Brewer, born ca. 1796, married Adam Stone (page 1. Martha Brewer was a daughter of Jeremiah Brower/Brewer and Hannah Thomas). A lineage from Willis Brewer "born ca. 1774 in New York" (pages 1-2. We now know through Y-DNA testing of a direct male descendant of this Willis Brewer that he was a descendant of George Brewer of Brunswick Co., Virginia and was probably born in Virginia or North Carolina, and certainly not in New York). A query from a great-granddaughter of Berend B. Brauwer, born in 1850 in Germany, immigrated to the U. S. (page 2). Some contributed info and a question on Eve Brenneman who married as her second husband, Christian Brower (pages 2-4. To my knowledge the parents and ancestry of Eve Brenneman has not been satisfactorily resolved). A query regarding Edmond Turner who married Hannah Brower. Their daughter Mary Turner married Joseph Gee (page 4. Hannah is a descendant of Adam Brouwer). Seek info on Joseph Brower, born 20 Jan 1842 in Saratoga Co., New York, married Rebecca James, died in Phelps Co., Missouri (page 4). Seek info on Jeremiah and Kazia Brower, parents of Henry H. Brower, born March 1842 in Saratoga or Troy, New York, died 26 Aug 1916 at the home of his brother Albert Brower in Chandler, Minnesota (page 4).

As always a reminder to use the information and data found in the issues of The Brower Family Circle with care.

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